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Monday, October 30, 2006

Impy Pilapil's Earth Empowered at the Galleria Duemila (November 7 to December 31)

"Earth Empowered " November 7 - December 31, 2006

‘Earth Empowered ‘is a new series of works by Impy Pilapil, a culmination of three year’s work that depicts stone, and the historical life force within it.

The artist’s concern about the waning vitality of the earth due to man’s abuse has brought about this powerful exhibition to give a picture of one of nature’s most beautiful and symbolic assets:
s t o n e.

The artist hopes that a healing of the earth would come about through man’s rekindled consciousness and kindness.

For exhibition enquiries, please contact Mimi Santos or Chona Galvez at 831-9990 or email

Galleria Duemila is located at 210 Loring St., 1300 Pasay City, Philippines.
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival Digital Lokal Finalists Announced

The 2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival announces its Six (6)
Finalists for the Cinemanila "Digital Lokal" Competition. Vying for
the Grand Prize Lino Brocka are:

director- Briccio Santos

director/s- Ato Bautista, Shugo Praico, Jason Donato

director- Brilliante Mendoza

director- Roberto Bonifacio, Jr.

director- Lawrence Fajardo

6) "Squatter Punk"
director- Khavn dela Cruz

The six (6) Digital Lokal finalists will screen at selected SM
DIGITAL CINEMAS when the 2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival
opens from Nov. 03-15, 2006.
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

UPUAN: Philippine Seating Arrangements During the American Colonial Era at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila

UPUAN: Philippine Seating Arrangements During the American Colonial Era is still on view at the Tall Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. The exhibit will run until November 4, 2006.

The exhibition showcases a collection of different chairs created during the American Colonial Period (1901 to 1941). It explores the deeper social and political meanings of chairs as well as of seating practices in Filipino domestic environment during the first half of the 20th century. Themes covered include vanity, colonial discipline, public health, modernity, aesthetic movements and design sensibilities.

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is located at the Central Bank Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines 1104.

For inquiries, email or call (632) 536-1566, (632) 521-1517.
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Mag:net Café launches Cinekatipunan

Mag:net Café is happy to announce the launch ofCinekatipunan. Locatedalong Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City (fronting MiriamCollege and Ateneo University), Mag:net Café's entire second floorwil betransformed into a movie house Monday to Saturday from5:30 to 7:00PM.

Filmmakers, film students, and film lovers will be able to watchfilms uninterruptedly for an hour and half, with talks and fora occasionally preceding the screenings. Foreign films will be shown on Mondays, experimental/video art films on Tuesdays, films on gender and human rights on Wednesdays, critically acclaimed films by emerging and established filmmakers on Thursdays and Fridays and films by campus-based filmmakers on Saturdays (which precedes CampusitionNights, the Saturday gigs of campus-based bands).

Schedule of screenings will be posted at and calendar/leaflets will be available in all Mag:net branches. Gate entrance is at P50.

Now showing in Cinekatipunan in November 2006:

3 Fri (Inaugural Screening) Mes de Guzman - ANG DAANPATUNGONGKALIMUGTONG, digital, 89 minutes, 2005

4 Sat Campus-based filmmakers (Ateneo)


7 Tue Tad Ermitano- Hulikotekan v. 2.1, 2002, 6minutes / Sausage,1996, 15 minutes / The Retrochronological Transfer ofInformation,1994, 11 minutes / Cathode Jam, 1992, 17 minutes

8 Wed Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena - RIGODON, 16mm, 80 minutes, 2005 /BULLET DAYS, 16mm, 2002

9 Thu John Torres - TODO TODO TEROS, digital, 102 minutes, 2006

10 Fri Mes de Guzman - Mes de Guzman - BATANG TRAPO,DILIMAN

11 Sat Campus-based Filmmakers (Ateneo)


14 Tue Tad Ermitano- Hulikotekan v. 2.1, 2002, 6 minutes / Sausage,1996, 15 minutes / The Retrochronological Transfer ofInformation,1994, 11 minutes / Cathode Jam, 1992, 17 minutes

15 Wed Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena - RIGODON, 16mm,80 minutes, 2005/ BULLET DAYS, 16mm, 2002

16 Thu John Torres- TODO TODO TEROS, digital, 102 minutes, 2006

17 Fri Mes de Guzman - BATANG TRAPO, DILIMAN

18 Sat Campus-based filmmakers (Ateneo)20 Mon (Special Screening) Ricky Orellana-LINES OF VISION: A FILM ON ARTURO ROGERIO LUZ, 16mm,69 minutes, 1999(Homage to the National Artist for Painting on his 80th Birthday)

21 Tue Tad Ermitano- Hulikotekan v. 2.1, 2002, 6minutes / Sausage,1996, 15 minutes / The Retrochronological Transfer ofInformation,1994, 11 minutes / Cathode Jam, 1992, 17 minutes

22 Wed Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena - RIGODON, 16mm, 80minutes, 2005 /BULLET DAYS, 16mm, 200223 Thu John Torres- TODO TODO TEROS, digital, 102minutes, 2006

24 Fri Mes de Guzman - BATANG TRAPO, DILIMAN

25 Sat Campus-based filmmakers (Ateneo)


28 Tue Tad Ermitano- Hulikotekan v. 2.1, 2002, 6 minutes / Sausage,1996, 15 minutes / The Retrochronological Transfer ofInformation,1994, 11 minutes / Cathode Jam, 1992, 17 minutes

29 Wed Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena - RIGODON, 16mm, 80 minutes, 2005 /BULLET DAYS, 16mm, 2002

30 Thu John Torres - TODO TODO TEROS, digital, 102 minutes, 2006
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Concert Pianist Lea Capulong and students in Paco Park Presents

Closing the October month in Paco Park Presents this Friday, October 27, 2006, starting at 6:00 p.m., are concert pianist Lea Perpetual F. Capulong and her piano students, namely, Marrianne Therese M. Tantuico, Yuka Takahashi, Gabrielle Francine Tantuico, Agnes Melissa Gabrielle Tan, Joey Chen, Katrina B. Agbwulos, Juan Carlos Miguel B. Tan and Paula Beatrice S. Fucon. Ms. Thea Perez is program host.

Concert pianist and piano teacher Lea Perpetua Capulong is a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Music. A consistent scholar during her college days, she was a grand prize winner in the National Music Competitions for Young Artists or NAMCYA. Ms. Capulong will play SALAMISIM by National Artist for Music Lucio D. San Pedro.

