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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cinema One Originals Festival 2007 Schedule

SCHEDULE (November 30 to December 02, 2007)

Festival sked: Nov. 30 to December 2 at Trinoma and Glorietta 4

Opening Preview Night on November 26 at Glorietta 4 cinema lobby with
cocktails at 6pm.

Awards night on December 01 Saturday night at 7pm Renaissance Hotel.

> > >

The 2007 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival

Trinoma (Cinema 1)
Edsa corner North Avenue

November 30, Friday
(The Woven Stories of The Other)

2:00 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig

3:50 pm Agogo Makabago (Pandanggo segment)

6:15 pm PRINSESA


10: 10 pm ALTAR

December 01, Saturday
11:15 am Ang Pagbalik and PRINSESA


3:30 pm Putot and ALTAR

5:30 pm ROME & JULIET

8:00 pm Carpool and MALING AKALA

9:45 pm Agogo Makabago and CONFESSIONAL

December 02, Sunday
11:30 am CONFESSIONAL and Astig

1:30 pm REKADOS

3:15 pm PRINSESA


7:30 pm Kultado and ALTAR

9:45 pm Agogo Makabago and MALING AKALA

> > >

The 2007 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival

Glorietta 4 (Cinema 5)
Ayala Center, Makati

November 30, Friday
12:15 pm Kultado and PRINSESA


4:45 pm Ang Pagbalik and REKADOS

6:45 pm ALTAR

8:35 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig

10:20 pm Agogo Makabago and TAMBOLISTA

December 01, Saturday
12:05 pm Putot and TAMBOLISTA

(The Woven Stories of The Other)

4:30 pm PRINSESA

6:45 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig

8:30 pm Carpool and MALING AKALA

10:30 pm ALTAR

December 02, Sunday
12:05 pm ALTAR

1:50 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig


5:10 pm Putot and MALING AKALA

7:00 pm ROME & JULIET

9:45 pm Agogo Makabago and PRINSESA
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Ruel Caasi's Oil Paintings @ The Drawing Room

“Oil Paintings” New Works on Canvas and Paper
The Drawing Room
November 24 – December 15, 2007

The Drawing Room is located at G/F, Metrostar Bldg., 1007 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City Philippines. For more information please call (632) 897 7877 or (632) 897 6990
Email: drawings@pldtdsl. net /
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3 Artists Explore Uncommon Grounds at OWG

3 Artists Explore Uncommon Grounds at OWG

The OWG Creative Centre presents "On Common Ground, Uncommon Grounds", a three-man exhibition of abstract works by Demosthenes Campos, Rick Hernandez and Resty Tica. The exhibit features three series of non-representationa l works using non-traditional media and techniques, as well as unconventional composition.

Campos, Hernandez and Tica are all multi-awarded graduates of the Technological University of the Philippines, whose works have been spotlighted in several high-profile group exhibitions for more than ten years. Despite their different approaches to abstraction, the three artists build on these very differences in media, technique and their individual choice of a surface or ground, as a unifying theme for their collection as a whole.

Demosthenes Campos favours layering as a technique to harmonize a variety of materials such as acrylic, wax and resin. His aptly titled "Sapin-sapin" series showcases the richly textured results of this method, contrasting the different visual and tactile properties of each medium used on a solid black plane. Among Campos' many distinctions are First Place in the "Guhit Malasakit Para Sa Kapaligiran" Street Mural Group Painting Contest, the Grand Prize in the Spray Art Contest by Pylox, and the Third Prize in the Mixed Media Category during the 59th Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) Competition.

Rick Hernandez displays his masterful use of collage in his collection of pieces using old paper from various sources. Loose monoprints, random scrawls and paint spatters resembling a child's drawings roam freely across a series of 16 surfaces in no particular order. Titled "This is just here, you are just there," Hernandez' works challenge the viewers to take his collages at face value. "There is no meaning behind it," Hernandez explains. "All is what you see, don't look for anything that is not there." Hernandez' list of honours includes Best Entry awards in the Digital Fine Arts and Digital Graphic Design Categories in the First Annual Digital Arts Competition, and Finalist honours in the annual Metrobank art competitions.

Resty Tica employs traditional painting techniques in tandem with digital printing on canvas, in order to create illusions that defy definitions of reality. Inspired by his love for customizing and restoring old Vespas, his "Junk" series is replete with nuts, bolts and screws, resulting in works with a three-dimensional feel. Also a print graphic artist for ABS-CBN, Tica is a recipient of the Grand Prize of the PLDT-DPC Telephone Directory Cover Art Competition, as well as the Artist of the Year Award of the T.U.P. Gawad Pagkilala sa Sining. He also reached the finalist and semi-finalist listings of several prestigious art contests such as the Shell National Student Art and Metrobank art competitions.

