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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abueva by Cid Reyes - Only at Yuchengco Museum

By Cid Reyes
 Published by Philippine Art Awards

 Available only from the Yuchengco Museum’s Books & Gifts Corner for P4,500 Abueva is the long-awaited first and landmark book on the life and works of sculptor and National Artist for Visual Arts Napoleon Abueva.

This handsomely illustrated tribute gives admirers a rare opportunity to view more than 300 of the artist’s works, including his most important pieces.

 For details and bulk orders, call 889-1234 or e-mail Cash and major credit cards accepted.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Laro: Child's Play at the CCP

Laro: Child's Play at the CCP

In the Eye of Modernity

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mapúa Tekno Teatro Stages 10th Anniversary Offering

The Mapúa Tekno Teatro (MT2), the official drama organization of the Mapúa Institute of Technology, will hold its 10th anniversary production with an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's The Good Woman of Szechuan, Ang Mabuting Tao ng Parian. Penned by Tim Dacanay, Ang Mabuting Tao ng Parian is directed by JK Anicoche.

The piece is in line with the new vision of the MT2 to stage socially-relevant productions in the tradition of Brecht's theatre of alienation, which engages the audience members to think rather than to get highly emotional about the play's plot and the characters' plight.

"The Mapúa Institute of Technology advocates academic excellence and strength of character in our students. Our curriculum equips the students to be technically skilled and strengthens values that are equally valuable in the work environment," says Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma Jr., executive vice president for Academic Affairs of the Institute. Doma adds that the MIT addresses this balance through a holistic approach by the inclusion of a strong arts, humanities, and social sciences program into the curriculum. A non-academic program in line with this approach is the Mapúa Tekno Teatro. The Institute has a School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences aside from its technical courses.

Director JK Anicoche envisions the play to be a literal interpretation of life as a competitive game with a set of winners and losers, and a boxing ring where the two types of people fight it out. "Through the three gods, the play asks the characters and the audience members " what is goodness" Having defined goodness, is there still a good person in the world?" The questions, Anicoche adds, are relevant in this time of desensitization where morality issues, corruption, and oppression are common fares in the media.

Anicoche heads the artistic team composed of Alison Segarra, assistant director; Dacanay, writer; Ninya Bedruz, lights designer and technical director; Eisa Jocson and Leeroy New, production designers; Teresa Barrozo, sound designer and; Isabelle Martinez, stage manager.

The MT2 cast and production team participating in the production include Alsus Adiaton, Kim Adulta, Ed Aniag, Kiki Baento, Jezreel Bernaldez, RR Boniol, Michael Caballero, Daniel Cardenas, Rommnel Coliat, Earl Dangalan, Debbie Del Rosario, Jethro Espenida, MK Espiritu, Alyshia Formento, Michael Figueras, Steven Galedo, G-may Galvan, Chopper Gapasin, Julio Garcia, Rachelle Gimpes, Leih Gonzales, Nathalie Inductivo, Roxanne King, Jerome Liao, Henry Malacaman, Kael Ma. Guerrero, Yuyi Marzo, Michan Mendoza, Anton Mercado, Camille Orense, Aj Ramos, Chris Rimas, Harrold Saliba, Jovie Vieja, Charizza Villanueva, and Cedree Wheeler.

Visual artist Joey Cobcobo collaborated with MT2 member MK Espiritu for the advertising collateral design while filmmaker Raymund Cruz created the trailer. Betty Uy-Regala is the resident coach of MT2 and Dante Sauquillo is the director of the MIT Office of Student Activities and Discipline.

Ticket is at P90, for reservations contact Anton Mercado at 0917-6182223, Cha
Villanueva at 0916-7720752, or Kim Adulta at 0915-8692545.

For more information, please contact Betty Uy-Regala at 0906-2604175.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SIX6 @ Silverlens Gallery


SIX6, curated by Isa Lorenzo
with Frankie Callaghan, Wawi Navarroza, Neal Oshima, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona and Denise Weldon
November 24, 2010, Wednesday

Silverlens Gallery is turning SIX!

We are celebrating our anniversary with a Photography show by SIX artists - Frankie Callaghan, Wawi Navarroza, Neal Oshima, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona and Denise Weldon. SIX6 is curated by Silverlens' Director, Isa Lorenzo.

Susan Sontag's treatise 'On Photography' was the seminal text on photography theory. Published in 1973, it considered the relation of photography to art, to conscience and to knowledge. But it considered a time before digital images, computers, and Photoshop. The medium then was film. The last twenty years have seen further democratization of photography through post-production and digital tools. Today, photography is considered in relation to imagination and fantasy.

The photographers selected for this exhibition at Silverlens Gallery, it's forty-first in its six years, are artists who have had landmark solo exhibitions in our short history. They are artists who continue to work within the multi-tasking framework of one who takes and makes photographs. They all straddle the line between film and Photoshop, using the media freely as necessary to create images that are less truthful to the eye, but more in connection with created scenery.

The instruction, the theme of this show if you will, was taken from the first page of the first chapter of Sontag's text: "to collect photography is to collect the world". The images that came back paralleled the photographer as traveler. The traveler who puts a camera between his eye and his landscape, but documenting not the place, but the space and the feel framed by his viewfinder. "The photographer as someone in perpetual movement, someone moving through a panorama of disparate events", Sontag calls it. There are urban landscapes, imagined interiors and silhouetted exteriors, rural metaphors, and signifiers of human intervention.

Frankie Callaghan lights his nightscapes with a mixture of available and strobe lights. He sets up the found, like a hunter setting up light traps for his camera, his is a meticulous and repetitive process. For Six, we see a strip of four photographs. Beginning with a water village, an informal settlement of squatters; transitioning to other homes: a series of stacked concrete bunkers with lights beaming from open windows, a dwelling under a city bridge; ending with a green earth landscape. Read from left to right, it is a series on human habitation and altered landscapes of a developing country. Read from right to left, it is a series of how light has changed our consumption of the night.

Steve Tirona, the rock star, is unpredictable. Warming up the show, he brings to Six an urban kaleidoscope in fading colors of a chromogenic print. Titled with references to surf culture and drug use, his work brings a freedom to the show that reminds us that photography is a lot about "democratizing all experiences by turning them into images" (Sontag).

Rachel Rillo is concerned with form and material. Her photographs talk to drawings in the way that concrete sings to architects. She uses her photographs alternately as wallpaper, windows, or buildings, and pairs them with a black erasure where the skies or the interiors should be. She called these `Metaspaces'. They are unreal; but like a good hit, psychedelic and celebratory.

Denise Weldon is interested in quiet. Her personal work has always been about finding the spaces in between life's daily grind, and harvesting the good out of them. This she manages to do in Six. Standing in a place where there is much foot traffic, whether a train station, an airport, or a bus stand, we don't know. But we do know that people are moving quickly over a hard surface at a fast pace; and they appear bouncing or dancing, purposefully. And she is quietly shooting them.

Neal Oshima has been taking photographs for a long time. He is best known for his books, and his alternative process cyanotypes and kallitypes of Philippine textiles and traditional clothing. He likes to play with processes and materials. Constantly pushing the boundaries of photography, he was an early adapter to the digital image. In Six, he photographs water, specifically a river, and makes pseudo-rorschachs with the images in Photoshop. These are not blots, they are solid in his frame: suggesting anatomy, leaning to form, pointing to motion. He calls the series "riverrun", after the first word of Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Like the Irish author's work, Oshima's is an experiment in fiction.

Wawi Navarroza is a chameleon. She is whoever you want her to be. The universal appeal of this artist lies in her visual ability to crack the obvious. She `returns to landscapes' in this show, creating monuments of remembrance and markers of the deliberate—a white sheet over a home's furnishings to remember a typhoon's destruction, a bed of fuschia bougainvilla at the height of summer. X marks her spot, suggesting a return to home.

Not to be taken as a landscape show, but a show of the specific concerns of each artist, the emphasis is on space. For after all, it is the space within the created frame that is burned it, filled, or erased.

-Curator's Notes by Isa Lorenzo

SIX6, the Silverlens Gallery Anniversary Show with Frankie Callaghan, Wawi Navarroza, Neal Oshima, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona and Denise Weldon, Curated by Isa Lorenzo opens with Year of Glad by Hanna Pettyjohn; and The Easter Bunny, just as charming and just as fake by Nikki Luna.

Image: Neal Oshima, riverrun 3, 2010

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Net 25's Landmarks Season 2 Launch @ Yuchengco Museum

Net 25 in cooperation with Yuchengco Museum
cordially invite you
to the new season launch of
Net 25’s travel and history show

on November 23, 2010
6:00 p.m.
at Yuchengco Museum
RCBC Plaza
corner Ayala & Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenues
Makati City

Carla Martinez
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Art in House

As art perennially deals with challenging old ideas, it should not come as a surprise for the concept of art being in conventional exhibition spaces to undergo interesting changes. Amidst the numerous galleries in the country stands an innovative way of experiencing artwork…

Art-In-House is a project of The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences and Art Cabinet Philippines. The program aims to exhibit broad strokes in Philippine contemporary art in the public spaces and fourth floor gallery of this repurposed residential landmark. The unexpected blend of art with lodging is integral to the concept of The Picasso as it aims to be both an engine for art and a provider of unique lodging experiences. By immersing its guests in the artwork, business travelers and tourists alike are engaged in the dichotomy of art mirroring life and vice-versa.