Ms. Capulong’s students shall bring life to the following programme: MENUET IN G MAJOR and MUSSETE IN D MAJOR (Johann Sebastian Bach) by 9-year old PAREF-Woodrose student Marianne Therese Tantuico; FOUNTAIN IN THE RAIN and SLEIGHBELLS IN THE SNOW (W. Gillock) by Grade 4 student of Manila Japanese School Yuka Takahashi; DANCE OF THE REED PIPES from the Nutcracker Suite (Peter Tchaikovsky/Arranged: J. Bastien) by 12-year old Grade 6 student from PAREF-Woodrose School Gabrielle Francine M. Tantuico; INVENTION NO. 6 IN E MAJOR (Johann Sebastian Bach) and THE ADIEU (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) from “Songs Without Words” by 12-year old PAREF-Woodrose student Agnes Melissa Gabrielle Tan; GYMNOPEDIE (E. Satie), TOCCATA NO. 4, OPUS 60 (Dimitri Kabalevsky) and KNIGHT REPPERT OPUS 68 (Robert Schumann) by International School student Joey Chen; SHORT STORY OPUS 27, NO. 36 (Dimitri Kabalevsky) and NOCTURNE (National Artist for Music Lucio D. San Pedro) by fourth year Computer Science student of the University of the Philippines Katrina B. Agbulos; PRELUDE NO. 2 IN C MINOR, BMV847 (Johann Sebastian Bach) and TARANTELLA OPUS 102, NO. 3 (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) by Southridge School student Juan Carlos Miguel B. Tan; PINWHEELS (W. Gillock) and WALTZ OPUS 64, NO. 1 (Frederic Chopin) by 15-year old San Beda Alabang student Paula Beatrice S. Fucon; HISTOIRES NO. 2, PETIT – AVE BLANC AND AVEC UNE TRANQUILLE HONNE HUMEUR (Jacques Ibert) by Grade 5 student of Manila Japanese School Miho Takahashi; and GOLLIWOY’S CAKE WALK from the “Children’s Corner Suite” (Claude Debussy) and SONATINA – Allegro giocoso, Allegro mosso (A. Khachaturian) by Grade 10 student of International School Christine S.J. Ko.

*All skeds may be subject to change without prior notice.
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Concert at the Park presents Turtle Club Band

This Sunday, October 29, 2006, starting at 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Concert at the Park presents Jojo Belen (vocals, guitar), Mansel Manongsong (bass guitar), Efren Veslino (rhythm guitar), Zeus Masilungan (lead guitar) and Jonah de Veyra (drums), collectively known as The Turtle Club Band from Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Venue is the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium, Manila. Hosting this public service project of the National Parks Development Committee, under Executive Director Carlito A. Fajardo, is Ms. Minett Padilla.

The Turtle Club was formed in February of this year by Jojo Belen (vocals/guitar), his cousin Jonah de Veyra (drums) and their childhood friend Manzel Manongsong (bass guitar). The three are all homegrown Puerto Galera back-up musicians, with the famous White Beach as their performance venue. From their collaboration, several original songs were created, which “showed a lot of promise”. They were – “San ka pa?” (funky groove depicting the party life of the average “Juan”; “Usad Pagon” (a reggae beat that aims to awaken a sense of purpose among ourselves and hopefully, for those people who would listen to it); and “Umaasa” (a song about hopeless love). With the addition of another friend and former bandmate from their back-up days, Efren Veslino (bass guitar), The Turtle Club began earning a name in and around Puerto Galera, with the Coco Aroma Restobar as their regular joint every week-end of the summer months and gaining a mixed following of local youth, tourists and retired foreigners who have settled in the famous beach – all captivated by the smooth mixture of samba, reggae and funk.

From playing ‘covers’, the band moved to creating a new type of sound which they could call their own type of music. They dished out their originals, namely “Am I Dreaming”, “Only for Today”, “Tonight”, “Abutin ang Langit”, one after another at breakneck pace to the delight of their young followers. Their reputation grew which earned them to play with some of the top musicians in the country. This attracted lead guitar Zeus Masilungan to join the band, contributing his energetic presence to the band’s style, which opened a lot of opportunities to play at different bars in Manila. Zeus Masilungan, incidentally, is also with the 18th Issue Band, the 2003 Red Horse MusicLaban grand champion.

At present, the Turtle Club is in the final stage in the recording of their first self-titled album, containing their own kind of songs which are greatly influenced by bands and singers like Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, The Doors, Bob Marley and the Wailers and the Police. Aiming to touch lives and uplift the spirit, the band hopes that people who will listen to their music will be able to see their music as a genre on its own, “one that is born by the beach, nurtured by nature and delivered by the wind”.

For their concert on Sunday, the band has prepared the following programme: PARA SAN PA? (Tutle Club Band), USAD PAGONG (Turthel Club Band), FROZEN IN TIME (Turtle Club Band), TONIGHT (Turtle Club Band), BEEP BEEP (Juan de la Cruz Band), AM I DREAMIN? (Tutle Club Band), PROBINSYANA (Arr: Turtle Club Band), BALONG MALALIM (Juan de la Cruz Band), THE HANDS (Turtle Club Band), SAN KA PUPUNTA? (Turtle Club Band) and ABUTIN ANG LANGIT (Turtle Club Band).

For details, visit

*All skeds may be subject to change without prior notice
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Literary Arts: Mendiola Underground - Writers' Project Series A

Alternative Scriptwriting Workshop
Socio-Political Approach
(narrative application for cinema deployment)
Project : Six Sessions
Venue : Marikina Shoe Expo, Araneta Center Complex, Cubao
Registration Ongoing
Fee is 3,000 pesos

The Project Series is slated for the month of December
Confirmation : send e-mail

1 Writer vs. Society
A. issues
(1.) social
(2.) political
(3.) economic
(4.) religious

B. cause and effect relationship : problem vs solution
(1.) the end justifies the means principle
(2.) chicken and egg principle
(3.) the greater good principle
(4.) the value of a single life principle

C. opinions
(1.) action
(2.) reaction
(3.) constructive
(4.) non-constructive
(5.) moderate
(6.) confrontational

2 Six Approaches of Studying the Socio-Political Reality
A. Studying Political Behavior
B. Studying Political Structures and Functions
C. Studying Political Phenomena
D. Studying Political Ideas
E. Studying Political Documents
F. Studying the Political Future

3 Numbers vs. People
A. Emotional
B. Empirical

4 Concepts that Name Structures
A. Organizations
B. Institutions
C. States
D. System

5 Conceptualizing Relationships of Control
A. Power
B. Influence
C. Authority
D. Legitimacy
E. Linkage

6 Relationships of Control
A. Participatory Linkage
B. Policy Responsive Linkage
C. Clientelistic Linkage
D. Directive Linkage (passive)

7 Forming An Idea :Templates in Terms of Issues as a Value
A. Equity
B. Equality
C. Freedom
D. Order
E. Progress
F. Power