"On Common Ground" runs from November 27 to December 27, 2007 at OWG Creative Centre, Ground Floor 2241 La Fuerza Plaza II, Don Chino Roces Ave. corner Sabio St., Makati City. Gallery hours are from 10am-7pm daily except Sundays. For inquiries, call or fax 8192074, e-mail, or visit
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2007 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival

The 2007 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival

Trinoma (Cinema 1)
Edsa corner North Avenue

November 30, Friday
(The Woven Stories of The Other)

2:00 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig

3:50 pm Agogo Makabago (Pandanggo segment)

6:15 pm PRINSESA


10: 10 pm ALTAR

December 01, Saturday
11:15 am Ang Pagbalik and PRINSESA


3:30 pm Putot and ALTAR

5:30 pm ROME & JULIET

8:00 pm Carpool and MALING AKALA

9:45 pm Agogo Makabago and CONFESSIONAL

December 02, Sunday
11:30 am CONFESSIONAL and Astig

1:30 pm REKADOS

3:15 pm PRINSESA


7:30 pm Kultado and ALTAR

9:45 pm Agogo Makabago and MALING AKALA

* * *
The 2007 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival

Glorietta 4 (Cinema 5)
Ayala Center, Makati

November 30, Friday
12:15 pm Kultado and PRINSESA


4:45 pm Ang Pagbalik and REKADOS

6:45 pm ALTAR

8:35 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig

10:20 pm Agogo Makabago and TAMBOLISTA

December 01, Saturday
12:05 pm Putot and TAMBOLISTA

(The Woven Stories of The Other)

4:30 pm PRINSESA

6:45 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig

8:30 pm Carpool and MALING AKALA

10:30 pm ALTAR

December 02, Sunday
12:05 pm ALTAR

1:50 pm CONFESSIONAL and Astig


5:10 pm Putot and MALING AKALA

7:00 pm ROME & JULIET

9:45 pm Agogo Makabago and PRINSESA

The 2007 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival

Running Time: 90 mins
Directors: Jerrold Tarog, Ruel Dahis Antipuesto
Screenwriter: Ramon Ukit
Producer: Ruel Antipuesto
Cinematographer: Ruel Antipuesto
Editor: Pats R. Ranyo
Music: Jerrold Tarog with Arodasi
Principal Cast: Publio Briones III, David Barril, Greg Fernandez, Owee
Salva, Donna Gimeno
trailer: com/watch? v=p8E3ZU4SMOM

About the Filmmakers
RUEL DAHIS ANTIPUESTO always wanted to study film, but since time andmoney never got together, he just took the plunge. He made so many mistakes along the way that he ended up teaching in a film school. He won the grand prize in the 2006 Sinulog video documentary competition, and was cinematographer on the award-winning short, Carpool.
Confessional is his feature directorial debut.

JERROLD TAROG took film theory courses while working on his Music Composition degree at the University of the Philippines and had a short encounter with the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu.
He got three Gawad Urian Award nominations in 2007 for the scores of Kubrador, Kaleldo, and Manoro, and bagged the Cinemalaya prize for musical score for Kadin. His short, Carpool, won first prize at the 19th Gawad CCP. Confessional is his first feature film.

About the Synopsis
Lies + Lies = Truth.

Ryan Pastor knows this by heart. As a small time filmmaker, he knows how sound and images can be manipulated to say anything. And he's tired of the lies—the lies at work, in his relationships, the lies one must keep in society just to exist. On a whim, he decides to go to Cebu to document the Sinulog festival. There he stumbles upon a truth he didn't
ask for and is reluctant to touch. One of his subjects, a former politician who may or may not be dying, decides to confess his sins—all the crimes he committed while in office—before Ryan's camera.

What follows is a story of revelations and bitter truths, of buried secrets and sweet lies. CONFESSIONAL takes you to the heart of a criminal...or an honest man.

Film Credits:
Running time:
Director: Rico Maria Ilarde
Screenwriters: Rico Maria Ilarde, Mammu Chua
Executive Producer: Ronald Arguelles
Producer: Mammu Chua
Cinematographer: Louie Quirino
Production Designer: Fritz Silorio
Music: Malek Lopez
Editors: Maisa Demetillo, Rico Maria Ilarde
Principal Cast: Zanjoe Marudo, Nor Domingo, Dimples Romana, Dido dela Paz, Kristalyn Engle
trailer link: com/watch? v=ZLDYUblhG_ M

About the Filmmaker
After graduating from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, RICO MARIA ILARDE immediately immersed himself in the mainstream by directing action scenes for his father Eddie Ilarde's TV drama anthology. He has since made a name for himself in the suspense-horror genre by directing Dugo Ng Birhen, Babaeng Putik, and
the Aquarium segment of the horror franchise Shake, Rattle & Roll 2k5. His 2006 feature Sa Ilalim Ng Cogon has garnered considerable acclaim and screened in festivals in Europe, Asia and South America.

