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Sunday, December 03, 2006

COMPOUND Film Screening Moved on January 16, 2007

COMPOUND screening was moved on January 16, 2007 according to IFCOM

IFCOM INDIE SINE: COMPOUND (Most Provocative Filipino Film) screens in Robinson's Galleria Ortigas December 9, 2006 4PM (Saturday)

a film by Will Fredo

an Indie Psychothriller
with sensitive content (Strictly Adults)

2006 Cleveland Film Festival Certified Box Office
2006 Cinemalaya Film Festival Exhibition Sold Out Tickets
2006 Washington, DC's International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
2006 Cinemanila Panorama Film Exhibition

December 9, 2006 Saturday 4PM
Robinson's Galleria Ortigas
Ticket Prize 120php (Strictly Adults)

Compound Cast: John Arcilla, Janet Russ, Jake Macapagal, and Liza Diño
with Joan Palisoc, Perry Escaño, Lily Chu, Marq Dollentes

Music by Bob Aves,Grace Nono

Produced by Medwin Garcia, Greg Macaraeg, Joan Manalang, George Sommerrock

* * *


By Rito Asilo
Philippine Inquirer

"Fredo's engaging film takes shape courtesy of good performances
turned in by his cast. The cast are passionate actors with contrasting
acting styles, which work for their respective characters"

Review By David Corpus
Pelikula Titus Brandsma 9/10/2006
Compound: A Microscopic Simulation of the Society

"So the fun starts in the middle, when everything's starting to
crumble. While our minds are secured that we already knew the ending, we were goddamn wrong.We're screwed, The director played with our mind and he won."

Review by Tito Genova Valiente
Business Mirror Newspaper
"Compound' as Film Reeling

"Compound" is not a film easy to love, and yet it is not a film easy
to hate. One thing is sure: it is not a film that can be dismissed
easily. The murmuring at the end of its Philippine premiere during
the second day of Cinemalaya, the festival of independent films at
the Cultural Center of the Philippines, validates its significance.
And in these times when art film is a suspicious category and works
that are supposed to critique society have become insipid and
wearisome, a film that mixes gothic air with a dynamic satirical
stance is always welcome.

Philippine Inquirer
COMPOUND: Breaking down the walls
By Paul Daza

"Compound" is the dynamic project of a new
Filipino movie maverick. Working with a talented but mostly unknown
cast, Fredo creates an unsettling portrait of people who have little
in common apart from their address. Compound" starts out slowly, but builds steadily towards a mind- bending climax that's sprung on its audience like an unwound coil. Though a second viewing is recommended for those who want to fully understand the ending, one viewing will be enough to convince you that the cast and crew of "Compound," especially its hyphenate auteur Will Fredo, are worth keeping an eye on."

The Film Source Company
Compound:New From The Film Source
Compound is signed for its exclusive world representation by Alex

"COMPOUND is a complex thriller that brilliantly reinvents itself as
the story unfolds. Just when you think you know where the movie is
going, the writer/director pulls the rug out from under you. This is
definitely a most auspicious debut from Will Fredo. His images will
remain with you for a long time."

COMPOUND had its festival premiere earlier this year at the
Cleveland International Film Festival. It is being presented this
month at the Cinemalaya Film Festival, in Manila, The Philippines.
COMPOUND is part of The Film Source's "New Generation of Filmmakers.

The Philippine Star 07/24/2006
The dark world of passion & paranoia
By Gina Lazaro

"COMPOUND" film was independently produced. The cinematography is superb. Will Fredo was able to make the characters so interesting
and real and I was intently waiting for what would happen next. I
was proud that Filipinos can still make quality movies even with a
low budget."

"This is perhaps one of the first Filipino films of late that tackles
a bisexual/gay theme just as it happens these days. Most films that
tackle the gay issues usually dwell in the sleazy underworld sort.
This time around, we are drawn to the dilemma of the characters as
well as actors' brilliant and subdued portrayals."

"Tension arises in the compound, sexual couplings get into a frenzy,
and just when you know where the story is heading, the director
expertly reinvents the story resulting in a gripping thriller with a
most unexpected ending that leaves the audience breathless."

"It is amazing how Fredo was able to create an almost surreal idyllic
life behind the walls of a compound almost like a microcosm of a
society filled with people having illusions of their own. However,
there is a world outside the compound which has an exquisite appeal
of both danger and freedom."

Whiner's Den: COMPOUND (CINEMALAYA 2006)
by Chelli Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Every scene is equally significant as the other. I also like
the transition of every scene every character. The film is well
established and well played .But what really amaze me is the
twisted ending.just when you thought you had the director,thinking that the film is,after all predictable, you're wrong!its an open ended film according to the director.I personally bought that idea.i think i just like the twist and the "schindler's list" like idea of it. It was presented in a very drastic way,and i felt the pain and desperation ofthe characters."

"Another thumbs up in the movie is the musical score,thanks to the
voices/musicof Bob Aves and Grace Nono.Im not familar with their music but i know for a fact that their music fits the movie perfectly well.
All in all i liked it,even though it hurts to say that i had a hard time
understanding most part of it."

REBYU: Sopistikadong Sexy Film
ni Archie de Calma (ENPRESS Critic)
Published in Balita 28 July 2006

"Isa sa more interesting films na napanood namin sa nakaraang
Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival ang Compound. Isa itong
sophisticated sexy film na dinirihe ng isang nagngangalang Will Fredo."
"What's so amazing about this indie film, despite some flaws in its
narrative, is its ability to uplift the ordinary viewers' perspective
on relationships. Kumbaga, breakthrough film ito para sa isang
pupuwedeng maging palasak nang kuwento, pero nabigyan pa rin ng
naiibang approach."

"Tungkol ito sa ilang buhay na nasangkot sa isang compound, at para sa
mas malikaw na perspektibo, inuugnay ang segments ng pelikula sa
chemical compounds na maaaring makapaglarawan sa likas at kumplikadong katangian ng mga tauhan at pangyayari."

"Pero, kung ang hanap ninyo ay ang kakibang dating ng sex scenes,
masasabi naming may taste at very artistic ang potensyal ng director
na si Will Fredo, to come up with something innovative in this genre."

Will Fredo's "Compound" Trailer:

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