Taking the idea further by intentionally blurring the lines of the said dichotomy, the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences challenges the traditional concept of accommodations as well. It is not simply a place to stay and do business in as much as it is a medium for artistic communication between the artists and any observer, walking in and out of the property, whether informed or uninformed. This is unlike the usual concept of hotel art as being unobtrusive or bland like muzak or art strictly for decorative purposes. After all, at The Picasso, every element such as the architecture, furniture, design, music, artwork, and people are all part of the unceasing creative process. Staying true to their brand promise, indeed, The Picasso is "Where art and passion live."

On exhibit from November to December is Marc Gaba’s “Surface”. The poet’s continuing series is based on Bach’s Goldberg Variations, which was legendarily composed for an insomniac count. His light boxes are collages drawn from the Internet, of which elements are set against the horizon that water and night sky make, hybridizing maps of the astronomical and mythological constellations.

Also featured is “The Within”, a new series of work by visual artist Goldie Poblador as she continues to experiment in the field of glass, light, and sculptural representation. This work is about how a man’s physicality and inner structure is dedicated to the evolution of the mind and the universal life force.

Lastly, The Mighty Bhutens, a group that plays around with tile mosaic, joins in showing the people what local artistry is all about. Since 2002, they have been coloring and playing with different projects all over the Philippines. The mosaic of the Mighty Bhutens comes to life as each curve in their basic design is dictated by the very shape of the broken tiles, resulting to an interesting design that cannot be replicated. Their recent works are what they call “portable mosaics” – smaller mixed media pieces.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is located at 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. Telephone Nos., +632 828.4774. Visit and
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ArtSpeak: Modernist/Postmodernist Lee

The Ateneo Art Gallery warmly invites everyone to
Modernist/Postmodernist Lee

an ArtSpeak session with Clarissa Chikiamco, co-curator of the
exhibition, Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect, on Saturday, 4 December
2010 at 10am.

Admission is free.

For more info, contact Ian Carlo Jaucian at 4266488/4266001 ext. 4160

Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect
Exhibition runs through 5 February 2011
The museum is closed from 20 December 2010 to 5 January 2011
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 7.30pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm
T 4266488
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Press Viewing of Bulawan


You are invited to the press viewing of Bulawan: The Evolution of Camarines Norte Jewelry at Yuchengco Museum on Saturday 20 November at 1:30 p.m. DTI Camarines Norte Director Ernesto Pardo will be introducing the exhibit, featuring finely handmade 18K jewelry in antique to modern-day designs. To confirm attendance, contact Carla Martinez of Yuchengco Museum at 8891234 / 09178390091.

Carla P. Martinez
Information Associate

RCBC Plaza
Cor. Ayala and Sen. Gil J. Puyat Aves.
Makati City, Philippines 1200

T: (632) 889-1234
F: (632) 887-5144
M: (63) 917-8360091
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Extensions, New Lopez Museum Exhibition

Everyone is invited to visit the Lopez Museum, G/F Benpres Bldg., Meralco cor Exchange Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig to see the ongoing exhibition, Extensions which is Lopez Museum's 2010 Zero In exhibition.

The exhibition features works from Maya Munoz, Pilipinas Street Plan, Plataporma and Rock Ed Philippines.

Extensions also showcases editiorial illustrations by Liborio Gatbonton from the defunct Manila Chronicle's archives.

Museum hours: 8am-5pm, Mondays to Saturdays, closed during Sundays and holidays.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Alcove's Photography Challenge 2010

As we bring another photography year at The Alcove to a close, we are hosting a PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE that will put every photographer’s creativity and patience to a test!

Scheduled for December 4, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., this event will start and end at the Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Makati City (across The Peninsula Manila).

Explore the Makati Commercial Business District (MCBD) on foot and capture arresting images under time pressure.

Inasmuch as the MCBD offers a wide variety of photographic subjects, a shoot list will be given to participating photographers during the orientation and subjects must be covered during the time allotted and in the area specified.

This photography challenge is open to all amateur photographers who are at least 18 years of age (or must have the written permission of a parent or guardian to participate).

For the full mechanics, please contact:
Filipinas Heritage Library
Tel 8921801 / 0917-5594417
Fax 8921810
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect ArtSpeak

The Ateneo Art Gallery warmly invites everyone to
Lee Aguinaldo, Revisited

an ArtSpeak session with Ma. Victoria Herrera, co-curator of the
exhibition, Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect, on Saturday, 13 November
2010 at 10am.

Admission is free.

For more info, contact Ian Carlo Jaucian at 4266488/4266001 ext. 4160

Lee Aguinaldo: In Retrospect
Exhibition runs through 5 February 2011
The museum is closed from 20 December 2010 to 5 January 2011
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 7.30pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm
T 4266488

Watch out for the next ArtSpeak:

Modernist/Postmodernist Lee
Clarissa Chikiamco
Saturday, 4 December 2010, 10 am
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Call for Entries: PeliKultura - The 2010 Calabarzon Film Festival

The University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, in cooperation with pelikuLAB-Samasining, Dept. of Humanities, will hold PELIKULTURA: The Calabarzon Film Festival 2010 on Dec.9,10,11 at UPLB.

In line with this, we are now accepting short film entries showcasing the region's culture and heritage. The film should be made in 2010 and by filmmakers residing in the region. Deadline for entries is on or before Oct. 31 at 5 pm.

The winners of the competition will receive cash prizes and certificates of participation, and the winning films will have the chance to be screened in NCCA's Cinemarehiyon 2011 in Davao City in February.

Here are the detailed rules and guidelines for submission:

1. All entries should be original. It is encouraged that the filmmaker use original music for their films, but if this is not the case, she or he should secure permission to use copyrighted materials appearing in the film.

2. The filmmaker/s should be residents of any of Calabarzon provinces namely, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon. Filmmaker should submit proof of residence (cedula, ID indicating address, barangay clearance, etc.).

3. The film should be made in 2010 and should showcase the region's culture and heritage, specifically that of the filmmaker's province.

4. Entries should be a short film. All film genres (e.g. narrative, documentary, experimental, animation) are accepted. Running time should not exceed 20 minutes, but longer films may be considered for valid reasons but should not exceed 60 minutes.

5. A filmmaker may submit more than one entry, but there is no guarantee that all will be screened. A shortlist of finalists will be released in early November.

6. The film should have English subtitles in consideration of foreign audience.

7. Filmmaker should submit duly accomplished submission form, one (1) DVD format and one (1) AVI file of the film, trailer in AVI format, and poster in CD form.

8. Shortlisted filmmakers should attend the three-day film festival on Dec. 9-11 at UP Los Baños.

9. The organizers reserve the right not to show the film deemed unsuitable for general patronage. Filmmaker should notify the organizers if the film contains explicit language and images.

10. Winners will receive cash prizes and certificate of participation. The winning film has the chance to be screened in NCCA's Cinemarehiyon 2011 in Davao City.

11. All entries should be received on or before Oct. 31 at 5:00 pm. Send your entries to Katrina Ross Tan, Department of Humanities, 2nd Floor, CAS Annex 1 Bldg., UP Los Banos.

Submission form and other pertinent documents could be foundat PeliKultura's Facebook fanpage (

For inquiries, contact the pelikulab Secretariat and 0916.375.1339.
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Sunday, October 03, 2010

YCC Bares All The Year's Best For 2009

YCC bares all the year's best for 2009

The Film Desk of the Young Critics Circle formally announces the winners of the critics' group's annual awards for distinguished achievement in films of 2009. Three films all from debuting directors lead the recipients of top honors for various categories.

Ralston Jover's Bakal Boys (Children Metal Divers) won Best Film of the Year and Best Cinematography and Visual Design. Armando Lao's Biyaheng Lupa (Soliloquy) bagged Best Screenplay and Best Sound and Aural Orchestration. Pepe Diokno's Engkwentro (Clash) clinched Best Achievement in Film Editing. The sixth award - for Best Performance honor - went to Janice de Belen in a lead role for Last Viewing.

Established in 1990, YCC is the academe-based critics group. Its members are attentive observers of Philippine cinema who constantly bring into the analysis of film an interdisciplinary approach.The organization departs from many conventions of other award-giving bodies both here and abroad in bestowing cinematic honors. For instance, the award for Best Film of the Year is reserved for the director such that no separate prize for direction is needed. The Best Performance award is most coveted as it is conferred on a screen performer whether male or female, adult or child, individual or as part of an ensemble, in leading or supporting role. To uphold a more dynamic and encompassing way of looking at films, technical honors refer to fusion of outstanding efforts in fields otherwise deemed apart. In this case, the Best Cinematography and Visual Design recognition covers both camerawork and art direction. Similarly, Best Sound and Aural Orchestration encompasses not just sound engineering per se but musical score as well.

YCC drew its selection from both regular and non-regular releases comprising the entirety of Philippine cinema output in 2009. Some titles had to be dropped out of consideration if they failed to have a total of three or more screenings before a paying or non-paying audience in any one or more public venues within the given calendar year.

In thorough deliberations leading to final voting last 16 September 2010, “Bakal Boys” – the story of children who scavenge for scrap metal in the murky waters of Manila Bay to make a living – emerged as the clear frontrunner as it is the only selected film to figure in all six categories of this year’s YCC roster of honor.

The other three Best Picture nominees – “Last Viewing”, “Biyaheng Lupa” and “Engkwentro” – got less number of nominations but were rewarded just the same with their own respective awards.