About the movie synopsis
Anton, a boxer who accidentally killed an opponent in the ring, returns to the Philippines from the US and finds himself jobless and destitute. He is hired by a mysterious foreman named Erning, who assigns him and a
man named Lope to renovate an eerie, decrepit house on the outskirts of the city. They soon discover that the place is haunted by the apparition of a young girl, and that the basement carries a strange wooden altar to an unknown deity. Truly bloodcurdling events follow one after the other, snowballing into a deeply disturbing and violent climax.


Film Credits:
Running time:
Directors: Veronica B. Velasco, Pablo Biglang-awa Jr.
Screenwriter: Veronica B. Velasco
Producers: Veronica B. Velasco, Pablo Biglang-Awa Jr.
Cinematographer: Larry Manda
Editors: Danny Añonuevo, Lester Olayer
Principal Cast: Victor Basa, Jodi Sta. Maria
trailer on youtube: com/watch? v=ywjtG7YiY6s

About the Filmmakers
This is the second feature from the team of VERONICA VELASCO and PABLO BIGLANG-AWA, JR, whose first film Inang Yaya was named Best Film of 2006 by the Young Critics' Circle and Best Digital Film by the Star Awards. Pablo started out as a graphic designer and is now a director of commercials for Unitel. Veronica has been with Unitel as a producer for 15 years. They honed their craft by directing and producing 30-second ads.

Pablo is a visual artist and grand prize winner of the Art Association of the Philippines competition. "We've always been asked how we 'divide' directing," Veronica says. "We don't. We collaborate well since we complement each other's skills. He's a painter and I'm a writer."

About the Synopsis
The bittersweet love story of JP and Teta gives us a glimpse of how a gay man/straight woman relationship works… or doesn't. JP is a fugitive on the run, after having accidentally killed his lover. On the bus, he sits next to Teta, who is 9 months pregnant. When Teta gives birth, JP accompanies mother and child home to their fishpond in Sasmuan,
Pampanga. Teta impulsively introduces JP as the father of her child surprising both JP and her parents. When JP and Teta agree to play-act husband and wife, their queer, dysfunctional tale begins.


Film Credits:
Director: Lawrence Fajardo
Screenwriters: Jim Flores, Jade Snow, Lawrence Fajardo, Dado Lomibao
Executive Producer: Ronald Arguelles
Directors of Photography: Lawrence Fajardo, Jun Aves
Editors: John Wong, Conrad Zaguirre Jr
Music: Jobin Ballesteros, Jimmy Bondoc, DJ Myk Salomon
Production Designer: Lexter Tarriela
Principal Cast: Romnick Sarmenta, Archie Adamos, Shamaine Buencamino,
Katrina "Hopia" Legaspi
see the trailer: com/watch? v=X_CPU9zfJaU

About the Filmmaker
LAWRENCE FAJARDO fell in love with theater and film in high school, when film director Peque Gallaga "discovered" him in the halls of the University of St. La Salle Bacolod. "Law" learned filmmaking through workshops and internships with Gallaga, Lore Reyes and Erik Matti. His
2005 short film Kultado, set in the markets of his hometown, won the Special Jury Prize in Cinemalaya 2005 and the Best Short Film award of the Gawad Urian. Kultado has been exhibited in Singapore, Germany, Los Angeles and Italy, and is an official entry to the Clermont Ferrand
Short Film Festival in February, 2008. His first full-length feature, Raket ni Nanay, was a Cinema One Original in 2006.

About the Synopsis
How does a child cope with being parentless? Princess' mother dies giving birth to her twin. Her father, Mar, gets a job overseas. Her aunt, Marie, cannot fill the void left by her parents.

Prinsesa is the first Filipino film to delve into the psychology of obesity. Fat people have always been portrayed as objects of ridicule in Filipino movies, but what of the circumstances surrounding the issue? Prinsesa regards obesity in a new light, connecting it to the Pinoy
diaspora, the separation of parents from their children, and the mechanisms of overcompensation. How can you be a good parent when you're thousands of miles away from your children? What's it like to grow up as children of overseas Filipino workers?


Film credits
Running time:
Director: Adolfo B. Alix, Jr.
Screenwriter: Ave Regina S. Tayag
Executive Producer: Ronald Arguelles
Supervising Producer: Alvin Yapan
Line Producer: Arleen Cuevas
Associate Line Producer: Maxie Evangelista
Editor: Aleks Castaneda
Director of Photography: Albert Banzon
Music: Khavn dela Cruz
Production Designer: Jeck Cogama
Sound Engineer: Ditoy Aguila
Principal Cast: Jiro Manio, Coco Martin, Sid Lucero,
Anita Linda, Fons Deza
watch the trailer now: com/watch? v=VVykqv1XDEE

About the Filmmaker
The films of Adolfo B. Alix, Jr portray strongly Filipino characters at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. His first feature, Donsol, was honored with special jury prizes at the Asian Marine Film Festival, Japan and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and is the
Philippines' official entry to the 2007 Academy Awards, Best Foreign Language Film category. His second feature, Kadin, has been screened at the Locarno and Amiens filmfests. As a screenwriter, Alix's works include the feature films Homecoming, Mga Munting Tinig (Small Voices),
and various television shows. A magna cum laude graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Alix now teaches film and screenwriting courses at his alma mater.