8 Forming An Idea : Approach to Reality
A. Ideology
B. Language of Ideology
C. Political Economy

9 Story Concept
(1.) Problem
(2.) Solution
(3.) Ideology

10 Premise Construction
A. Subject : socio-political actor
B. Action : passive / active

11 Story Construction
A. Components
(1.) Issue
(2.) Opinion
(3.) Conflict

B. Socio-Political Culture
(1.) Ethnicity
(2.) Religion
(3.) Class
(4.) Gender
(5.) Age
(6.) Education

C. Story Structure
(1.) Set-up
(2.) Middle
(3.) End

12 Components of Character
A. Physical
(1.) socio-political status
(2.) socio-political geography
(3.) socio-economic status

B. Psychological
(1.) Attitudes
(2.) Beliefs
(3.) Opinions
(4.) Interests
(5.) Values
(6.) Mix of Motives

C. Emotional Baggage
(1.) what is
(2.) what ought to be

13 Modes of Participation
A. Apathetic B
. Passive Supporters
C. Contact Specialist
D. Communicators
E. Party and Campaign Workers
F. Community Activists
G. Protesters

14 Groupings
A. Interest Groups
B. Special Interest Groups
C. Public Interest Groups
D. Single Issue Groups
E. Multiple Issue Groups
F. Political Parties
G. Mass parties
H. cadre parties
I. Ad Hoc Coalitions
J. Terror organizations

15 Story Outline
A. Elements
(1.) Main Character(s)
(i) Inner Motivation
(ii) Outer Motivation
(2.) Story
(i) issue
(ii) opinion
1. propaganda
2. persuasion
(iii) conflict
1. passive
2. active
(3.) Central Problem
(i) cause
(ii) effect
(4.) Solution to the Central Problem
(i) Process
(ii) Outcome

B. Narrative Threads
(1.) Main plot
(2.) Sub plots

16 Story Levels
A. Foreground
B. Background

17 Evaluate A Story Outline
A. Story Dynamic
B. Character

18 Story Spine : Structure
A. 3 Act Formula
B. Episodic
C. Threading

19 Story Spine Unit Development : 3 Act Construction:
A. Components
B. Features
C. Requirements

20 Story Devices
A. Definition
B. Application

21 Sequence Treatment : Development & Management
A. Features
B. Requirements
C. Evaluation

22 Screenplay : Elements
A. Character
B. Action vs. Activity
C. Dialogue
D. Milieu ( Time and Space)

23 Screenplay : Format
A. The Slug Line
B. Description of the Scene
C. Camera Suggestion
D. Stage Directions For Actor
E. Dialogue
F. Stage Directions
G. Transitions

24 Screenplay : Terms that Replaces the Camera
A. Features
B. Application

25 Screenplay :Building An Act, A Sequence and A Scene
A. Characteristics
B. Definitions
C. Requirements
D. Basic Content
E. Application
F. Structure of A Scene
G. Structural Direction
H. Structural Types
I. Structural Flow
J. Flow of Information

26 Screenplay : Visual Devices
A. Interesting Setting
B. Interesting Activity
C. Interesting Background
D. Foreboding
E. Interesting Props
F. Interesting triggering props for emotion
G. Alter Ego
H. Metaphor / "Simbolo"
I. Motif
J. Continuity
K. Discovery Irony
L. Extra Emotional Touch
M. Graphics/Animation

27 Evaluation
A. Editing
B. Revision

28 Project Development
A. Idea
B. Story Concept
C. Premise
D. Breakdown Story by Units
E. Sequence Treatment
F. Script
G. Evaluation
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Agos ng Sining at Galerie Y (October 25 - November 7)

"Agos ng Sining," a unique art exhibit featuring Bataan's endangered baby pawikan, is currently on view at Galerie "Y," SM Megamall. The exhibit runs until November 7, 2006.

Guhit, a group of eight noted visual artists, have been working quietly together for the past four years to improve their craftsmanship and creativity. The group is composed of Aladin Antiqueño, Angelo Baldemor, Araceli Limcaco Dans, Joven Ignacio, Felipe Mayoya, Azor Pazcoguin, Tito Sanchez and Janice Liuson Young.

The exhibit features the artists’ painting interaction on eight equal size canvases expressing their excitement and delight over the hundreds of newly hatched baby pawikan, which they set free to the sea during their recent sortie at the Montemar Beach Club in Bataan.

The painting interaction of the Guhit group, according to Araceli Dans, is a campaign to save all the pawikan found along Philippine shores.

“It is a wake up call to all Filipinos. Say ‘NO’ to selling the turtles and their eggs. Say ‘NO’ to dynamite and cyanide fishing. Say ‘NO’ to oil spill from commercial sea vehicles or any perilous elements that will destroy our corals and seas. If we love our country, we must save and maintain the pristine beauty and richness of our Philippine waters and seashores. It is the most valuable God-given inheritance we can give to our children and grandchildren,” she said.

Agos ng Sining opened today, October 25, 6:30 p.m. at the Art Center and Galerie “Y” located at level 4, Building A of SM Megamall. Eminent guests of honor for the exhibit's opening were National Artists Napoleon Abueva and Ben Cabrera, Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society, and the Madrigal Singers. The exhibit will run until November 7.

Gallery hours are daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Interested parties may call Gallery Y at tel. no. 634-2704.

Text and photo from the Guhit Artists
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NCCA launches 'Sentro ng Sining' Grant

NCCA launches "Sentro ng Sining" Grant

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is inviting all provincial local government units (LGUs) to submit their entries to “Sentro ng Sining Grant: A Venue for the Arts Competition.”

According to PA on Culture and NCCA Executive Director Cecile Guidote Alvarez, the grant seeks to award the best arts venue of LGUs for any cultural activity such as performances and exhibitions.

The venue may be an auditorium, multi-purpose hall, school stage, museum or any creatively conceptualized space.

To qualify for the competition, the LGU must fill up the entry form and attach pertinent documentation, including a schematic plan, with dimensions in metric or any convenient scale; at least five photographs capturing full shots, overviews and details; and a maximum of five minutes of video coverage on VCD, DVD or VHS format.

Entries must be submitted to the Philippine Arts Festival Secretariat, NCCA Building, 633 General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila, on or before November 6, 2006.

Criteria for judging include: sustainability, maintainability, operation and quality of the program (35%); architectonic quality, which also includes the spatial character (60%); and presentation or packaging of the venue (5%).

Finalists will be required to submit an endorsement from reputable NCCA-accredited agencies or architectural organizations like the United Architects of the Philippines or the Committee on Architecture.

Two winners each will be selected from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The winners will receive a P100,000 grant and plaque. Winning LGUs will be required to submit a plan on the improvement of the venue, which should be carried out by February 2007.

The winners will be officially announced during the launching program in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao of the Philippine Arts Festival on February 3, 2007. The documentation of the winning entries will also be part of an exhibition to be installed at the NCCA Building.

“This grant is an effective means, not only to encourage LGUs to provide venues for their cultural events, but more significantly, to promote participation and engagement in creative industries among local artists and the Filipino public at large, said Guidote-Alvarez.

