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Friday, November 26, 2010

Laro: Child's Play at the CCP

Laro: Child's Play at the CCP

In the Eye of Modernity

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mapúa Tekno Teatro Stages 10th Anniversary Offering

The Mapúa Tekno Teatro (MT2), the official drama organization of the Mapúa Institute of Technology, will hold its 10th anniversary production with an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's The Good Woman of Szechuan, Ang Mabuting Tao ng Parian. Penned by Tim Dacanay, Ang Mabuting Tao ng Parian is directed by JK Anicoche.

The piece is in line with the new vision of the MT2 to stage socially-relevant productions in the tradition of Brecht's theatre of alienation, which engages the audience members to think rather than to get highly emotional about the play's plot and the characters' plight.

"The Mapúa Institute of Technology advocates academic excellence and strength of character in our students. Our curriculum equips the students to be technically skilled and strengthens values that are equally valuable in the work environment," says Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma Jr., executive vice president for Academic Affairs of the Institute. Doma adds that the MIT addresses this balance through a holistic approach by the inclusion of a strong arts, humanities, and social sciences program into the curriculum. A non-academic program in line with this approach is the Mapúa Tekno Teatro. The Institute has a School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences aside from its technical courses.

Director JK Anicoche envisions the play to be a literal interpretation of life as a competitive game with a set of winners and losers, and a boxing ring where the two types of people fight it out. "Through the three gods, the play asks the characters and the audience members " what is goodness" Having defined goodness, is there still a good person in the world?" The questions, Anicoche adds, are relevant in this time of desensitization where morality issues, corruption, and oppression are common fares in the media.

Anicoche heads the artistic team composed of Alison Segarra, assistant director; Dacanay, writer; Ninya Bedruz, lights designer and technical director; Eisa Jocson and Leeroy New, production designers; Teresa Barrozo, sound designer and; Isabelle Martinez, stage manager.

The MT2 cast and production team participating in the production include Alsus Adiaton, Kim Adulta, Ed Aniag, Kiki Baento, Jezreel Bernaldez, RR Boniol, Michael Caballero, Daniel Cardenas, Rommnel Coliat, Earl Dangalan, Debbie Del Rosario, Jethro Espenida, MK Espiritu, Alyshia Formento, Michael Figueras, Steven Galedo, G-may Galvan, Chopper Gapasin, Julio Garcia, Rachelle Gimpes, Leih Gonzales, Nathalie Inductivo, Roxanne King, Jerome Liao, Henry Malacaman, Kael Ma. Guerrero, Yuyi Marzo, Michan Mendoza, Anton Mercado, Camille Orense, Aj Ramos, Chris Rimas, Harrold Saliba, Jovie Vieja, Charizza Villanueva, and Cedree Wheeler.

Visual artist Joey Cobcobo collaborated with MT2 member MK Espiritu for the advertising collateral design while filmmaker Raymund Cruz created the trailer. Betty Uy-Regala is the resident coach of MT2 and Dante Sauquillo is the director of the MIT Office of Student Activities and Discipline.

Ticket is at P90, for reservations contact Anton Mercado at 0917-6182223, Cha
Villanueva at 0916-7720752, or Kim Adulta at 0915-8692545.

For more information, please contact Betty Uy-Regala at 0906-2604175.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SIX6 @ Silverlens Gallery


SIX6, curated by Isa Lorenzo
with Frankie Callaghan, Wawi Navarroza, Neal Oshima, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona and Denise Weldon
November 24, 2010, Wednesday

Silverlens Gallery is turning SIX!

We are celebrating our anniversary with a Photography show by SIX artists - Frankie Callaghan, Wawi Navarroza, Neal Oshima, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona and Denise Weldon. SIX6 is curated by Silverlens' Director, Isa Lorenzo.

Susan Sontag's treatise 'On Photography' was the seminal text on photography theory. Published in 1973, it considered the relation of photography to art, to conscience and to knowledge. But it considered a time before digital images, computers, and Photoshop. The medium then was film. The last twenty years have seen further democratization of photography through post-production and digital tools. Today, photography is considered in relation to imagination and fantasy.

The photographers selected for this exhibition at Silverlens Gallery, it's forty-first in its six years, are artists who have had landmark solo exhibitions in our short history. They are artists who continue to work within the multi-tasking framework of one who takes and makes photographs. They all straddle the line between film and Photoshop, using the media freely as necessary to create images that are less truthful to the eye, but more in connection with created scenery.