About the Synopsis
Jason, 14, had one passion: playing the drums. His dream is to get a drum set of his own. But life is never as constant and regular as the beat of a drum; it often skips a beat or moves too fast. Jason's brother Billy discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant, and he needs to raise the money for an abortion. Their friend Paolo finds himself homeless,
jobless, and burdened with a secret. When Jason tries to help Billy, he gets caught up in a web of betrayal and violence. He may finally be able to get his drum set, but is it worth it?

The third feature film from Adolfo B. Alix, Jr draws an intimate portrait of two brothers struggling with poverty and seeking a kind of redemption.

Notes on the programming of short films:
Agogo Makabago (40 minutes), Carpool (8 minutes), Ang Pagbalik (10 min.), Putot (20 min.), Kultado (22 min.) and Astig (4 min.) are featured guest short films.
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AAP Submission of Entries - Extended!


Nais po naming ipabatid na kami , ang buong pamunuan ng AAP ay nakikiisa sa inyong mga problemang dinaranas at dinadanas sa kasalukuyan.

Lalo na sa mga artists na nakabase sa Bicol region, Aurora, LA Union, Pangasinan, Baguio, Isabela, Iloilo, Davao, Ilocos Region at iba pang direktang tinamaan ng bagyong Mina.At sa LAHAT ng mga Alagad ng Sining na nalito, nagdalawang -isip, nawalan ng kumunikasyon at walang transportasyon ,at mga nag-isip kung ano na ang nangyayari sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay na tinatamaan ng ng nasabing kalamidad.

Ang lahat ng ito ay hindi natin KAGUSTUHANG MANGYARI.

Sana ay maunawaan din ng mga kasapi na nakabase sa Metro Manila ang ibibigay nating EXTENSION sa ating mga KAPATID sa SINING.

MALUGOD PO naming tatanggapin ang LAHAT ng inyong ENTRY sa ISANG LUGAR na lamang. Please submit all your entries at AAP KANLUNGAN NG SINING , RIZAL PARK , MANILA starting Monday- NOVEMBER 26 u- up to Tuesday NOVEMBER 27 ,2007 from 9AM UP TO 7PM.

Tatanggapin po ang lahat ng PAINTING, MIXED-MEDIA, SCULPTURE, DRAWING, PHOTOGRAPHY ENTRIES ng LAHAT ng nais pang lumahok.





Ang inyong lingkod,
AAP- Pangulo
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Gantimpala Theater Grabs 4 ALiw Awards nominations!


"We must be doing something good!" exclaims an obviously ecstatic
Tony S. Espejo, artistic director of Gantimpala Theater, after
confirming reports that his thirty-year- old theater company earned
several nominations in the forthcoming ALIW Awards.

The nominations of Gantimpala Theater are in the following
categories: Best Director – Soxie Topacio for El Filibusterismo;
Best Non-Musical Production – El Filibusterismo, Ibong Adarna and
Forever/Call Me Flory; Best Actress (Musical) – Tosca Puno for Ibong
Adarna; Best Actress (Non-Musical) – Monica Llamas and Wilma Doesn't
for Forever/Call Me Flory; and Best Actor (Non-Musical) – Roeder
Camañag, also for the same production.

This is the second year Gantimpala Theater received honor, having
won in the Best Non Musical Play Category for The God Stealer/The
Queen's Jewel, a twin-bill of productions based from the short
stories written by National Artists for Literature F.Sionil Jose and
the late Nick Joaquin, and Best Actor nominations for Roeder Camañag
and Joel Molina for the said plays, from the ALIW Awards.

"These nominations are indeed a pleasant surprise for us. It has
been a very busy pearl anniversary season for Gantimpala. We
presented the Four Classics, revived four productions, Katipunan:
Mga Anak ng Bayan, Ramona Reyes ng Forbes Park, Bombita and
Taluktok, four titles from the Bulwagang Gantimpala years shown for
free at the Luneta, staged and produced Ang Pagong at Ang Matsing, a
touring children's musical that have traveled to Olongapo, Tarlac,
San Juan, Las Piñas and we will be staging it early next year in
Quezon City, Bulacan and Cavite, and we are currently rehearsing our
season ender, Romeo and Juliet. Truly, we are grateful with this
recognition and expect us to give our best next year," concludes

For more information about Gantimpala Theater's Romeo and Juliet,
call 899-5745/896- 3503/536- 5860/528- 0603 or write to:
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UP Film Institute’s Season of Premieres

UP Film Institute’s season of premieres

It’s PREMIERE season for UP Film Institute. Following the success of the very first showing in the country of Sikil last Nov 22, Philippine audiences are now to be treated to a string of highly anticipated titles that all bode well for the local indie film scene. Jerrold Tarog’s Lisan screens on Nov 26 Mon 7 p.m. Lav Diaz’ nine-hour Venice Special Mention winner, Death in the Land of Encantos, is slated for a cinethon beginning 10 in the morning on Nov 29 Thu. For this year’s Cine Veritas—UP Film Institute’s annual human rights film festival, Brillante Mendoza’s “Tirador” serves as opening night film on Dec 3 Mon 7 p.m.