The Sentro ng Sining Grant is among the flagship projects of the NCCA-SubCommission on the Arts for the nationwide celebration of “Ani ng Sining: Philippine Arts Festival 2007” with the theme “Yaman ng Lahi.”

For inquiries, contact the Philippine Arts Festival Secretariat at 527-2292 local 512 or the NCCA-Public Affairs and Information Office at 527-5529, or visit
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tatong Recheta Torres' "Dominion" at Hiraya Gallery

Hiraya Gallery presents the solo exhibiton of upcoming 27 year old artist, TATONG RECHETA TORRES, who unveils his talents in watercolor and charcoal on a subject that promises to level the pleasure in the art of painting with the current craze for horror movies.

Entitled "DOMINION," the exhibition pronounces the huge mass and folds of the human anatomy and the vile expressions of the humanoid face. Further, it pontificates the fecal world of fantasies at the portal of death. Inside the glazed walls of the un-natural, the incarnate beauty of the male and female bodies come to their fatal end---snapped by ropes or chopped apart.
Tatong's works in watercolor display a panorama of the subliminal greed for power over life and death without the dread and darkness of ghoulic horror. Instead, his turns of images cast a euphemism of his subject with his use of brilliant colors, algorithmic details of the interior chambers and levitating blocks of wood, and the gothic-drawn arches of tree trunks in the background. His spaces are filled with doll-like ornaments representing the slaves and victims and toys of an obese tyrant. It is a world that at once fascinates and repels altogether.

The exhibition highlights also Tatong's talent in figurative drawings. His lone and central figure, a shaven-head giant with a bulbous anatomy, has an arresting life-like quality, together with its facial expressions. Tatong modeled him after a real-life parking lot attendant who stands 4 feet and 11 inches and weighs almost 300 pounds Obesity is both a personal and social experience to an individual person. The harrowing experience of drawing adverse attention from the familiar faces and strangers is matched by a gnawing anger and a silent scream of loneliness. This numbing fear of isolation is known well by Tatong who grew up from boyhood up to adolescence inside a fat body. His first one-man exhibition "Dominion" spouts from the alliance of his memories to the condition of his "fatso" model.

Tatong tells that he learned to draw figures ahead of writing his first alphabet letters. He worked for his personal upkeep and education until his third year in the College of Architecture at the Mapua Institute of Technology. Between 2004 and 2006, he participated in six group shows and national painting competitions, besides teachng children the art of drawing.

The exhibtion runs until October 31. Hiraya Gallery is located at 530 U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila. Gallery hours are from 9 to 5, Mondays to Saturdays and by appointment, Sundays.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Toyota Classics 2006 in Manila at the CCP Main Theater (October 24)

Toyota Classics 2006 featuring the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra will be held on October 24, 2006 at 8:00pm at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater).

Celebrating the 250th birth anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the concert will feature a performance of Mozart’s masterpieces.

The orchestra will be under the baton of Maestro Tatsuya Shimono, an award-winning conductor recognized at the Tokyo International Music Competition and the Besançon International Competition for Young Conductors in France. The featured soloist will be flutist Ayako Takagi. The Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra will also perform pieces with local artists to encourage international exchange through music.

For more details, please call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704. Ticket prices are: P1200, P1000, P500, P300, P200, P100.
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Sandra Palomar's "Replay" at SIlverlens Gallery

Sandra Palomar's fist solo exhibition titled "Replay" will be on view at the Silverlens Gallery from October 24 to November 18, 2006.

The exhibit features an installation of images representing "imaginary abodes, whose signification disappears altogether in their abundance." Palomar also presents the systematic replication of images characterizing the 'ideal home' in popular imagination, reiterating the process of reproduction as a convenient and perfectly compatible medium for projected fantasy.
The exhibit will formally open on October 24 at 6pm. The public is also invited to attend programs conducted by the artist on Saturdays from 3-6 pm.
Programs include:
Reading (October 28)
Talk (November 4)
Performance (November 11)

The Silverlens Gallery is located at 2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Warehouse 2, Makati City, Manila , Philippines. Gallery is open Mondays thru Fridays 10 am - 7 pm and Saturdays 1-6 pm. For details, email
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Japan Foundation, Manila presents YAJI and KITA at the Francisco Santiago Hall (October 27-29)

The Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM), in cooperation with the MCO Foundation and the Equitable PCIBank, invites the public to the free staging of “YAJI and KITA,” a stage adaptation of a comic book called "Mr. Yaji and Mr. Kita in Deep" written by Kotobuki Shiriagari.

The play will be staged at the Francisco Santiago Hall, Makati City from October 27-29, 2006.

"YAKI andf KITA" is taken from one of the most important pieces of Japanese classic literature, Tokai Dochu Hizakurige, which was written by Juppensha Ikku approximately two hundred years ago (in the late Edo era).

A subtle hint of an American new cinema, Midnight Cowboy, can be seen in the piece, though it is not a road movie but a road comic.

The main characters, Yaji and Kita leave Edo to visit Ise Shrine, hoping to find something real in this world. They are stopped by rain at a small inn. As the persistent rain lasts for days, endless ideas start to fill their mind and they waver between fantasy and reality. When time and space of reverie get entangled, Yaji and Kita become unsure of whether they left Edo or not and nightmares of the two unfold with humor and absurdity.

Yaji and Kita is written and directed by Tengai Amano and produced by the KUDAN Project.

For more details, please call 811-6155 to 58 or visit

Schedule is as follows:

Oct 27, 2006

Oct 28, 2006

Oct 29, 2006
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8th Cinemanila International Film Festival (November 3-15, 2006)

For more details, visit
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Graphika Manila : International Multimedia Conference

Graphika Manila : International Multimedia Conference

An International Multimedia Design Conference featuring top local & International designers.A whole day convention featuring presentations on: graphic & Print Media Design, Web Design & Development, Flash Design and Development, Motion Graphics and Video Production, Multimedia Design Ideas and inspirations, Freelancing techniques and more design related topics.

The event will kick off on December 2, 2006 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM at the Premiere Cinema of SM Mall of Asia.

The one-day conference will feature presentations by internationally renowned web and graphic designers and animators like:

- Joshua Davis
- MK12
- Team Manila
- Inksurge
- Nico Puertollano
- Drew Europeo
- Avid Liongoren

For details, visit
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shirley Halili-Cruz School of Ballet stages "An Evening of Dance" in Ballet at the Park

The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet and its performing group, the Quezon City Ballet, continue their colorful performance this Saturday, October 21, 2006, starting at 6:00 p.m. in Ballet at the Park, with a program titled “An Evening of Dance”, under the artistic direction of Hall of Fame Awardee for Asia Pacific Global Excellence in the Performing Arts, Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz.