This year’s Best Screenplay category proved to be strongest yielding the most number of nominees compared to the rest. Three of the Best Picture contenders were joined in the said category by two more titles, namely, Veronica Velasco’s “Last Supper No. 3” and Alvin Yapan’s “Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe”.

The same three Best Picture contenders also landed slots in the Best Performance category with eventual winner De Belen’s individual performance from “Last Viewing”pitted against another individual performance by a virtual non-actor – Meljun Ginto – from “Bakal Boys”, the ensemble performance by the entire cast from “Biyaheng Lupa” and lastly, that by the novel tandem of elderly stars – Anita Linda and Rustica Carpio – from Brillante Mendoza’s “Lola”.

YCC is set to issue critical essays for public dissemination expounding on the merit of its choices for this year’s conferment of honors officially billed as 20th Annual Circle Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film. Among previous films in recent years to attain YCC’s topmost distinction are “Inang Yaya” (2006), “Foster Child” (2007) and “Adela” (2008).

A list of complete winners and nominees for this year’s YCC film awards presented by categories is as follows:

Young Critics Circle Film Desk Awards

20th Annual Circle Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film for 2009

Best Film of the Year

Winner: Bakal Boys directed by Ralston Jover (Apogee Productions; Albert Almendralejo and Bessie Badilla, Producers; Celso de Guzman, Line Producer)


Last Viewing directed by Roni Bertubin (Davis Entertainment; Liza Davis, Executive Producer; Ferdinand Lapuz, Antonio de Guzman Jr. and Olivia Madrigal, Producers; Roberto OJY Yap, Associate Producer)

Biyaheng Lupa directed by Armando Lao (Quantum Films; Joji Alonso, Josephine Bautista-Tence and Armando Lao, Executive Producers; Jocelyn D. Bracamonte and Ferdinand Lapuz, Producers)

Engkwentro directed by Pepe Diokno (Pepe Diokno, Producer; Joji Alonso, Associate Producer; Amor Olaguer, Line Producer)

Best Screenplay

Winner: Biyaheng Lupa (Quantum Films) – Armando Lao


Last Viewing (Davis Entertainment) – Romualdo Avellanosa

Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe (Rolyo Productions) – Alvin Yapan

Last Supper No. 3 (Beinte Singko Mil Productions) – Veronica Velasco and Jinky Laurel

Bakal Boys (Apogee Productions) – Ralston Jover and Henry Burgos

Best Achievement in Cinematography and Visual Design

Winner: Bakal Boys (Apogee Productions) – Ruben de la Cruz and Carlo Mendoza, Directors of Photography; Deans Habal, Production Designer


Engkwentro (Pepe Diokno) – Emman Pascual, Director of Photography; Leeroy New, Production Designer

Best Achievement in Film Editing

Winner: Engkwentro (Pepe Diokno) – Ralph Crisostomo, Miko Araneta, Orlean Tan


Last Viewing (Davis Entertainment) – Lee Mi Soon

Bakal Boys (Apogee Productions) – Charliebebs Gohetia, Kats Serraon

Best Achievement in Sound and Aural Orchestration

Winner: Biyaheng Lupa (Quantum Films) – Ditoy Aguila and Nolet Clemente, Sound Engineers; Gian Gianan, Musical Director


Engkwentro (Pepe Diokno) – Mark Laccay, Sound Designer

Bakal Boys (Apogee Productions) – Mark Locsin, Sound Engineer; Teresa Barrozo, Musical Director

Best Performance by Male or Female, Adult or Child, Individual or Ensemble in Leading or Supporting Role

Winner: Janice de Belen in Last Viewing (Davis Entertainment)


Duo Performance by Anita Linda and Rustica Carpio in Lola (Centerstage Productions)

Ensemble Performance by the Entire Cast in Biyaheng Lupa (Quantum Films)

Meljun Ginto in Bakal Boys (Apogee Productions)

Film Desk of the Young Critics Circle: Prof. Jason P. Jacobo (President), Dr. Eloisa May P. Hernandez, Prof. Gerard R. A. Lico, Dr. Patrick D. Flores, Nonoy L. Lauzon, Dr. Flaudette May V. Datuin, Romulo Baquiran Jr., Noel D. Ferrer, Dr. Galileo S. Zafra (on leave), Dr. Eli R. Guieb, Dr. Jerry C. Respeto (on leave), Prof. Neil Martial R. Santillan (on leave), Eileen C. Legaspi-Ramirez.
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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Likhang Kamay Bazaar to Showcase Local Artisans

Likhang Kamay Bazaar to Showcase Local Artisans
100% Handmade Goods at Three-Day Fair at RCBC Plaza Oct. 21 – 23

Skip the mall and shop handmade this holiday season at Likhang Kamay: The Artisans Circle by Yuchengco Museum, a three-day open-air bazaar where over 20 especially invited vendors will sell their handcrafted wares. The bazaar is on October 21 to 23, Thursday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the courtyard of RCBC Plaza (corner Ayala and Sen. Gil J. Puyat, Makati). Likhang Kamay will bring together local products made by artisans, artists, and community and livelihood groups from all over the country.

Likhang Kamay offers Filipino unique, artistic, and high-quality treasures rarely seen in malls. Pick one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends and loved ones—whether it’s fashion-forward jewelry and clothing, embellished fabrics, modern home décor and ceramics, fine prints and stationery, or regional coffee and delicacies. All items are handmade from a variety of media, including fabric, clay, metal, paper, and much more.

Come for early Christmas shopping and directly support local artists, craftsmen, and communities. Enjoy coffee and refreshments while you shop, talk to the talents behind the artistic creations, and visit the Yuchengco Museum right across. Bazaar entrance is only P20, and includes free admission to museum exhibits and events.

Likhang Kamay: The Artisans Circle by Yuchengco Museum is hosted by the Yuchengco Museum. For details about Likhang Kamay, call the museum at 889-1234 or e-mail
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Friday, October 01, 2010

Pelicula 9th Spanish Film Festival Schedule

Official Section
September 30 to October 10, 2010
Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1

Ticket Price: P65

Pelicula 9th Spanish Film Festival 2010 Schedule
@ Greenbelt Cinema

September 30 (7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema5
Encuentros en el cine. Meet Spanish scriptwriter Lola Mayo.

October 1 (9:30p.m. / 12:00a.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Sesión golfa + Cinema From Peru

October 2 (12:00a.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Sesión golfa

October 3 (7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Encuentros en el cine. Meet the
Spanish director Isaki Lacuesta

October 4 (7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Argentinean Night: El secreto de sus ojos, Luna de Avellaneda
October 5 (7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Chilean Night: El chacotero
sentimental, Cachimba

October 6 (7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Mexican Night:Otilia Ruada, Desierto adentro

October 7 (4:30p.m./ 7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.) Greenbelt 3, Cinema5
Encuentros en el cine. Meet the
Spanish director Miguel Albaladejo

October 10 (7:00p.m. / 9:30p.m.)
Greenbelt 3, Cinema1
Closing Night: Happyland. Audience Choice.

For further information on the films, call Instituto Cervantes de Manila (526 1482)
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Art Flood 2010

A Heritage Pilgrimage

Art Flood 2010

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Art Classes This Sembreak at Young Artists' Studio

This sembreak, break away from regular activities and explore your creative potential. Young Artists’ Studio, an art place run by art educators and practitioners, offers a variety of courses that will surely bring out the artist in you.

ART FOR BEGINNERS (for ages 4-8)
3 hours per session / 6 sessions
October 25-30, 2010
Php 3,800 inclusive of art materials

PORTRAITURE* (for ages 10 above)
2 hours per session / 8 sessions
MWF: October 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29, November 3, 5, 2010
Php 5,500- inclusive of art materials

BASIC PAINTING (for all ages)
2 hours per session / 8 sessions
MWFSun: October 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29, 31, 2010
Php 5,000- inclusive of art materials

BASIC DRAWING (for all ages)
2 hours per session / 8 sessions
TTHS: October 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30, November 2, 4, 2010
Php 5,000- inclusive of art materials

2 hours per session / 8 sessions
TTHS: October 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30, November 2, 4, 2010
Php 5,500- inclusive of art materials

BASIC ANIMATION (for all ages)
7 hours per session / 5 sessions
October 25-29, 2010
Php 7,500- inclusive of art materials


2 hrs per session / 8 sessions
Saturdays: October 30, November 6, 13, 23, 27, December 4, 11, 18, 2010
Php 4,500- inclusive of art materials

BASIC PAINTING for Adults and Teens BATCH 5
Sundays: October 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21, 28, December 5, 12, 19, 2010
Php 6,000- inclusive of art materials

* Workshop participants for Portraiture and Still Life Drawing should have finished basic painting/drawing programs from YAS, or, undergo diagnostic exercise to get recommendations from YAS head teacher.

For course descriptions and other details, please check out our website or contact us through the following:

Landlline: (632) 964-5951
Mobile: 09178378897 / 0917-5685939

Young Artists’ Studio will hold Sembreak classes at its new office located at 2nd Floor CK Building Visayas Avenue Quezon City (in front of Shell gasoline station). Inquiries prior to workshop sched shall be entertained at the old studio (Unit 3A MS Tower #29 Road 8 Proj. 6 Q.C.)