For more of UP Film Institute’s current screenings, pertinent info is as follows:

Screens Nov 26 Mon 7 p.m.
The University of the Philippines Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and
the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Dissemination in cooperation with the UP College of Music and the UP Film Institute present a collaborative work by
Jonas Baes (music and concept) and Jerrold Tarog (script and film directing), Lisan—an experimental short film based on a folk legend dramatizing the plight of the Iraya-Mangyan.

Digital Feature from Centerstage Productions (2006, 75 minutes)
Screens at the Videotheque with Autohystoria on Nov 26 Mon to Nov 29 Thu 4:30 p.m. onwards; Nov 30 Fri 2 p.m. onwards/5 p.m. onwards; Dec 1 Sat 2 p.m. onwards/5 p.m. onwards
A 13-year-old Aeta girl takes pains to teach her elders in the village to read and write so that they can cast their votes in the upcoming presidential elections.
Digital Lokal Best Picture, Best Director—2006 Cinemanila IFF; Cinemaavvenire Prize—2006 Turin Film Festival; Official Selection in Competition—2006 Nantes Three Continents Film Festival
Direction: Brillante Mendoza. Screenplay: Ralston Jover. Cast: Jonalyn Ablong

Digital Feature by Raya Martin (2007, 95 minutes)
Starring JK Anicoche and Lowell Conales
Screens at the Videotheque with Manoro on Nov 26 Mon to Nov 29 Thu 4:30 p.m. onwards; Nov 30 Fri 2 p.m. onwards/5 p.m. onwards; Dec 1 Sat 2 p.m. onwards/5 p.m. onwards
The execution for treason and sedition of Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio along with his younger brother Procopio in the mountains circa 1897 runs parallel a century and a decade after to the tale of a young man longing for the older brother he has not seen for years.
Digital Lokal Grand Prize, Best Director—2007 Cinemanila IFF; Official Selection for Director's Focus—2007 Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente; Official Selection—2007 Hong Kong IFF; Official Selection—2007 International Film Festival Rotterdam

Paraiso: Tatlong Kuwento ng Pag-asa
A Gawad Kalinga Production
Presented by Youth for Christ with Sigma Kappa Pi Fraternity-Diliman Chapter
Screens on Nov 27 Tue 5 p.m.
Three inspiring stories of ordinary people are made into a movie that testifies the grassroots movement for poverty alleviation sweeping the county.
Direction: Ricky Davao, Jun Lana, Joel Ruiz. Screenplay: Jun Lana, Monster Jimenez, Joel Ruiz, Rose Colindres. Cast: Maricel Soriano, Cesar Montano, Ricky Davao, Michael V, Robert Arevalo, Carmi Martin, Lilia Dizon, Maricel Laxa.
2007 111 minutes 35mm color

Ataul for Rent
An Artiste Entertainment Works Production
Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board
Screens on Nov 27 Tue 7 p.m.; Nov 28 Wed 5/7 p.m.
A live-in couple makes a living renting out coffins in a narrow, congested and miserable neighborhood alley of destitute slum dwellers.
Official Selection for Golden Pyramid—2007 Cairo IFF; Official Selection—2007 Chennai Film Festival; Official Selection—2007 Kerala IFF; Official Selection—2007 Montreal World Film Festival
Direction and Screenplay: Neal Tan. Cast: Jaclyn Jose, Joel Torre, Irma Adlawan, Coco Martin, Ronnie Lazaro, Pen Medina , Nonong Buencamino.
2007 94 minutes 35mm color

Death in the Land of Encantos (Kagadanan sa banwaan ning mga Engkanto)
Digital Feature from Produksyung Sine Olivia with Hubert Bals Fund (2007, 540 minutes, English subtitles)
Presented by Camera-as-Art Movement
Premieres on Nov 29 Thu 10 a.m. onwards
A hapless poet after a lengthy stint in Russia returns to his hometown to witness the aftermath of a super typhoon said to be the worst to hit the country in living memory.
Winner of Horizons Special Mention—2007 Venice IFF; Official Selection—2007 Toronto IFF
Direction and Screenplay: Lav Diaz. Cast: Roeder Camanag, Kalila Aguilos, Sophia Aves, Angeli Bayani, Perry Dizon, Dante Perez, Gemma Cuenca .

To always get screening alerts, join UP Film Institute e-group: upfilminstitute@ yahoogroups. com

Always watch UP Film Institute screenings and be kept informed of all UP Film Institute’s forthcoming attractions. Be especially alert of added screenings day by day. Unless indicated otherwise, screenings are held at the Cine Adarna’s 800-seat main cinema. Program is subject to change without prior notice.