Ballet at the Park is a special project of the National Parks Development Committee, under Executive Director Carlito A. Fajardo, in coooperation, for this presentation, with the the Halili Cruz School of Ballet and Quezon City Ballet.

“An Evening of Dance” is made up of the following dance suites showcasing the versatility and agility of the young dancers of Halili-Cruz School of Ballet, choreographed by Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz: Classical – VALSE ENGRANDE, DON QUIXOTE GRAND PAS, SUGAR PLUM FAIRIES, CHINESE DANCE from the Nutcracker, CLASSICAL INTERLUDE, POLKA MAZURKA, DANCE OF THE HOURS, CLASSICAL BALLET SUITE FOR CHILDREN (Minuet, Garden Nymphs and Aqua Fudge); Neo-Classical/OPM – NGAYON AT KAILANMAN, IKAW LANG ANG MAMAHALIN, BULAG, PIPI AT BINGI, TUWING UMUULAN, BLUE JEANS, BAWAT BATA; Neo-Ethnic – INA NENE, KALIPAY, TATSULOK NA SAYAW (Uyayi, Babae Ka and Ako ay Pilipino); and Modern Contemporary – SHADOW, SWAY and DINAGYANG.

*All skeds may be subject to change without prior notice
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Gantimpala Theater Foundation stages El Filibuterismo

Gantimpala Theater Foundation (GTF), in cooperation with the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) presents El Filibusterismo.

El Filibusterismo, is a sequel to the Noli, derived from the Spanish filibustero, a rebel, an agitator of reforms or political independence.

The Actors Company performers are Roeder Camañag (Don Simoun/Mr. Leeds), Dido dela Paz (Padre Florentino/Taga-Pagsalaysay), Jorge Cabullo (Kapitan Tiyago/Ben Zayb), Perry Escaño (Kabesang Tales), Perry Dizon (Don Custodio/Tata Selo), Vangie Inocencio(Doña Geronima/Andang/Hermana Penchang); Lani Tapia (Doña Victorina/Madre), Jojit Lorenzo (Basilio), Nelia Aguado (Juli), Billy Parjan (Padre Salvi), Francis Ong (Isagani), Lailanie Ann Tejuco(Paulita), Chiqui Xerez Burgos (Padre Camorra), Allan Talatala (Placido Penitente), Julius Empredo (Quiroga), Bong Embile Jr. (Heneral/Kapitan/Imuthis), Abel Napuran (Don Macaraig/Tano/Kalihim/Vicente), Penny Mervic Galido (Pepay)and Yutaka Yamakawa Jr. (Padre Irene/Juanito Pelaez).

Schedule is as follows:

Luneta Park (Open Air Auditorium)
For inquiries and reservations, please call GTF Marketing Office 899-5745 or 896-3503.
Nov 5, 2006 - 6:00pm

AFP Theater (Quezon City)
For inquiries and reservations, please call GTF Marketing Office 899-5745 or 896-3503.
Nov 10, 2006
10:00 AM, 2:00:PM
Nov 11, 2006
10:00 AM, 2:00:PM
Nov 12, 2006
10:00 AM, 2:00:PM

SM SouthMall (Las Piñas)
For inquiries and reservations, please call GTF Marketing Office 899-5745 or 896-3503.
Nov 24, 2006
10:00 AM, 2:00:PM
Nov 25, 2006
10:00 AM, 2:00:PM
Nov 26, 2006
10:00 AM, 2:00:PM
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Hip Hop Round Dance - Rueda

Join Grupo Filipino Salsa as they dance Hip Hop creatively in a group called Rueda!

For more details, please call Ares Andres at 523-8265 to 66 or email: P1000

Oct 21, 2006

Oct 28, 2006

Nov 4, 2006
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Friday, October 20, 2006

"New Direction" at Rotunda Gallery

“New Directions,”a group exhibition by Filipino young contemporary artists, is currently on view at the Rotunda Gallery. The exhibit will run until October 29, 2006.

"New Directions” presents some of Philippines’ most innovative and progressive young contemporary artists. Mostly award winning, artists with different backgrounds and a wide variety of media will be showing their latest work for the first time in Thailand. The works on show at The Rotunda Gallery represent fresh and new directions on both figurative and abstract art in the Philippines today.

Award winning artists like Ronald Ventura, Jason Oliveria, Maya Munoz, Winner Jumalon, Kawayan de Guia and Don Salubayba are included in the list of exhibiting artists. Alfredo Aquilizan, participant in the 2004 Venice Bienalle, and the Havanna Bienalle, and Jose Legaspi, participant in the 2006 Sydney Bienalle, and the Asia Pacific Trienalle will also be part of the exhibition.

The last ten years have been an exciting period for Philippine Contemporary Art. Fresh approaches and new medias have been explored by artists. Participation in international bienalles and art events have given young Filipino artists immense opportunities to show their art and get recognized, as well as getting exposed to other art forms in the process. International exchange programs and scholarships have also been availed of and given to deserving artists. Successful collaborative exhibitions with galleries in the region have also been taking place, deepening further the exposure and appreciation for Philippine Contemporary Art by the public and international art collectors.

"New Directions” is a joint effort of the Rotunda Gallery and The Drawing Room, an innovative art gallery in Metro Manila. The Drawing Room is known for its support to artists that do innovative and serious work in different media. The gallery represents some of the most outstanding emerging and mid-career artists in the Philippines. The gallery has participated in regional art fairs in, for example, Singapore and Taipei and has done collaborative exhibitions in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Recently, it has embarked on a program to show also regional artists in Manila.

If you would like further information about the Philippine Contemporary Art or about one or more of artists in particular, please contact Susanne van Laarhoven, Curator of the Rotunda Gallery, by e-mail at or mobile phone at 07 800 8965.

The Rotunda opening hours are: Tuesday-Sunday 9.30am - 5.00 pm. Visit:
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Free Music Workshop with Kontra-Gapi at Cordillera Coffee on October 21

Cordillera Coffee is inviting the public to a free Music Workshop with the Kontra-Gapi (Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino), an ensemble of artist-musicians from the University of the Philippines Diliman whose aim is to popularize the traditional music and dances of the Philippines.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 7:00pm. Everyone is invited. This is free to the public!

For registration or other questions, text 09205729940 or call 4330634/4360324 or email

Cordillera Coffee
Experience Filipino Culture in a Cup!
Unit 104 Llanar Bldg Xavierville Ave. cor B. Gonzales St.
Loyola Heights Quezon City
G/F Gladiola Centre La Trinidad, Benguet City
Office Phone: 632.4360324
Telefax: 632.4330634
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Khavn DVD & Mondomanila Novel @ Datelines Bookshop

Limited copies of "This is not a short film by Khavn"DVD (Special Mention Prizes, Oberhausen International Shortfilm Festival & Morbegno Film Festival) &"Mondomanila: Kung paano ko inayos ang buhok ko matapos ang mahaba-haba ring paglalakbay" novel (Palanca Grand Prize) available at Datelines Bookshop.DATELINES BOOKSHOP is located at Shop 65, MarikinaShoe Expo, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. OpenTuesdays to Saturdays, 1pm to 7pm.