The Young Artists’ Studio (YAS) is a venue for young artists to learn art production at an early age. YAS is managed by art practitioners with a vision to develop young artists who will contribute to the art community in the near future. YAS believes the art is a powerful tool to influence communities, improve lives, and transform the society.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Utopia: Idyllic Vistas by Art Sanctuary

Utopia: Idyllic Vistas
By Art Sanctuary

August 6, 2010 – October 30, 2010

Great artists transform what they see into images that take us to other times and distant places.

In Utopia: Idyllic Vistas, renowned Filipino artists Fernando Amorsolo, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Prudencio Lamarroza, Vicente Manansala, Hernando Ocampo, and Juvenal Sanso take us into an exploratory tour of diverse styles and techniques that reveal how different their vision can be from another’s, and how our imagination is captured with their great artistry.

About the Art Sanctuary
Utopia is an exhibit presented by the Art Sanctuary, a new commercial art gallery that presents works from acknowledged masters of Philippine art. Hosted by the Water Dragon Gallery at RCBC Plaza, the Art Sanctuary is guaranteed to elicit admiration from the discerning collector and art enthusiast.

About the Water Dragon Gallery
The Water Dragon Gallery at RCBC Plaza is a space dedicated to offering fine artworks for sale. Located at the second floor of the Yuchengco Museum, the gallery is open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For gallery information, e-mail
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Right Or What's Left Of It by Cris Villanueva Jr. @ Nova Gallery

"The Right Or What's Left Of It"
Cris Villanueva Jr.
Nova Gallery
October 1 – 29, 2010

"The Right Or What's Left Of It" -- 10th solo exhibition of Cris Villanueva Jr. at Nova Gallery

Cris Villanueva Jr. is left-handed and The Right Or What’s Left of It, his 10th one man show, zeroes in on this imposed metamorphosis (painting with his right hand), this necessary transformation, this game of duality (ambidexterity). The paintings, which count among them portraits lefties and tools meant for the right-handed, explore the permutations of the left/right schism : the political, the moral, the spiritual, the physical. But it’s the process that prevails as its singular statement.

Opens October 1, 2010 at 6pm ends October 29. Nova Gallery (Wharehouse 12A, La Fuerza Compound 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave. Makati City).
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saving Grace: An Enchanted Musical by Eureka! Performing Arts

Saving Grace

An enchanted musical by Eureka! Performing Arts
Produced, Written and Directed by
Kahna Velasco & Ron Samala
Music by Jokko Peña

This 2010 we are proud to present our first musical fantasy, “Saving Grace” – a charming tale about a princess on a quest for adventure, a king who loves his daughter, a brave knight, an enchanted forest and magical creatures who dance in the moonlight. Featuring an original soundtrack portrayed through dance and acting, this show is a must-see for all!

Be a part of the magic!

Last Performance Date: September 4
Venue: Activity Center, SM Las Piñas

New Performance Dates: October 2, 2010
Venue: The Event Center, SM Southmall
Time: Show starts at 4pm
Registration: P200

To know more about us, go to:
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

D2R by Jojo Lofranco @ BlueLine Gallery

Jojo Lofranco
BlueLine Gallery
October 2 – 23, 2010

Jojo Lofranco Merges Manga and Abstraction

D2R, Jojo Lofranco's latest one-man exhibition of works in acrylic on canvas at BlueLine Gallery, seamlessly merges pop art, abstraction, and expressionism. The show runs from October 2 - 23.

In D2R, Lofranco appropriates images taken from Japanese comics (manga), transforming these into paintings where texts and colors, gestures, and textures are juxtaposed to create multi-layered works.

Lofranco presents portraits of characters—familiar or alien, depending if one is an anime fan or not—rendered all the more real by the rush and tangle of paint and texture. Images and texts are straightforward: snippets of conversations and short phrases are appropriated as titles for the individual works. D2R's paintings set a meeting point between two distinct visual traditions: abstraction from the world of art galleries and museums; and comics, in the commercial realm of popular culture.

Lofranco's exhibition is an experiment in reality and representation, where the artist alters images to reveal a deeper range of perceptions, metaphors and narratives. The artist aims to create works where he can explore “the familiar structure of things” and where “the familiar takes on a new aspect in abstraction”, as he himself describes it.

D2R will be on view at BlueLine Gallery, 4th Flr. Rustan’s Makati from October 2 – 23, 2010. For inquiries, contact Alex at 09175347835
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kurosawa at UPFI Film Center This Week!

Kurosawa at UPFI Film Center this week!

A grand total of 21 titles will each have a screening for the UP Film Institute engagement of the Japan Foundation's Kurosawa Film Festival beginning this Wednesday 22 September 2010 until the end of the month. Admission is free. Venue is the 800-seat Cine Adarna of the UPFI Film Center along Magsaysay Avenue in UP Diliman.

Featured films are all shown in original 35mm print. The festival marks the birth centenary of legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

The UP Film Institute takes the occasion to acknowledge the generosity of the Government of Japan for the Cultural Grant Aid the country's premier state university received in the form of audio visual equipment for the benefit of UP Film Institute's screenings, classes, workshops and other cultural events. The grant has been facilitated through the assistance of Japan Information and Culture Center of the Embassy of Japan.

Forthcoming UPFI workshops coincide with the semestral break. Offered courses include Basic Video Production on October 9, 16, 23, 30 (four consecutive Saturdays) under Joni Gutierrez and Basic Scriptwriting also on October 9, 16 23, 30 (four consecutive Saturdays) under Cenon Palomares.

Sep 22 - 30

SEP 22 / Wed
1pm - Judo Saga ( Sugata Sanshiro)
4:30pm - To Live (Ikiru)
7:00pm - The Bad Sleep Well

SEP 23 / Thu
1:00pm - High and Low
4:30pm - The Hidden Fortress
7:00pm - No Regrets for Our Youth

SEP 24 / Fri
1:00pm - Yojimbo (aka The Bodyguard)
4:30pm - Red Beard

SEP 25 / Sat
1:00pm - Seven Samurai
4:30pm - In the Woods ( Rashomon)
7:00pm - One Wonderful Sunday

SEP 27 / Mon
1:00pm - The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail
4:30pm - The Lower Depths
7:00pm - Sanjuro

SEP 28 / Tue
4:30pm - Judo Saga Part 2 ( Zoku Sugata SAnshiro)
7:00pm - Stray Dog

SEP 29 / Wed
1:00pm - Dodes'kaden
4:30pm - The Most Beautiful
7:00pm - Drunken Angel

SEP 30 / Thu
4:30pm - Throne of Blood
7:00pm - I Live in Fear

For complete listing and synopses:
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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Old Manila Walks by Ivan Man Dy

Just a heads up on our September Tour specials for the month!

In brotherly partnership with Ultimate Philippine Tours, may we present:

The Ultimate Pampanga Food and Culture Tour!

Journey to the central heartland as we immerse ourselves in things Kapampangan! From Baroque to betute,its fun-filled day as we poke around and get intimate with the very best of Pampanga's cultural offerings!

Gawk at the jewel-box of church in Betis while wading through the lahar-buried town of Bacolor.

We'll stuff ourselves silly with the best Kapampangan fare by one of the country's best known Pampango chefs!

A tour with nothing but Kapampangan cool!

Itinerary: Betis and Bacolor Church, breakfast at Everybody's cafe in San Fernando and 5-hour lunch i Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung

When: September 18, 2010 from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

Rate: P4,500.00/head (inclusive of tour, breakfast, lunch, transportation, celebrity sightings and lotsa fun!)

When: December 18, 2020 from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM (in time for the Christmas Ligligan Parul Festival )

Rate: To Be Announced, seating slots to the Lantern Festival limited, book now!

Walk for a Cause!

S.O.S. Save our San Sebastian!

The 120-year old all-steel church of San Sebastian is in slowly rusting itself too death. And want to do our bit so this architectural jewel will survive another century! Join as as on this special walk as we explore the history, the architecture and pressing challenges that is eating up (literally!) this engineering marvel. Together with steel conservationist Tina Paterno, we'll climb where no parishioners have climbed before as we explore every nook and cranny of the San Sebastican Basilica!

Rate: P1,000.00/head (inclusive of tour and merienda)

When: Saturday, September 25, 2010 in the afternoon. Time to be announced

* All the proceeds of this tour will be donated to the San Sebastian restoration program
* As there a load limits with certain parts of the church that we'll be visiting, slots are will be limited.

And our regular walks!

The BIG Binondo Food WOK!
Nibbling Our Way Through Chinatown

September 03 (Saturday) at 9:00 AM
September 11 (Saturday) at 2:00 PM
September 25 (Saturday) at 9:00 AM

Power, Palace and a SHOT of Beer! A San Miguel- Malacanang Palace Walk
September 24 (Friday) at 9:00 AM

Walls of THIS Content!
An Intramuros Interactive Walk

Book anytime!

Ivan Man Dy
Old Manila Walks
"Your First Step to Knowing Manila!"

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September at the UPFI Film Center

The UP Film Institute announces screening and event highlights for September 2010 at the UPFI Film Center.

The showcase for Cinemalaya Netpac films with respective titles taking turns for their premieres at the country's premier state university goes on with TJ Trinidad's MKAK on September 2, Thursday; Mes de Guzman's Ang Mundo sa Panahon ng Yelo on September 8, Wednesday; Khavn de la Cruz's The Trial of Mister Serapio on September 16, Thursday and Arnel Mardoquio's Sheika on September 21, Tuesday. All screenings will be held at the Main Cinema (Cine Adarna) at 7pm.