University of the Philippines Film Institute
(Member, CILECT/Internationa l Association of Film and Television Schools )
Academic Programs and Research
Plaridel Hall, Ylanan Road , UP Diliman, Quezon City
Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 2669, 2670; 9206863 (Telefax)
Extension and Theater Services
Cine Adarna, Magsaysay and Osmeña Avenues, UP Diliman, Quezon City
Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 4286, 4289; 9262722 (Telefax); 9263640 (Cinema Hotline); 9250286
upfilminstitute.multiply. com
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Calling All Artists: Artists Welfare Project General Assembly



4:00 -7:00 P.M. / Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Bulwagang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining(Multi Purpose Hall)
4th Floor, Tanghalang Pambansa,
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard , Pasay City

AGENDA: Report of the Interim Board of Directors
Election of Regular Board of Directors

NOTE: 1. Nominations for the Board of Directors (fifteen seats) are open and shall be accepted until Thursday, 15 November 2007. Please use enclosed Nomination Form and send/fax to the Office of the Artistic Director, Cultural Center of the Philippines (fax no.

2. Only those who have completely filled out the Membership Form and paid the Membership Fee of One Thousand Pesos (P 1,000.00) are qualified to vote or be voted into office.

For any inquiries, please contact Dennis N. Marasigan (0916-5918815) or Violy Mero (832-3669).

For those who have not signed up to be a member, you may still do so on the same day. There will be a pre-membership briefing before the general assembly and you can pay your membership fee and fill up the membership form right away which will entitle you to vote in the election.
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4th Neo-Angono Public Art Festival

November 20-22, 2007
4th NEO-ANGONO Public Art Festival

Nov 20 Tuesday Day 1
4th NEO-ANGONO Public Art Festival

6am Tribute to Botong and Maestro Lucio San Pedro, Angono Catholic Cemetery

8am Sangandaan ng Kasaysayan ng Malayang Pamamahayag sa Pilipinas (Unveiling of Neo-Angono's Copyrighted Reproduction of the NPC Mural Project) Angono Gymnasium

8am Poetry Mobile/Distribution Project - Grupo 3/7, KM64, LIRA Angono Town Proper

9am Market Sign Intervention - Michael de Guzman
Angono Public Market Rooftop
9am Mga Obrang Gala - Jon Santos and Transient Collective Angono Town Plaza

10am Publik Box - Turo Sanchez, Mael De Guzman, Vangie Garcia Paso bridge, Brgy. San Roque

Wrapped: Traces - Mark Salvatus in collaboration with the community of Pulong Matsing Brgy. San Roque

Coca-Cola Country - Jan Reyes and Mike Bayquen Angono Town Proper Bridge

Rosaryo ng mga Alalahanin - Ian Lomongo and the Grupo 3-7 Poets within the vicinity of St. Clement Church

5pm Obra ng mga Alaala at Tradisyon - Kaktus URS Taytay and Paleta Art Group Angono River, Bgy. San Roque

5pm Mga Obrang Gala - Jon Santos and Transient Collective Angono Town Plaza

5pm Publik Box - Turo Sanchez, Mael De Guzman, Vangie Garcia Laguna de Bai

6pm Publik Box - Turo Sanchez, Mael De Guzman, Vangie Garcia St.Clement Church

7pm Fusing Horizons - Allan Alcantara, Aaron Bautista, and Totong Francisco Nemiranda Art Cafe

7pm Hubog - Aga Francisco 2nd floor Nemiranda Art Cafe

8pm Open Mic Poetry and Acoustic Night Distribution of 3/7 Chop Book Nemiranda Art Cafe

Nov. 21 Wednesday Day 2
4th NEO-ANGONO Public Art Festival

10am Cidera - Infinity and Accident Performance Angono Town Proper

1-5pm Graffiti as Street Art - Pilipinas Street Plan(T-Linc, ungga, mutationation, vermonyo, egg) Angono Town Proper

6pm Scene Seen - Maria Frances Q. Eugenio The Second Gallery

8pm Mga Obrang Gala - Jon Santos and Transient Collective Metrobank Parking Lot

8pm Sine-Silip sa Sinag-tala - Short films from young independent filmmakers(Roxlee, Emman de la Cruz, Rianne Hill Soriano, BJ Hernandez, Peachy Policarpio and others) Metrobank Parking Lot

Nov. 22 Thursday Day 3
4th NEO-ANGONO Public Art Festival

9am Kasaysayan ng mga Hanggahan - Ian Lomongo, Owe Sanchez and Tanghalang Angono Angono Public Market

3pm Kasaysayan ng mga Hanggahan - Ian Lomongo, Owe Sanchez and Tanghalang Angono vicinity of the Angono Town Plaza

4pm Street performance - Ugat-Lahi Collective Angono Town Proper

5pm BANGKAW! Dula-i, singgiti. - Oro Art Guild Inc. - Nick Aca, Errol Balcos, Vhoyet Vasquez Balite, Poblacion Itaas