For details, email or visit

Gino Dela Paz of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Datelines:

"We chose the name Datelines because we wanted it tobe a place where people can go and learn somethingnew, as a journalist does when he goes to variousplaces to chase stories," so goes Iris Gonzales ofBusinessWorld newspaper.The idea for the two-month-old alternative bookshopwas born three years ago but only came to fruition in2004. "We decided to finally make the dream happen inSeptember last year when we had dinner [for the firsttime] at [nearby] Bellini's. We saw the charm of the[Marikina Shoe Expo] and fell in love with it. It'sfree-spirited and bohemian, without the distractionsof commercialism, " Iris recalls.

And the bookworms keep on coming. "The response hasbeen very encouraging, " she says. "Clients are asvaried as our books-writers, journalists,photographers, artists, young professionals,activists, cultural workers, librarians and children."Wait, did she say "activists"? G-a-n-g-s-t- a!

Some of their hardcover books are even less expensivecompared to the softbound books of the same title inother bookstores. "Our second hand books can go as lowas P5 to about P200 plus," Iris discloses. "We also sell other items such as bookshelves or bookends,which can range from P300 to P2000 plus."Iris also expects more original establishments to openshortly. "In the early '70s, Cubao was the only place.We believe it is now time for Cubao to 'reconquer' its glory."

"This is not a short film by Khavn" DVD is also available at Mag:net (Katipunan, ABS-CBN, & PaseoMakati). The "Mondomanila" novel is also available atPopular Bookstore (Morato Extension), Bound Bookshop(Morato), Aeon Books (Katipunan), and Mag:net(Katipunan, ABS-CBN, & Paseo Makati).
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UE Fine Arts and HERO TV hold fashion show for Guimaras

Hysteria (n: panic, hysterics, frenzy, madness)

HERO TV and the senior Advertising Arts class of the University of the East College of Fine Arts recently held "HYSTERIA: Fashion Show for a Cause" at the UE Tan Yan Kee Building parking lot and at the UE Theater, Recto, Manila.

The event served as an opportunity for UE CFA students to show their own fashion designs inspired by artists Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol as well as Japanese street fashion collections. Participants also came dressed in their favorite animé, sentai, and computer games characters in the Cosplay parade.

This annual campus tradition was started last 2000 as part of the university's foundation day. This year, the event was co-sponsored by HERO TV, the first and only Tagalog-dubbed animé channel in the Philippines and the Home of the New Animé Revolution. HERO TV will celebrate its first anniversary on November 18 at the World Trade Center.

"Hysteria is a unique fashion show with a noble purpose. The organizers really exerted so much effort in designing the costumes," HERO TV segment producer Carlo Jan Landrito said.

Fashion design professors Fe Nuguid Evangelio and Richard Legaspi stressed that their college would like to show their distinction coupled with a firm marketing strategy in line with the celebration of the 60th UE Foundation Day.

Supporting Evangelio's and Legaspi's classes were UE CFA Dean Arch. Celino Santiago, College Secretary Angelito De Guzman, Ms. Ellen Villanueva for the live video, Mr. Rodel Peña for the photography, Mr. Ruston Banal for the audio-visual presentation, and the rest of the UE CFA faculty.

"The student designers believe that as long as they have hands to hold, a heart that feels, a reminiscence to carry and designs that kills. No challenge will become a barrier that will stop them to create HYSTERIA a fashion show for a cause," said Joan Punzalan, one of more than a hundred participants in the fashion show.

Hysteria is also sponsored by Red Room Productions, Crystal Clear Mineral Water, Ping-Ping Lechon and Restaurant, Inc., Micro Image Tech, Eurotel, Signus Packaging Corporation and UE Buklod Sining Alumni Society. The proceeds of the show will benefit ABS-CBN Foundation's projects to help the victims of the Guimaras oil spill.
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Concert at the Park presents "Dances From Our Islands"

The pride of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija – the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) Folkloric Group, under the artistic direction of Mr. Felino I. Quipse, take center stage this Sunday, October 22, 2006, starting at 5:00 p.m., in Concert at the Park, in a program aptly titled “Dances from our Islands”. Hosting this regular public service project of the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), under Executive Director Carlito A. Fajardo, is Ms. Minette Padilla.

The Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology (NEUST), formerly called the Central Luzon Polytechnic College (CLPC) , is located “at the heart of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, the well-known granary of Central Luzon”. In its adherence to preserve and promote the cultures of Nueva Ecija and its nearby regions, the college formed the CLPC Folkloric Performing Dance Troupe in the mid ‘70s, under the leadership of Dr. Bienvenido Ferrer II. The group earned accolades in their various engagements, including becoming the Grand Champion of the Philippine Folk Fest held at the Folk Arts Theater in 1982. In 1986, Dr. Ferrer was replaced by the late Dr. Arcadio Alvaran. In 1997 up to the present the troupe, which bears the name of NEUST Folkloric Group, is guided by its artistic director/choreographer Felino Quipse, a former member of the Araullo University Dance Troupe of Cabanatuan City.

The NEUST Folkloric Group is the holder of the 2005 and 2006 Grand Champion in the Cultural Dance for Regional Competition, which brought them to various places in the country. The group’s expertise lies not only in folk dancing but in street dancing as well. They are the Grand Slam Champion for three consecutive years (2003-2005) in the Street Dancing Competition in Nueva Ecija. With the able support of Dr. Hilario Ortiz (OIC President of NEUST), Dr. Angel Pangilinan (VP for Academic Affairs) and Dr. Agnes Sotto (Literary & Cultural Director), the NEUST Folkloric Group, with the able guidance of Felino Quipse, is expected to reach new heights and explore new horizons for the promotion of our cultural heritage.


Witness the richness of our heritage through our dances and music this Sunday, October 22, 2006, 5:00 p.m., at the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium, Manila. Admission is free.

*All skeds may be subject to change without prior notice
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Museo Pambata Calendar of Events

Museo Pambata Calendar of Events for 2006

ANINO sa Museo
• every first Saturday of the month at 10 AM
Colorful light and shadow puppet shows of your favorite children's stories, songs and rhymes interpreted by the ANINO Shadow Play Collective

Museo Pambata Guides Corner
• every second and fourth Sundays of the month at 2 PM
Fun (and free!) arts and crafts demonstrations from MP's creative bunch of theme room guides

Ang Bayanihan sa Museo
• every third Saturday of the month at 10 AM
Lively and colorful performances from the Philippine National Folk Dance Company plus a learn-to-dance session after aech performance

Museo Pambata Club Activities
• every third Saturday of the month at 2 PM Exclusive activities for members of the coolest club this side of the earth!