Three more screen gems are lined up for the Brazilian Film Festival with Caramuru on September 3, Friday at 5 and 7 pm; O Invasor on September 10, Friday at 5 and 7 pm; and A Partilha on September 17, Friday at 5 and 7 pm. Venue is Videotheque. Admission is free.

In commemoration of the 1st death anniversary of young film critic Alexis Tioseco, a special installation of films and video love letters to honor his memory is slated on September 15, Wednesday from 12 noon to 12 midnight at the Videotheque.

As the year marks the birth centenary of legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, Japan Foundation mounts an entire festival consisting of a bulk of the icon's accomplished films that have been the toast of the world in a career spanning six decades. Daily screenings are set from September 22, Wednesday to September 25, Saturday and from September 27, Monday to September 30, Thursday.

Over at the Ishmael Bernal Gallery, two new exhibitions will run from September 10 – October 1: UGATLahi Artist Collective’s Nasaan and U.P. CINEASTES’ Revolutionize. Cinematize.



MKAK by Tj Trinidad
Sept 2 (Thu) / 7 pm

Sept 8 (Wed) / 7 pm

Sept 16 (Thu) / 7 pm

SHEIKA by Arnel Mardoquio
Sept 21 (Tue) / 7 pm

Sep 22 - 30

SEP 22 / Wed
1pm - Judo Saga ( Sugata Sanshiro)
4:30pm - To Live (Ikiru)
7:00pm - The Bad Sleep Well

SEP 23 / Thu
1:00pm - High and Low
4:30pm - The Hidden Fortress
7:00pm - No Regrets for Our Youth

SEP 24 / Fri
1:00pm - Yojimbo (aka The Bodyguard)
4:30pm - Red Beard

SEP 25 / Sat
1:00pm - Seven Samurai
4:30pm - In the Woods ( Rashomon)
7:00pm - One Wonderful Sunday

SEP 27 / Mon
1:00pm - The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail
4:30pm - The Lower Depths
7:00pm - Sanjuro

SEP 28 / Tue
4:30pm - Judo Saga Part 2 ( Zoku Sugata SAnshiro)
7:00pm - Stray Dog

SEP 29 / Wed
1:00pm - Dodes'kaden
4:30pm - The Most Beautiful
7:00pm - Drunken Angel

SEP 30 / Thu
4:30pm - Throne of Blood
7:00pm - I Live in Fear


Sep3 - 17

Sep3 / Fri / 5pm & 7pm

Sep10 / Fri / 5pm & 7pm

Sep17/ Fri / 5pm & 7pm

In memory of ALEXIS TIOSECO (1981- 2009)
Sep 15 (Wed) / 12noon - 12 midnight


Isang Eksibit Tungkol sa Karapatang Pantao
UGATLahi Artist Collective
September 10 – 17

September 14 – October 1
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Yuchengco Museum Exhibit Celebrates Artistry of Paper

Pumapapel: Art in Paper
July 13 – November 6, 2010

The Yuchengco Museum’s newest exhibit, Pumapapel: Art in Paper, showcases the beauty and versatility of paper as an artistic medium. On view from July 13 to November 6, Pumapapel also explores paper in a range of art forms.

Amid a society of the Internet, texting, and Photoshop, Pumapapel pays tribute to everyday paper, elevated and transformed. Pumapapel features the work of seven artists, artisans, and designers who use paper not merely as a surface on which their art is conveyed. These artists push the boundaries of this common material, looking at it as a source of inspiration and a medium in its own right.

Designers and paper artists Tony Gonzales and Tes Pasola have been reinventing paper as a medium for art and design for decades. Gonzales experiments with handmade abaca and makes collages for international calendar competitions; Pasola, on the other hand, plays around with papers infused with leaves, wires, and seeds and transforms paper into natural shapes.

Printmaker Pandy Aviado, who was one of the first artists to promote the use and production of handmade paper in art, creates prints and drawings ranging from surreal to minimalist collage. Sculptor Impy Pilapil, who often works with stone, stainless steel, and glass, creates paper art by pleating paper to create geometric designs. Visual artist Joey Cobcobo forays into painting, printmaking, and woodcarving, combining these disciplines in assemblages and installations.

Japanese designer and papermaker Wataru Sakuma infuses Japanese technology and Filipino materials. He also experiments with recycled items such as carton boxes turned into pulp, which he then molds into sculptures. Master papermaker, book artist, and researcher Asao Shimura, on the other hand, makes piña paper for art papers and shifu (fabric created from handmade paper threads).

Other highlights of Pumapapel include “Paper Play,” a special alcove where visitors can tap into their inner artist and create their own paper art; “Paper Dolls,” a collection of paper couture especially created by students from the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA); and “Paper Days,” a display of limited edition calendars fashioned from a wide array of handmade papers.

To complement the exhibit, the museum will offer a series of public programs such as workshops, talk, and family art activities. Topics include paper crafts for people of all ages, handmade papermaking, and international design trends in paper.

Pumapapel: Art in Paper will be on view through November 6 at the Yuchengco Museum. The museum is located at RCBC Plaza, at the corner of Ayala and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenues, Makati City. Museum hours are from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call 889-1234 or visit
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

NCCOM Holds Communication Expo 2010

The National Committee on Cultural Communication will be holding a Communication Expo 2010 from August 27-December 11 in Cagayan de Oro City (Mindanao), Kalibo, Aklan (Visayas) and Cauayan City, Isabela (Luzon). The Communication Expo is a five-month affair that will gather the media throughout the country for a series of workshops and exhibits. It is divided into four, namely the Media Fair and Exhibits, Online Cultural Writing Workshop, National Press and Culture Congress and the Community Media Awards.

The Media Fair and Exhibit is aimed at showcasing the accomplishments of the media organizations in response to their respective missions and goals toward community and nation-building. The Online Cultural Writing Workshop, on the other hand, is geared toward honing the online reporting skills of the media practitioners to enable them to become multi-skilled as demanded by their profession. This workshop will also emphasize the significance of sustaining cultural development reporting for the promotion and dissemination of culture in communities through the web.

The third component is the National Press and Culture Congress that will tackle the contemporary global, national and local issues that impose on mainstream and local media and communication organizations through a two-day program. Also, age-old issues that continuously affect community media such as ethics, freedom, quality, content and social responsibility will also be taken up during the two-day session. The congress aims to improve mainstream media and communication environment in terms of technology, world views, ideologies, perspectives and praxis.

To close the media exposition, the Community Media Awards will be given to outstanding community media organizations and practitioners to formally recognize their exemplary contributions in the promotion and dissemination of Filipino culture in the hopes that this will encourage them to espouse excellence in cultural reporting.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teves Unveils Kina-iyahan Exhibit

Michael Silva Teves Sr., a Dumaguete-based artist will be staging his first solo exhibit with highlights on his paintings and terracotta sculptures and installations as well as papier mache collection.

The exhibit, which will tackle the innate nature of human beings, will be staged on August 21 at the Foyer Gallery in the Luce Auditorium of the Silliman University at Dumaguete City. For details, questions and comments, please contact Michael Teves Sr. at 0927-2834045.

For details, please contact RENE NAPEÑAS, Head of the NCCA-Public Affairs and Information Office (PAIO) at cellphone number 0927-5582656 / 09285081057 or at tel. nos. 527-5529. You can also call us at 527-2192 (loc. 612-615) or email us at
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NCCA Opens Competitive Grants for 2011

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is now accepting project proposals for the Competitive Grants Program of 2011. Grants are available for cultural and art groups, academic institutions, individual artists, local arts organizations, non-government organizations involved in culture and arts, and other potential grant applicants. Deadline will be on September 15, 2010.

The Priority Projects for 2011 include the seven national committees under the Subcomission on the Arts, namely the National Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts, National Committee on Cinema, National Committee on Dance, National Committee on Dramatic Arts, National Committee on Literary Arts, National Committee on Music, and National Committee on Visual Arts.

In addition to these seven, grants are also available for community-based projects of the Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts under three committees on Northern, Central and Southern cultural communities.

Under the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage, grants are available for the National Committees on Archives, Art Galleries, Libraries and Information Services, Historical Research, Monuments and Sites, Museums and Cultural Education while under the Subcomission on Cultural Dissemination, grants are available for the National Committees on Education, Communication and Language and Translation.

The NCCA, as a grants-giving agency is tasked to administer the National Endowment Fund for Culture and Arts (NEFCA) for the preservation, development and promotion of the Philippine arts and culture. The NEFCA is solely used for the implementation of culture and arts programs in line with the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan for Culture and Arts.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival

Filming the basic right to live
The 2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival

The human rights issues of today. These are the subjects of the films showcased in the 2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival.

A selection on the theme of economic, social and cultural rights reveal Filipino workers, migrants and indigenous people’s plight and encapsulates the people’s basic right to livelihood. Roberto Reyes Ang’s Letters from Alaska delves into a migrant worker’s musings on leaving his country for economic gain while Ilang Quijano’s Kababayang Kalakal offers a stark reality of the many deported, incarcerated and abused Filipino migrant workers in scrutiny of the country’s labor export policy. Rosswil Hilario’s Kibo shares through sights and sounds the wearisome search for a job in a country of high unemployment while Richard Legaspi’s Kinulayang Kiti seeks justice for workers killed in their economic struggles with their employers. (see complete list of selected films below)

Meanwhile, works on political and civil rights depict the culture of impunity in the country; the rampant and unresolved political killings and enforced disappearances remain unabated. Kodao Productions’ Hamon ng Panahon portrays church workers dedication to organize and live among the people and how this has made them targets of the government’s anti-insurgency campaign. Pam Miras’ short film Wag Kang Titingin dramatizes the destruction of domestic life and life itself in a militarized rural town. Manie Magbanua’s Handum, a pioneering Kinaray-a film, is a critique on electoral reforms and governance from the eyes of a child. Works are from independent filmmakers, student and Filipino migrants. (see complete list of selected films below).