The instruction, the theme of this show if you will, was taken from the first page of the first chapter of Sontag's text: "to collect photography is to collect the world". The images that came back paralleled the photographer as traveler. The traveler who puts a camera between his eye and his landscape, but documenting not the place, but the space and the feel framed by his viewfinder. "The photographer as someone in perpetual movement, someone moving through a panorama of disparate events", Sontag calls it. There are urban landscapes, imagined interiors and silhouetted exteriors, rural metaphors, and signifiers of human intervention.

Frankie Callaghan lights his nightscapes with a mixture of available and strobe lights. He sets up the found, like a hunter setting up light traps for his camera, his is a meticulous and repetitive process. For Six, we see a strip of four photographs. Beginning with a water village, an informal settlement of squatters; transitioning to other homes: a series of stacked concrete bunkers with lights beaming from open windows, a dwelling under a city bridge; ending with a green earth landscape. Read from left to right, it is a series on human habitation and altered landscapes of a developing country. Read from right to left, it is a series of how light has changed our consumption of the night.

Steve Tirona, the rock star, is unpredictable. Warming up the show, he brings to Six an urban kaleidoscope in fading colors of a chromogenic print. Titled with references to surf culture and drug use, his work brings a freedom to the show that reminds us that photography is a lot about "democratizing all experiences by turning them into images" (Sontag).

Rachel Rillo is concerned with form and material. Her photographs talk to drawings in the way that concrete sings to architects. She uses her photographs alternately as wallpaper, windows, or buildings, and pairs them with a black erasure where the skies or the interiors should be. She called these `Metaspaces'. They are unreal; but like a good hit, psychedelic and celebratory.

Denise Weldon is interested in quiet. Her personal work has always been about finding the spaces in between life's daily grind, and harvesting the good out of them. This she manages to do in Six. Standing in a place where there is much foot traffic, whether a train station, an airport, or a bus stand, we don't know. But we do know that people are moving quickly over a hard surface at a fast pace; and they appear bouncing or dancing, purposefully. And she is quietly shooting them.

Neal Oshima has been taking photographs for a long time. He is best known for his books, and his alternative process cyanotypes and kallitypes of Philippine textiles and traditional clothing. He likes to play with processes and materials. Constantly pushing the boundaries of photography, he was an early adapter to the digital image. In Six, he photographs water, specifically a river, and makes pseudo-rorschachs with the images in Photoshop. These are not blots, they are solid in his frame: suggesting anatomy, leaning to form, pointing to motion. He calls the series "riverrun", after the first word of Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Like the Irish author's work, Oshima's is an experiment in fiction.

Wawi Navarroza is a chameleon. She is whoever you want her to be. The universal appeal of this artist lies in her visual ability to crack the obvious. She `returns to landscapes' in this show, creating monuments of remembrance and markers of the deliberate—a white sheet over a home's furnishings to remember a typhoon's destruction, a bed of fuschia bougainvilla at the height of summer. X marks her spot, suggesting a return to home.

Not to be taken as a landscape show, but a show of the specific concerns of each artist, the emphasis is on space. For after all, it is the space within the created frame that is burned it, filled, or erased.

-Curator's Notes by Isa Lorenzo

SIX6, the Silverlens Gallery Anniversary Show with Frankie Callaghan, Wawi Navarroza, Neal Oshima, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona and Denise Weldon, Curated by Isa Lorenzo opens with Year of Glad by Hanna Pettyjohn; and The Easter Bunny, just as charming and just as fake by Nikki Luna.

Image: Neal Oshima, riverrun 3, 2010

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Net 25's Landmarks Season 2 Launch @ Yuchengco Museum

Net 25 in cooperation with Yuchengco Museum
cordially invite you
to the new season launch of
Net 25’s travel and history show

on November 23, 2010
6:00 p.m.
at Yuchengco Museum
RCBC Plaza
corner Ayala & Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenues
Makati City

Carla Martinez
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Art in House

As art perennially deals with challenging old ideas, it should not come as a surprise for the concept of art being in conventional exhibition spaces to undergo interesting changes. Amidst the numerous galleries in the country stands an innovative way of experiencing artwork…

Art-In-House is a project of The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences and Art Cabinet Philippines. The program aims to exhibit broad strokes in Philippine contemporary art in the public spaces and fourth floor gallery of this repurposed residential landmark. The unexpected blend of art with lodging is integral to the concept of The Picasso as it aims to be both an engine for art and a provider of unique lodging experiences. By immersing its guests in the artwork, business travelers and tourists alike are engaged in the dichotomy of art mirroring life and vice-versa.