Storytelling Hours
• every Saturday at 10 AM Volunteer storytellers share exciting stories from your favorite children's books

Note: All public programs, activities, workshops and special events of the Museo Pambata may be subject tochange of schedule or cancellation due to lack of registrants or participants.

Museo Pambata ng Maynila is located at Roxas Boulevard corner South DriveManila, Philippines 1000. For inquiries, contact telephone: (632) 523.1797 to 98 Facsimile: (632) 522.1246 Email: or visit
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pioneers of Philippine Art: Luna, Amorsolo, and Zobel

Pioneers of Philippine Art:
Luna, Amorsolo, and Zóbel
(October 20, 2006–January 7, 2007 )

Opening right in time for the celebration of Filipino-American History Month in October, Pioneers of Philippine Art: Luna, Amorsolo, Zóbel chronicles 100 years of Philippine painting, from the late-nineteenth to the late-twentieth century, in 38 artworks of three ground-breaking artists:

Juan Luna (1857–1899)
Fernando Amorsolo (1892–1972)
Fernando Zóbel (1924–1984)

Pioneers of Philippine Art—the first exhibition of Filipino art at the Asian Art Museum’s Civic Center facility—provides American audiences with a broader understanding of these three important artists and their place in Philippine history and society, and in turn, the rich artistic heritage of the Philippines.

2006 also marks the centennial of Filipino migration to the United States.
Please click here for the press release.

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Iranian Film Festival invites Filipino filmmakers

Filipino filmmakers are invited to join the 2nd Urban International
Film festival to be held in Tehran on December 16 to 19, 2006.

Philippine charge d'affaires Laureano C. Santiago, in Tehran, relayed
the invitation through Cecille Guidote-Alvarez, executive director of
the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

According to Mr. Santiago, Mr. Iraj Taghipoor of the festival
secretariat who extended the invitation, said that the festival is
organized by the Art and Cultural Department of the Municipality of

Films will be selected for two sections: the international competition
section and the special screenings section. Films may include
documentaries, fictions and short and feature films.

Charge d'affaires Santiago wrote Ms. Alvarez that the embassy would
highly appreciate if the NCCA could disseminate information on this
competition to interested parties.

He added that competition rules and application forms will be sent
through diplomatic pouch. For further information on the festival,
interested parties may contact: Mr. Iraj Taghipoor, festival
secretariat, thru tel. no. (00-9821) 22264058, fax no. (00-9821)
22260692; or e-mail

The festival is also available through its website:
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The L.A. Workshop is currently seeking Visual Artists and Artistic Photographers for non-exclusive local and international representation.

The L.A. Workshop is in need of Original High Quality Works in the following categories:

Digital Fine Arts: Digital Paintings, Artistic Photography/ Digitally Enhanced Photography, Mixed-Media (Hand Enhanced Pigmented Prints), 3D Paintings and other media for Limited Edition Print Publication and distribution.

Interested parties may submit sample images in CD (at least ten (10) Images, representative
of your works ( TIFF or Uncompressed JPEG Format, minimum size: 9” x 12” maximum size: 18” x 24” at 150 dpi resolution).

Also include a brief Artist’s resume (80-100 words) in the CD along with your sample images.

Selected Artists/ Works will be included in 2007 Catalogue.

Please Mail CDs via Registered mail or Courier Service (Enclose a self stamped envelope if you want your CD’s returned)Or Hand Carry CDs to:

The L.A. Workshop,
66 G.Puyat St.,
B.F. Homes, Paranaque City, 1700

(Phase 1, Entrance: Soriano St. behind BPI)

Deadline for Submission of CDs is on October 25, 2006, 6p.m. For particulars email:

Cecile Luna
The L. A. Workshop
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gail Devine's "Works from Downunder" at Avellana Art Gallery

Australian artist Gail Devine is having a solo exhibition titled "Works from Downunder" at Avellana Art Gallery from October 16, 2006 to Novermber 4, 2006.

The exhibit features mixed media works on paper.

Following an exhibition by a group of WA Artists at the Ayala Museum in Manila in February organized by Austrade and WA Tourism, Gail Devine one of the 20 artists, was offered a solo exhibition in Manila.

Gail Devine is famous for "drawing on big expanses of paper, then combine drawing over painting and painting over printmaking."

Her work is widely recognized in Australia and other parts of the world. In fact, she has won several art awards and has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, England and in South America.

At present, she works from a studio in Woodbridge, Perth.

Avellana Art Gallery is 2680 F.B. Harrison St. Pasay City, Manila. It is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am - 7pm.

For details, visit
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Literary Arts: Writer's Night at Conspiracy Garden Cafe

Writer's Night will be held every Tuesday this month of October at Conspiracy Garden Cafe. Schedule is as follows:

Oct 17, 2006

Oct 24, 2006

Oct 31, 2006

Conspiracy Garden Cafe is located at 59 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City. For inquiries, contact tel. 453-2170.
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Monday, October 16, 2006

KOMIKON 2006: Second Philippine Komiks Convention

Komikon 2006: Second Filipino Komiks Convention will be held on October 21, 2006 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. For details, visit
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Disenyo Milenyo Contest

Disenyo Milenyo is a contest sponsored by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) that is two-pronged: It is intended to draw out the artistic, creative and innovative talents of Metro Manilans whi;le helping clear the streets of Metro Manila of the debris cause by a havoc of the typhoon. The contest focuses on the use of stumps of trees felled by Typhoon Milenyo, turning these stumps into art pieces.


1. The contest is open to all interested parties;

2. Entries shall utilized wood from trees felled by Typhoon Milenyo;

3. Entries may be in the form of wooden sculptures, functional utility pieces, or new and innovative furniture design;

4. All entries must be registered and submitted to the DISENYO MILENYO Secretariat stationed at the People Power Monument, White Plains, Quezon City on or before October 19, 2006;

5. For assistance in trasporting entries to the People Power Monument, contestants may coordinate with MMDA for necessary arrangements;

6. Judging will be done on October 20, 2006 by a professional board of jurors;

7. Prizes will be as follows:

1st Place Php 50,000.00
2nd Place Php 30,000.00
3rd Place Php 20,000.00

8. Other participating contestants shall be awarded individual Certificate of Participation;

9. Winning entries shall be the exclusive property of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority;

For details, please contact Mr. Albert Enriquez at telephone numbers 882-0862 and 882-41-51 to 77 loc. 281
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Philippine Textile on Display at Berkeley Exhibit

The Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley, California will feature an exhibit of whitework embroidery from October 2, 2006 until 5 February 2007, Mondays thru Saturdays from 12 noon to 6 pm.