The festival opens at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Film Center (Cine Adarna) on August 11-12, 2010, 9am to 9pm. Film screenings start at 1pm. Free admission.

The film fest also celebrates the 25th year anniversary showing of Lino Brocka’s Bayan Ko, Kapit sa Patalim. Known worldwide as a Filipino’s entry to the prestigious 1985 Cannes Film Festival and nominated for the Palm D ‘Or, at home it was Brocka and his group’s fight against the censorship of this film. Brocka was incarcerated, lost in litigation but won a fight for freedom of expression when the film was eventually allowed to be shown in the Philippines. Bayan Ko, Kapit sa Patalim will be shown on August 11, 7pm, also at the UP Diliman Film Center.

Also featured are talks on ‘Freedom of Information’ and ‘Media and Human Rights’ on August 11, 9am and August 12, 5pm respectively. Students and participating filmmakers are also invited to attend a visual storytelling/ film grammar workshop by Direk Nick Olanka on August 12, 9am. A visual arts exhibit by the Ugatlahi Artists Collective opens together with the film fest.

The film fest will also be held at Asia Pacific College on August 16 and University of the Philippines Los Banos on August 26. More screenings will be held at urban poor communities and workplaces all over Metro Manila from August to September. Selections from the film fest will also be featured at Focus Philippines: New York Filipino Independent Film Series in New York, USA on October.

The 2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival is presented by alternative video group Tudla Productions in cooperation with the University of the Philippines Film Center, the Institute for the Leadership and Advancement of Women and Rotary Club Pasay Gil Puyat.

Selected films:

Ang Sandaling Sadya Nina Lire at Isa, Francis Losaria

Wag Kang Titingin, Pam Miras

Handum, Manie Magbanua

Bingit, Michael Christian Cardoz

Hamon ng Panahon, Kodao Productions

Ing Magdarame, University of Assumption Pampanga

Babae ako, Jeyow Evangelista

Dissatisfied, Jet Leyco

Tagulaylay sa Hacienda Yulo, Rom Factolerin

Mga Liham mula sa Alaska, Roberto Reyes Ang

Kinulayang Kiti, Richard Legaspi

Kibo, Rosswil Hilario

Lawa ng Bae, Donnie Sacueza

Hulagway, Jerry Jumawan

Kakasa ka ba?, Mayday Productions

Kababayang Kalakal, Ilang Ilang Quijano and King Catoy

Badjao, La Consolacion College Manila

Dumagat, Boy Villasanta
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RP Gears Up for Arts Fest

The Philippine International Arts Festival (PIAF) is set to wow the country yet again as it unveils “Ani ng Sining” on February 2011 in celebration of the National Arts Month. Now on its 20th year, the country’s biggest arts festival will gather thousands of artists all over the country to further promote the Filipino culture in the seven arts.

Preparations are already under way for the country’s biggest art festival with four grand openings slated to take place in the National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Elaborate performances and exhibitions will be staged for the said openings in celebration of the Filipino arts.

With lectures, conferences, exhibitions and performances slated to tour nationwide, the PIAF is promising a meaningful and fruitful celebration on the month of hearts in the hopes of instilling the richness of Philippine tradition to our countrymen as well as to tap undiscovered talents. Joining the roster of local artists are international delegates invited to grace the festive celebration to forge deeper understanding and stronger cultural relationships through collaborative performances and outreach projects in different parts of the country.

The Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts will be staging multi-venue lectures and exhibits for the “archi[types/text] 2011” which will be highlighted by the environmentally-related Sand Constructions in Boracay. Also, exhibits that will tackle the morphology of Filipino Buildings, the Colonial Urbanism and Architecture during the American Period, fashion and architecture, architectural postcards and cinema houses will be staged. Architect Gerard Lico, Ph.D. vice head of the committee leads the nationwide exhibition tours and seminars. Respected architects from Southeast Asia will be joining the roster of local architects to tackle Sustainable Tropical Architecture.

The National Committee on Dance, led by Shirley Halili-Cruz, will be presenting Sayaw Pinoy as its contribution to the National Arts Month celebration. This has been part of the PIAF for the past eight years and the Sayaw Pinoy 2011 will be touring 21 key areas nationwide, with featured performances from Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam.

“Tanghal: 5th University Theater Festival” will be gathering university-based theaters and student artists nationwide. Undertaken by the National Committee on Dramatic Arts, led by Dr. Glecy Atienza with Ma. Lourdes Josefa Lopez, Tanghal will be having its opening at the University of St. La Salle, Colegio San Agustin and West Negros University in Bacolod. An added feature of this year’s celebration will be the Monodrama Festival with delegates from Lithuania, Japan, and Fujaira of UAE joining in. Also, a Cambodian Circus was invited to further hype up the theater flagship project.

Envisioned to gather 80 national and international writers, the Taboan Philippines International Writers Festival 2011 will be moving to Davao City, following its successful run in Cebu earlier this year. The best writers of the country will compose the national delegation while award-winning foreign writers from Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore will be joining the international delegation. Accordingly, the Taboan components will include panel discussions, lectures, outreach and school visitation programs, book fair, literary readings and performances and the Taboan Awards. The Taboan 2011 is undertaken by the Committee on Literary Arts headed by Arts Sub-Commissioner and PIAF Festival Director Ricardo de Ungria.

The Committee on Music, led by musician Joey Ayala, will be staging Organik Muzik 3 in Manila, Davao, Puerto Princesa and Cebu with the special participation of musicians from Vietnam and Indonesia. Organik Muzik 3 is aimed at “bringing a variety of cultural influences that are not readily accessible through the mass media to a broader and younger society” and will be featuring concert tours and workshops for local artists, students and educators.

With NAM 2010’s success following closely behind, this year’s CinemaRehiyon 3 of the Committee on Cinema will again be restaged with more regional films tapped to join the event. In addition, award-winning filmmakers from Indonesia are set to join the roster of the young and talented Filipino filmmakers in this CinemaRehiyon 3.

For the Committee on Visual Arts led by Egai Fernandez, Boracay remains to be a strategic location for the Philippine International Visual Arts Festival (PIVAF) with its successful launch for the past NAM celebration. The PIVAF11 will be expanding the NAM celebration by adding in more satellite venues, namely Isabela and Angono in Luzon, Cebu in Visayas and Davao in Mindanao. This year’s visual arts festival will be focusing on the traditional Philippine tattoo art practices, methods and designs with lectures on specialized topics such as the elaborate Pintados etchings, the delicate patterns of the Bontoc Igorot and the Kalinga and Ifugao people and the unique designs of the T’bolis in Mindanao. Guest artists from Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand will be participating in the PIVAF 2011.

The National Arts Month is annually celebrated as per Presidential Proclamation 683 in 1991 declaring February as the National Arts Month. Accordingly, it is known as “a time for nationalism and pride in being a Filipino” through carefully planned events for the preservation and enrichment of the Filipino expression in the seven arts.
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Monday, August 09, 2010

UBOD Literary Works Set for Release

UBOD 2009, a collection of 14 literary works by up and coming writers from the National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao is set to be unveiled on August 12 at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Initiated by the National Committee on Literary Arts (NCLA) of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in cooperation with the Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practice (AILAP), UBOD 2009 covers a wide range of literary genres such as poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction and play in any Philippine language. It will be released in chapbook formats.

UBOD, now on its second year, is described by Gemino Abad, the editor of the first UBOD series as “the interior of light or consciousness, the living pith, the indestructible esse in ceaseless transmutation. Authors series all speak to our deepest consciousness of ourselves.”

The writers who comprise this year’s UBOD series include Sherma Benosa and Aida Tiama for short story and poetry in Iluko, respectively, Christoffer Mitch Cerda and Mar Anthony Simon dela Cruz for Short Story in Tagalog, Marlon Hacla and Francisco Arias Montesena for Tagalog poetry, Jerome Hipolito and Adrian V. Remodo for Bikolano Poetry, Jay Gallera Malaga for Poetry in Hiligaynon and JV Perez for Short Story in Hiligaynon, Leonilo Lopido, Phil Harold Mercurio and Janis Claire B. Salvacion for Waray poetry and Noel Tuazon for Poetry in Binisaya-Sugbuanon.
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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ateneo Art Awards 2010 Exhibit

Ateneo Art Awards 2010 Exhibit (6 August 2010-16 August 2010)
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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Homage to the Masters @ Metro Gallery

‘Salute! Homage to the Masters’ at Metro Gallery

Contemporary artists; Tyago Almario, Julio Jose Austria, Jojo Barja, Lawrence Borsoto, EJ Cabangon, Bjorn Calleja, Ronald Caringal, Salvador Ching, Buds Convocar, Grace Corpuz, Jigger Cruz, Don Dalmacio, Parker Encisa, Pedro Garcia, Carlo Gernale, Vladimir Grutas, Renato Habulan, Joselito Jandayan, May Jandayan, Jon Jaylo, Jojo Lofranco, Jason Montinola, Carlo Ongchangco, Mervin Pimentel, Elmer Roslin, Rovi Saligumba, Aner Sebastian, Robert Shook, CJ Tanedo, Kadin Tiu and Clairelynn Uy in this celebration of form, color and passion in SALUT! HOMAGE TO THE MASTERS.