6pm ALTER-ATION - Anino Shadowplay Collective(Don Salubayba, Teny Arellano, Briandale Tadeo, Andrew Cruz, Teta Tulay) Balite, Poblacion Itaas

8pm Bisperas (Closing Night Performance) - Dayuhan, Elemento, Coffee Break Island, Good Leaf, Juan Pablo Dream, Neighbors, Go Signals, and the Sappy Red Hearts Club Band Manila East Road Highway

4th NEO-ANGONO Public Art Festival
Neo-Angono Artists Collective
Angono, Rizal, Philippines
Call: 63+0915-5337308
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Philippine Art Education Association Seminar

PAEA CARES (Creativity in Action, a Resource for SpeakerS)
Nov. 17, 2007, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Balagtas Central School, Balagtas, Bulacan

Program of Activities:

8:00 am to 9:00 am Registration
9:00 am to 12:00 nn Faber-Castell Creativity Enhancement presents "Nurturing Creativity" - Mr. Sid Hildawa
12:00 nn to 1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Workshop


1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Group 1
Paper Sculpture
Ms. Ching Estarija

Group 2
Ms. Maria Gracia Fulgencio

Group 3
Ms. Laura Jugueta

Group 4
Ms. Rosel Valenzuela
3:30 pm to 4:00 pm


4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Setting up / Viewing of Teachers’ Art Exhibit
Distribution of Certificates of Attendance
Mr. SonnyIsaac, Don Bosco Technical School, Makati
Director, Education

The participants may choose more than one workshop from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

P500.00 registration fee for non-members, P450.00 for members. For more info: please visit or call: Mr. Sonny Isaac 09213087208.
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Art Show @ Nineveh Artspace

Art Show at
Nineveh Artspace
November 25 - December 16, 2007

"PAGITAN" By Brenda Fajardo
"SOLO FLIGHT" By Joselito Jandayan
"ENTABLADO" By Bayani Acala
"KA-ARAW-AN" (Baglan)
"KWENTONG KUTSERO" New works by ten(10) multi awarded artists:
Cruz,Cuvos,Dalmacio ,Guzman,Manes, Omampo,Roxas, Sanchez,Sierra and

Show will start at 2:00pm. at Nineveh Artspace
Jonah's House of Prayer
2452 1st. Avenue
Villa Silangan Subd. Sta. Cruz, Laguna
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Become A Member Of NCCA's 19 Committees!

Are you a cultural worker? Are you an artist? Are you an expert in
your field? Is your organization into arts? Are you a translator? Are
you a leader of any indigenous groups? Then sign up and become a
member of one of the National Commission for Culture and Arts' (NCCA)
19 committees. This is a nationwide search for new members.

For the past fifteen years, the NCCA has been at the helm of
formulating policies for the development of culture and arts in the
country and has been vigorously administering the National Endowment
Fund for Culture and Arts. This November, the NCCA is opening its
doors to new members who would help the organization fortify its
objectives (to view objectives, click
http://www.ncca. ncca/history. php ).

For the complete guidelines on membership, please click this link:
http://www.ncca. ncca/committee- membership. php If you
know that you are qualified to become a member, do fill up the
application form that can be found in the said link.

Deadline for the submission of application is November 16, 2007. NO

For further details, contact 5272192 local 502 up to 512.
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1st Philippine Airlines Photo Contest Crowns Best Photographers

Philippine Airlines proudly announces the winners of the First Philippine Airlines Photo Contest, following awarding ceremonies conducted November 10, 2007 at the SM Mall of Asia. Led by top photographer George Tapan, the judges and executives from Epson and Philippine Airlines presented the winners with their awards and over a million pesos in total prizes.

The winners of the Professional Division, which features photographers using any SLR,
DSLR or medium format camera, include Ronie N. Poblacion from Iloilo, recipient of The Beauty of the Philippine Scapes Award, with his entry, "Harvest Time." The Beauty of the Filipino Spirit Award went to Joseph R. Yamane of Manila, for his entry, "Princess," while Arnold C. Jumpay from Manila won The Beauty of Filipino Culture Award for his entry, "Wedding Day." Each of these winners will receive Php 50,000, an Epson printer, and a Philippine Airlines package tour to either Beijing, Bangkok or Hong Kong.

The Enthusiast Division allows the use of any point-and-shoot camera, as well as SLR or DSLR camera. This division's winners are The Beauty of Philippine Scapes Award-winner Victor V. Alvarez from Manila with his entry, "Huyup Wonder"; The Beauty of the Filipino Spirit Award-winner Jacob Borres of Iloilo with his entry, "Sipag at Tiyaga"; and The Beauty of Filipino Culture Awardee Maria Catalina G. Jumpay of Manila, with her entry, "Panata." Winners in this division will each receive Php 30,000, an Epson printer, and a Philippine Airlines package tour to either Boracay, Cebu or Laoag.