Taking the idea further by intentionally blurring the lines of the said dichotomy, the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences challenges the traditional concept of accommodations as well. It is not simply a place to stay and do business in as much as it is a medium for artistic communication between the artists and any observer, walking in and out of the property, whether informed or uninformed. This is unlike the usual concept of hotel art as being unobtrusive or bland like muzak or art strictly for decorative purposes. After all, at The Picasso, every element such as the architecture, furniture, design, music, artwork, and people are all part of the unceasing creative process. Staying true to their brand promise, indeed, The Picasso is "Where art and passion live."

On exhibit from November to December is Marc Gaba’s “Surface”. The poet’s continuing series is based on Bach’s Goldberg Variations, which was legendarily composed for an insomniac count. His light boxes are collages drawn from the Internet, of which elements are set against the horizon that water and night sky make, hybridizing maps of the astronomical and mythological constellations.

Also featured is “The Within”, a new series of work by visual artist Goldie Poblador as she continues to experiment in the field of glass, light, and sculptural representation. This work is about how a man’s physicality and inner structure is dedicated to the evolution of the mind and the universal life force.

Lastly, The Mighty Bhutens, a group that plays around with tile mosaic, joins in showing the people what local artistry is all about. Since 2002, they have been coloring and playing with different projects all over the Philippines. The mosaic of the Mighty Bhutens comes to life as each curve in their basic design is dictated by the very shape of the broken tiles, resulting to an interesting design that cannot be replicated. Their recent works are what they call “portable mosaics” – smaller mixed media pieces.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is located at 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. Telephone Nos., +632 828.4774. Visit and
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ArtSpeak: Modernist/Postmodernist Lee

The Ateneo Art Gallery warmly invites everyone to
Modernist/Postmodernist Lee

an ArtSpeak session with Clarissa Chikiamco, co-curator of the
exhibition, Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect, on Saturday, 4 December
2010 at 10am.

Admission is free.

For more info, contact Ian Carlo Jaucian at 4266488/4266001 ext. 4160

Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect
Exhibition runs through 5 February 2011
The museum is closed from 20 December 2010 to 5 January 2011
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 7.30pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm
T 4266488
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Press Viewing of Bulawan


You are invited to the press viewing of Bulawan: The Evolution of Camarines Norte Jewelry at Yuchengco Museum on Saturday 20 November at 1:30 p.m. DTI Camarines Norte Director Ernesto Pardo will be introducing the exhibit, featuring finely handmade 18K jewelry in antique to modern-day designs. To confirm attendance, contact Carla Martinez of Yuchengco Museum at 8891234 / 09178390091.

Carla P. Martinez
Information Associate

RCBC Plaza
Cor. Ayala and Sen. Gil J. Puyat Aves.
Makati City, Philippines 1200

T: (632) 889-1234
F: (632) 887-5144
M: (63) 917-8360091
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Extensions, New Lopez Museum Exhibition

Everyone is invited to visit the Lopez Museum, G/F Benpres Bldg., Meralco cor Exchange Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig to see the ongoing exhibition, Extensions which is Lopez Museum's 2010 Zero In exhibition.

The exhibition features works from Maya Munoz, Pilipinas Street Plan, Plataporma and Rock Ed Philippines.

Extensions also showcases editiorial illustrations by Liborio Gatbonton from the defunct Manila Chronicle's archives.

Museum hours: 8am-5pm, Mondays to Saturdays, closed during Sundays and holidays.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Alcove's Photography Challenge 2010

As we bring another photography year at The Alcove to a close, we are hosting a PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE that will put every photographer’s creativity and patience to a test!

Scheduled for December 4, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., this event will start and end at the Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Makati City (across The Peninsula Manila).

Explore the Makati Commercial Business District (MCBD) on foot and capture arresting images under time pressure.

Inasmuch as the MCBD offers a wide variety of photographic subjects, a shoot list will be given to participating photographers during the orientation and subjects must be covered during the time allotted and in the area specified.

This photography challenge is open to all amateur photographers who are at least 18 years of age (or must have the written permission of a parent or guardian to participate).

For the full mechanics, please contact:
Filipinas Heritage Library
Tel 8921801 / 0917-5594417
Fax 8921810
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect ArtSpeak

The Ateneo Art Gallery warmly invites everyone to
Lee Aguinaldo, Revisited

an ArtSpeak session with Ma. Victoria Herrera, co-curator of the
exhibition, Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect, on Saturday, 13 November
2010 at 10am.

Admission is free.

For more info, contact Ian Carlo Jaucian at 4266488/4266001 ext. 4160

Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect
Exhibition runs through 5 February 2011
The museum is closed from 20 December 2010 to 5 January 2011
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 7.30pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm
T 4266488

Watch out for the next ArtSpeak:

Modernist/Postmodernist Lee
Clarissa Chikiamco
Saturday, 4 December 2010, 10 am
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