Part appropriation, part unabashed admiration, pure creative vision— thirty-one Filipino artists present their reevaluation of visual culture through the conception of pieces that evoke the different movements and isms of art. Tracing inspiration from masters Buonarotti to Bacon to Bose, Hidalgo to Wyeth and Warhol, individual artistic styles produce a montage of paintings that salute, cheer and give a toast to the stirring explorations and infinite experimentations of art-making.

The audience is led to a discovery of old images transformed into intertextualized renderings on canvas. Renaissance images are deconstructed and given the modern bent, pop art injected with local color and relevance, abstracted bands of meandering splashes and squiggles are recreated to map out the much-revered artistic journey of beauty, surreality, psychosis and lucidity. As each exhibiting artist draws from historical stimuli and combines it with his or her proficiency in manipulating oils, acrylics and other media, influences and intuitive skills are blended into surprising variations that appeal both to perceptual experience and meaning. The intention is to honor not only the legacy of masters past, but also to venerate the privilege of creating distinct artworks that serve as interpretations of life as we know it at present.

The Metro Gallery is located at 455 P. Guevarra St., San Juan City, Metro Manila.For inquiries, call 726-6543, SMS 0917-8115399, e-mail or
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Friday, August 06, 2010

This August at the UPFI Film Center

The UP Film Institute has a full line-up of events at the UPFI Film Center this August 2010.

Ushering in the month is a five-day cinematography workshop with Jean-Paul Jarry - visiting professor from the International Institute de l’Image et Son (3IS) of Trappes, France. The workshop - a tie-up with the French Embassy for the French-Philippine Cultural Exchange Project and the Kodak Worldwide Student Program - kicks off on Aug 2 Monday and culminates on Aug 6 Friday.

Now on its second year, Tudla Productions’ Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival highlights brand-new works on the human rights issues of today plus the commemorative screening for the 25th anniversary of “Kapit sa Patalim” – one of the most acclaimed films by Brocka who years after his death was proclaimed National Artist. The festival holds a marathon of screenings that also includes talks, teach-ins and exhibits from August 11 Wednesday to August 12 Thursday.

With the success once more of this year’s Cinemalaya’s moveover to the premier state university, the initial leg of a showcase for Cinemalaya Netpac films is set with Joven Tan’s “Magdamag” on August 13 Friday, "MKAK" by TJ Trinidad on August 17 Tuesday and John Torres’ “Ang Ninanais” on August 25 Wednesday. Netpac stands for Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema.

Japan Foundation’s Eiga Sai runs from August 18 Wednesday to August 21 Saturday with three to four shows daily featuring a range of popular and acclaimed titles including shorts and animation in addition to the usual full-length releases that are all award-winning and guaranteed box-office sensations.

This year’s Brazilian Film Festival courtesy of the Embassy of Brazil comes early on August 27 and will continue to three more Fridays in September. Opening film is Andre Klotzel’s “Posthumous Memoires” from the classic novel by Machado de Assis.

Over at Ishmael Bernal Gallery are 3 contemporary art shows: Paper Cut featuring works by UPFI students and graduates; Ringo Bunoan's outdoor installation Twin Towers; and Wrath of My Nuts, new photo based-works from Jed Escueta, Sam Kiyoumarsi and Kaloy Olavides.



with Prof. Jean-Paul Jarry
of the International Institute de l’Image et du son (3IS) Trappes, France
in cooperation with The Embassy of France and Kodak Philippines
2 - 6 August 2010

in cooperation with Tudla Productions

August 11 / Wednesday
August 12 / Thursday

Selected films:

Ang Sandaling Sadya Nina Lire at Isa, Francis Losaria
Wag Kang Titingin, Pam Miras
Handum, Manie Magbanua
Bingit, Michael Christian Cardoz
Hamon ng Panahon, Kodao Productions
Ing Magdarame, University of Assumption Pampanga
Babae ako, Jeyow Evangelista
Dissatisfied, Jet Leyco
Tagulaylay sa Hacienda Yulo, Rom Factolerin
Mga Liham mula sa Alaska, Roberto Reyes Ang
Kinulayang Kiti, Richard Legaspi
Kibo, Rosswil Hilario
Lawa ng Bae, Donnie Sacueza
Hulagway, Jerry Jumawan
Kakasa ka ba?, Mayday Productions
Kababayang Kalakal, Ilang Ilang Quijano and King Catoy
Badjao, La Consolacion College Manila
Dumagat, Boy Villasanta


MAGDAMAG by Joven Tan
August 13 / Friday / 7pm

MKAK by TJ Trinidad
August 17 / Tuesday / 7pm

ANG NINANAIS by John Torres
August 25 / Wednesday / 7pm

*EIGA SAI Japan Film Festival
in cooperation with Japan Foundation

Aug 18 / Wednesday
2pm – The Battery in Our Hands
4.30pm – TOKYO TOWER Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad
7pm – I Just Didn’t Do It

Aug 19 / Thursday
1pm – Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor
2pm – Glasses
4.30pm – I Just Didn’t Do It
7pm - TOKYO TOWER Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad

Aug 20 / Friday
12nn – Miyori in the SacredForest
2pm – Fourteen
4.30pm – The Bandage Club
7pm – Always Sunset on the Third Street 2

Aug 21 /Saturday
1pm - Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor
2pm - Miyori in the SacredForest
4.30pm - Always Sunset on the Third Street 2
7pm – How to Become Myself

Presented by the Embassy of Brazil

Aug 27 / Friday / 7pm

Gallery hours : Mon – Fri, 2pm to 7pm

JULY 23 – AUG 20
Works by UPFI students and graduates
Lara Acuin / AD Alarilla / Whammy Alcarazen / Joy Aquino / Malaya Camporedondo / Karl Castro / Benjo Ferrer / Bebe Go / Aissa Peñafiel / Jan Pineda

JULY 27 – AUG 27
An outdoor installation by Ringo Bunoan

Kaloy Olavides/ Jed Escueta/ Sam Kiyoumarsi
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Seeing Art" in Boracay

SEAIR - The Boracay Beach Resort - OneWorkshop
"Seeing Art" in BORACAY
"I can't teach you to be an artist; all I can do is help you learn to see. (J. P. Loveless) "

Rosscapili Travel Photojournalism & Art Discovery Photography Workshop

August 7&8, 2010

August 7 - Basic Photography
August 8 - Higher Level Photography

August 7 (Saturday) - Basic Photography Workshop

8am - 830am - Registration
830am - 10am -How to operate a DSLR / Point and Shoot camera - and its function - A slide presentation with hands-on exercises
10am-12nn - Actual practice shoot
12nn-130pm - Lunch
130pm-3pm - Composition and Framing lecture with hands-on shooting exercises
3pm-330pm - Break
330pm - 530pm - Preparation to shoot a sunset with a tripod (participants must bring a tripod)
530pm - 7pm - Actual shoot of the sunset using slow shutter variations
7pm - Basic Photography Workshop by Ross Capili ends

Workshop Fee: Php 2,000 with Certificate of Participation
Reserve now! - Pls call OneWorkshop at 8368799 or cel 09174700360 (for Manila based participants or Ms Nenette Graf at 09209516321 (for Boracay based participants)

August 8 (Sunday) - Higher Level Photography Workshop (this workshop is a pre-requisite of the Basic Photography Workshop by Ross Capili or with those attended already of similar basic photo workshop)

430am - Call time at Bolabog
430am-5am - Guided and hands-on exercises on how to capture effectively a sunrise scape (all participants must bring external flash)
530am - 6am - Actual sunrise shoot
6am-8am - Breakfast on site while shooting around the area (Exploring panoramic and slow shutters using attached filters)
8am- 9am - Instruction and hands-on exercises to shoot fashion bikini or portrait
9am - 11am - Actual fashion bikini or portrait shoot at the beach front
11am-12nn - Seeing "Art" in everyplaces slides presentation
12nn-130pm - Lunch
130pm - 330pm -Seeing "Art" in everyplaces - actual photography location shoot (Exploring panoramic and slow shutters using filters)
330pm-4pm - Break
4pm - 5pm - Conceptual shoot- Preparation to shoot sunset with fire dancers
530pm-7pm - Actual shoot of the sunset as background with fire dancers at foreground (participants must bring a tripod and external flash)
7pm - High level Photography Workshop by Ross Capili ends

Workshop Fee: Php 3,000 with Certificate of Participation
Reserve now! - Pls call OneWorkshop at 8368799 or cel 09174700360 (for Manila based participants or Ms Nenette Graf at 09209516321 (for Boracay based participants)

Best images from the participants will be published at SEAIR's InFlight Magazine. Gallery exhibition is scheduled in December 2010 at The Boracay Beach Resort and Galerie OneWorkshop in Makati City
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Sunday, August 01, 2010

NCCA Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Month this October

NCCA Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Month this October with Dayaw Festival: Indigenous Peoples Month 2010

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples Month this October, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) spearheads the holding of Dayaw Festival: Indigenous Peoples Month 2010 in Manila this October 2010. The event will be organized by the NCCA Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA) and Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) in cooperation with several government agencies and local governments.