Winners from the Junior Division, open to photographers 13 years old and below using cellphone or any point-and-shoot cameras, include John Carl Dacula of Manila, whose entry "Mamamalakaya" bagged The Beauty of the Philippine Scapes Award; and Jacob A. Cheong from Manila, who won The Beauty of the Filipino Spirit Award for his entry, "Knitting for Money." Each of these winners will receive Php 15,000, an Epson printer, and a Philippine Airlines package tour to either Hong Kong Disneyland or El Nido.

The eight winners were chosen out of some 2,000 entries submitted by professional and
amateur photographers nationwide. The First Philippine Airlines Photo Contest is the first and most prestigious competition of its kind this year, as well as the first photography competition in Philippine history to be opened to junior division. The winning and finalists' entries will be on exhibit at the SM Mall Asia until Tuesday, November 13, 2007. The exhibit will then tour SM Cebu and SM Davao before making its final stop at SM Baguio. The winning photos may also be viewed online and

The First Philippine Airlines Photo Contest aims to promote Philippine ecotourism, as well as encourage photographers of all ages and skill levels to develop their talents. The competition is for the benefit of Philippine Airlines Foundations ecotourism projects, and is co-organized by One Workshop, Inc. and Eastgate Publishing Corporation. The First Philippine Airlines Photo Contest is presented in partnership with EPSON and SM Supermalls. Sponsors include Exist, Mabuhay Magazine, I-MAG Photography, www.philphotography .net, 12th Graphic Expo 2007, OWG Creative Centre, Speed Magazine, Action & Fitness, Marithe Francois Girbaud, El Nido, EMBASSY and The Tides Boracay
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TutoK presents KASAYSAYANG Exhibit

TutoK presents KASAYSAYANG:
a two-part exhibit on history

The artists’ initiative TutoK presents “Kasaysayang,” its seventh exhibit in two parts at two Makati venues this November.

After setting its focus on human rights issues in a series of exhibits last year and in early 2007, TutoK takes a provocative look at the past as it continues to the present. “Kasaysayang” is a play on what history as a word evokes, eliciting on one hand, a sense of misgiving, but also looks forward and commits to bring history forward into new meanings, functions and actions.

“Kasaysayang” is curated by Noel Soler Cuizon, and features past and recent works by over 180 artists and collectives who have been supporting TutoK in the past two years. Through this exhibition, TutoK hopes to generate funding to fuel more collaborative efforts next year- workshops, talks and other events that will further promote artists’ initiatives and advocacies.

The first part, Takdang Aralin - Unang Yugto will open on November 17, 7:00pm at the Artspace of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center , Makati City , and may be viewed during mall hours until November 27.

The second part, Balik-Aral, Ikalawang Yugto will open on the 2nd Anniversary of TutoK, November 30, 7:00pm at the Alab Art Space of the Intellectual Property Philippines , 351 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue , Makati City, and may be viewed 9:00am-6:00pm until January 11, 2008.

A forum on art, history, and intellectual property rights will be the exhibit’s culminating activity at the Alab Art Space on Friday, January 11, 2008 from 2:00-5:00pm. The exhibit and its corresponding activities are open and free to the public.

Sales inquiries may be directed to Britania Art Projects, Telefax 3876373 and Mobile 09178070327.
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Friday, November 09, 2007

Neo-Angono Artists Collective Forum @ UP Diliman

The Neo-Angono Artists Collective will hold a forum entitled “Bird-Monsters, Slipshod Alterations, and Sappy Red Hearts Pierced with Arrows: An Open Forum on Censorship, Press Freedom, and Intellectual Property Rights.” It will be held on Nov. 9, Friday, 1-5pm, at the Claro M. Recto Hall of the Faculty Center , UP Diliman, Quezon City .

The NAAC will present to the public documents and photos related to the NPC mural controversy.

Neo-Angono is also calling for the artist community, writers, and journalists to come and support the group’s call to oppose censorship and uphold press freedom and artistic expression.

The forum is sponsored by Contend-UP , CAL -Student Council, and the Philippine Collegian.
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Final Call for Light & Shade Digital Photography Workshop

Fundamentals of Digital Photography by Parallax Studio
- Wesley Villarica

November 17 & 24, 2007
9AM - 6PM (Saturdays)

Open to all beginners and hobbyists

Experience taking photos in a photography studio
setting supervised by Wesley Villarica, one of the
most in-demand photographers in our country.

Learn the basics of photography, from taking an in
depth look of the digital cameras and lenses, all the
way to editing your photos in photoshop.

Limited seats available!!!
So reserve ASAP!

only 5,000.00 Php for both days.
Fee is inclusive of Snacks, Hand-outs, Computer usage
(photo editing) and certificate of completion

for inquiries or for registration form requests (will
be sent vial email) , call or text 0917-8587462 look
for Katrina Dayrit

Registration forms are available at:
Parallax Studios
Unit 313 La Fuerza Plaza 1
2241 Don Chino Roces Ave. Makati.
tel #: 8912778

Click on the link below to register!!!

or text your email address and and name to 09178587462

Again, this is our FINAL CALL!!!
Hope to see you there!
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