The festival aims to gather ethnolinguistic groups in the country to participate in cultural exchanges and presentations highlighting significant aspects of their way of life, both material and non-material culture and tradition. This is in pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 1906 declaring October as Indigenous Peoples Month.

The NCCA has been celebrating Indigenous Peoples Month for three years now in the country’s major regions. In 2007, it supported Kalimudan: Panaghi-usa sa Mindanao (Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ Gathering) held in Davao City in November and featuring Mindanao’s ethnic groups. The following year, Timpuyog: Indigenous People Month Celebration in Luzon was held in Santiago City, Isabela, focusing on Luzon ethnic groups and featuring performances, arts and crafts workshops, cultural awareness lectures, forums, tours, and a theme-park exhibition featuring the traditional houses, cultural resources, practices/rituals, chants, music, songs and dances, stories, traditional arts and crafts, indigenous games. Last year, the Indigenous Peoples Festival was held in Roxas City, Capiz, called Dungog, with similar activities and aims.

This year’s celebration will feature almost 110 major cultural communities in the country. They will be joined by selected delegates from six member nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Dayaw Festival: Indigenous Peoples Month 2010 will feature interactive activities such as performances, exhibitions, forums, conference, lecture-demonstrations and workshops on traditional crafts and cuisine; indigenous games; and display of arts and crafts produced by traditional specialists and artists. The conference, themed “Kalikhasan” will address Indigenous Peoples concerns, with IP leaders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao gracing the event. Also, there will be performances in five universities in five Metro Manila cities namely Quezon, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Manila and Makati with the theme, “Indayog ng Kalikasan.”

This festival will provide venue for indigenous peoples (IP) to celebrate the richness of their cultures; allow cultural exchanges that will foster deeper cultural understanding to sustain a culture of peace; provide opportunity to discuss IP rights; give students and other people a chance to deepen their awareness and appreciation of indigenous cultures; recognize the expertise and contributions of indigenous communities; and advocate for the preservation as well as integration of traditional culture into the national cultural mainstream.

Dayaw Festival is in cooperation with the city government of Manila, the National Museum, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, Department of Education, Department of Tourism, Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Foreign Affairs, Commission on Higher Education and the Office for Muslim Affairs.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bohol Declared as July ASEAN Culture Capital

A Recognition of Natural and Man-made wonders and People’s Skills: Bohol Declared as July ASEAN Culture Capital

Alongside celebrations of Bohol’s Sandugo Festival and its 156th founding anniversary, the province has another reason to celebrate: its recognition as the ASEAN Culture Capital for the month of July. Bohol is the fifth province to be granted this recognition, succeeding Batangas, Capiz, Isabela, and Pampanga.

The community and various stakeholders gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion held last July 22 at the Bohol Cultural Center in Tagbilaran City.

UNESCO commissioner Cecile Guidote Alvarez remarks that this is a significant celebration for all Boholanos since it recognizes and appreciates Bohol’s wealth and bio-cultural diversity. The province has existing efforts to preserve its historical and cultural treasures, and commits to nourish the artistic talents of its people, at the same time linking the national community to the rest of the world.

Its declaration as the 5th ASEAN Culture Capital is in line with the celebration of the Philippines being the first ASEAN Culture Capital for the years 2010 and 2011. “This is a unique opportunity to harvest and showcase the diverse wealth of our country.” Alvarez says.

As a representation of this declaration, the ASEAN flag was turned over to the province of Bohol from the province of Batangas. A ceremonial handing of the key of the province of Bohol was also held as a representation of opened doors of the province for the rest of ASEAN region to see and visit. This key was symbolically handed over to Dr. Hubert Gizjen, UNESCO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific.

According to Gizjen, “We hope to use this key to unlock the wealth of cultural and natural heritage of Bohol and show it to the rest of the world!”

The celebration also marked the regional launch of the international celebration of the Dia del Galleon, the commemoration of the impact of the Galleon trade in our country, which stirred globalization, thus our intercultural link with the riches and influences of our neighboring continents such as in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

“I am particularly pleased that the Philippine proposal of the commemoration of the Galleon trade was unanimously approved during the 35th session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris last year. The Manila-Acapulco Galleons served not only as carriers of trade but as transmitters of culture. In this regard, we would like to encourage and support all initiatives to be taken at the regional, national, and international levels”

Also present in the celebration of the 156th Bohol Foundation Day were Vietnam Embassy Representative Tran Tong Doan and Department of Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim.

Launching of Teatro Abatan

The day’s celebration also became an opportunity to launch the Teatro Abatan, the concept of which was borne out of the possibility to use an area near the Abatan Cruise Pavilion in Cortes as a creative space for performances done by cultural collectives from the municipalities of Balilihan, Cortes, Antequera, Maribojoc, and Catigbian. These five municipalities linked by the Abatan River.

Teatro Abatan is conceptualized to become an open-air theatre on the river at the Cortes Pavilion where the staging area is on the river and the audience is located at the docking area up to the main pavilion stage. This will be the theater home base of the Abatan River Cultural Groups and Collectives performing for the Abatan Community Life Tour, thus a venue for bringing artists and their performances together at one space. The performances and presentations that can be viewed here will range from drama, dance, concert, film showings, concerts, rituals, spectacles, and ceremonies.

Its launching marked the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement that recognizes the cooperation of various stakeholders, and the commitment to continuously nurture the Abatan River Program and the implementation of its projects. This is an MOA among the provincial government of Bohol, the Abatan River Development Management Council, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and the UNESCO International Theatre Institute.

Aside from this, it brought to light performances of the different cultural collectives from the five municipalities and a solemn tribute to the Abatan River. This featured the “heroes on boats”, or the symbolic sailing of the higantes or giant puppets representing the shaman warrior Tamblot, Francisco Dagohoy, and Datu Sikatuna who made a significant contribution in the history of the Bohol province.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

SM CINEXPO 2010 - Being Digital!

Limited slots only!

Pre-register! Hurry!    http://www.mediakom /registration.html

SM CINEXPO 2010 - Being Digital!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ikebana Demo-Workshop at Glorietta 5 Atrium

August 28, 2010 at 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Glorietta 5 Atrium, Ayala Center, Makati City

Learn how Ikebana has evolved into the quiet art form we know today and how it can enliven one’s home!

Demo-workshop facilitators:

* Margot Perez
* Vangie Cheng

Ikebana Demonstration
2:00pm to 3:00pm

All demonstration activities are free of charge. For seat reservation, preregistration is required. For on-site registrants, seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ikebana Workshop
3:00pm to 5:00pm

Workshop registration fee: P500 (nonrefundable) inclusive of workshop fee plus a basic Ikebana kit. Pay the registration fees at the Ayala Land Inc. Admin Office, 5th Floor Glorietta 4 and look for Mr. Ramil Felipe. Payment period starts on July 24 until August 14, 10am to 3pm (from Monday to Friday only). Please present your provisionary receipt to claim your Ikebana kit on the demo-workshop day.

To register and for inquiries, please call 8921801 local 26, send an SMS to 0917-5594417, email
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RN Caasi Recent Works on Canvas and Paper at The Drawing Room

RN Caasi Recent Works on Canvas and Paper
The Drawing Room Contemporary Art
Opens July 31, 2010

RN Caasi Recent Works on Canvas and Paper at The Drawing Room

Ruel Navarro Caasi highlighting this one-man show with the series of works on paper and on canvas at The Drawing Room Contemporary Art on 31 July 2010.

Caasi combines acrylic with light industrial paints as a base medium, producing complex abstract elements through engaging the dialectic of control and spontaneity. The artist combines the gestural, often spontaneous, exercise of defining forms through textured brushwork with the painstaking and precise process of layering.

RN Caasi Recent Works on Canvas and Paper opens on 31 July. Artist's reception starts at 4:00 pm up to 7:00 pm at the Drawing Room Contemporary Art, 1007 Metropolitan Avenue, Metrostar Bldg., Makati City.

For inquiries, contact the gallery at tel. nos. 8977877 and 8976990.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This August at the Alcove - Digital 101 Photo Class

Digital 101: Photography and the Computer
August 24, 26, 31, September 1, 2 (6-9pm)

This workshop, designed for digital-camera users who want to learn the basics of photography, discusses the following:

- Factors affecting photographic output
- Basic understanding of light
- The digital camera and its functions
- Exposure setting
- How to see and take better pictures
- Basic image and output manipulation

The workshop entails shooting assignments, working in a digital darkroom, and a photo clinic.

Digital camera, preferably SLR

Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Makati City (across from The Peninsula Manila)

Jay Alonzo has been teaching photography for more than 14 years and is considered one of the country's leading photography instructors. Since 2001, he has been conducting photography classes at The Alcove (Filipinas Heritage Library's photography nook) and for a wide range of clients such as the Kraft Foods, HSBC, Liwayway Marketing, Holcim Philippines, Pilipinas Shell, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and the Department of Agriculture.

Joining fee and discount
P4,000 inclusive of handouts, meals, computer use, and certificate. Cash or check payment may be made at the library or through a bank deposit.

Due to the limited number of available slots, interested participants are requested to register on or before August 17 by paying at least P1,000 (nonrefundable; full payment is due on the first day of class). A 5 percent discount will be given to those who pay in full on or before the deadline.

For more details, please call 892-1801, send an SMS to 0917-559-4417, e-mail, or visit
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