The Whitework Embroidery exhibit features an extensive collection of woven fabrics depicting all cultures of all ages and all levels of society. The exhibit honors cultural heritage and inspire people to appreciate the hands, minds, hearts and dedication behind each piece.

The collection includes piña cloth, one of the finest handwoven textiles made from fiber of the wild pineapple plant in the Philippines. The exhibit also articulates the various embroidery techniques employed in working with various types of fabrics, including the appliqué where additional layers of fabric are sewn to the base fabric forming shadow effects. This technique is employed in some of the piña embroidery.

The museum also features collections of thousands of specimens from pre-Columbian Peru, finest laces from the 17th century European courts and examples of the machine laces exemplifying the 19th century industrial revolution. An extensive library focusing on lace, textiles and costume with over 10,000 items of books, patterns, articles and other ephemera, and a collection of tools of the textile crafts is included in the resources of the museum.

Individuals and groups are admitted free to the museum which is located at 2982 Adeline Street in Berkeley. Photos of the lace museum forum may be viewed at forum.lacismuseum.orgindex.php?board=2.0

You may also get an overview, including a slideshow of the exhibit at the museum website For other inquiries, please call the museum at (510) 843-7178.
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Zero-in 5 Convergence

Zero-in 5: a collaborative project between Ateneo Art Gallery, Ayala Museum, Bahay Tsinoy, Lopez Memorial Museum, and Museo Pambata. Zero-in 5 marks the fifth year that this museum consortium has pooled its efforts to share and expand museum going audiences and more pointedly focus on bridging formal and museum education modes.

For more information, visit
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Goethe-Institut Manila presents Animated Films from Germany

Exhibition/Film Screenings
October 26 to November 16, 2006
Goethe-Institut Manila
Free admission
Tel: +632 8405723 to 24 / 8170978

People are familiar with animation from the US and Japan. While Germany may not strike one as a source of animation, it does, nevertheless, have a lot to offer. See the latest developments in the German animation scene in “Animated Films from Germany (2004)”, an IfA exhibition that showcases the works of 15 of the best animators in Germany today.

Brought to you in cooperation with the Animated Council of the Philippines, the exhibit showcases the works of Gil Alkabetz, Jochen Ehmann, Lars Henkel, Daniel Höpfner, Andy Kaiser, Tine Kluth, Raimund Krumme, Jochen Kuhn, Daniel Nocke, Hannes Rall, Chris Stenner, Heidi Wittlinger , Jan Thüring, Thomas Voigt, Johannes Weiland and Kirsten Winter. Their works encompass a variety of styles, from computer animation to classic animation techniques and even clay animation. Included in the collection is “Rocks”, the 2003 Oscar nominee for Best Animated Short Film by Chris Stenner and Heidi Wittlinger.

Sets, sketches and storyboards, among others, will be also displayed, giving visitors an insight into the making of these films and enhancing the aesthetic experience.

Works featured:

Gil Alkabetz - "Rubicon"
Jochen Ehmann - "HOBO"
Lars Henkel - "The Patchwork Queen"
Daniel Höpfner - "Cherchez la Femme"
Andy Kaiser - "Harara"
Tine Kluth - "Ghost Train"
Raimund Krumme - "The Message"
Jochen Kuhn - "Recently 2"
Daniel Nocke - "The Modern Cyclops"
Hannes Rall - "The Raven"
Chris Stenner, Heidi Wittlinger - "Rocks"
Jan Thüring - "Terminal: Paradise"
Thomas Voigt - "The Moment"
Johannes Weiland - "Hessi James"
Kirsten Winter - "Escape"

The exhibit will be on display at the Goethe-Institut Manila
5/F Adamson Centre
121 L.P. Leviste St.
Salcedo Village, Makati.

Exhibit hours are 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays. Admission is free.

Screenings of all the films will be held every Friday at 6pm and every Saturday at 5pm. Schools and universities may call the institute to arrange special weekday screenings for their classes.
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Carmen at the CCP Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo

As part of the Spanish Festival for Culture and the Arts, the Aida Gomez Flamenco Company will stage Georges Bizet’s Carmen at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo)on October 24, 2006 at 8:00pm.

For more details, please call CCP Box Office at 832-3704, or Instituto Cervantes at 526-1482 to 85

Ticket price:
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

State funeral for National Artist Pablo S. Antonio on October 20

National Artist for Architecture Pablo S. Antonio will be given a state funeral on Friday, Oct. 20. His remains will be transferred to the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

Born at the turn of the century, Pablo S. Antonio pioneered modern Philippine architecture. His basic design is grounded on simplicity, no clutter. The lines are clean and smooth, and where there are curves, these are made integral to the structure.

Pablo Jr. points out, "For our father, every line must have a meaning, a purpose. For him, function comes first before elegance or form". The other thing that characterizes an Antonio structure is the maximum use of natural light and cross ventilation. Antonio believes that buildings "should be planned with austerity in mind and its stability forever as the aim of true architecture, that buildings must be progressive, simple in design but dignified, true to a purpose without resorting to an applied set of aesthetics and should eternally recreate truth".

Antonio's major works include the following: Far Eastern University Administration and Science buildings; Manila Polo Club; Ideal Theater; Lyric Theater; Galaxy Theater; Capitan Luis Gonzaga Building; Boulevard-Alhambra (now Bel-Air) apartments; Ramon Roces Publications Building (now Guzman Institute of Electronics).
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Piedra/Piedra: Contra at the Galerie Astra

A joint exhibit titled "Piedra/Piedra: Contra" by Raul Piedra and son Rosano Ray is now on view at the Galerie Astra, Makati City.

In this exhibit, Raul's non-representational art meets Rosano Ray's whimsical characters. The exhibit runs until October 16.

Galerie Astra is located at 2/F, LRI Bldg. Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia St., Makati City.

For inquiries, contact 890-3988.
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Photography Workshops at Silverlens Gallery

Photography workshops designed for the beginning photographer by Johann Espiritu and Isa Lorenzo will be held from October to November at Silverlens Gallery, Makati City.

Workshops consist of lessons about camera handling and operation, principals of exposure, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, and basic composition and lighting.

Also included are courses on shooting assignments and critiques, which encourage students to practice photography techniques and develop confidence behind the lens.

There are no prerequisites for this course.For more details, please call 816-0044 or e-mail:

Below is the schedule:

Oct 18, 2006

Oct 25, 2006

Nov 8, 2006

Nov 9, 2006

Nov 11, 2006
10:00 AM

Nov 19, 2006

Nov 21, 2006
10:00 AM

Nov 26, 2006

Nov 28, 2006
10:00 AM
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Paragon at the GSIS Museo ng Sining

Emmanuel Bueza's "Paragon" exhibit is currently on view at the GSIS Museo ng Sining.

The exhibit consists of 50 works portraying scenes of the colorful Pahiyas festival of Lucban, facades of the Lucban church, landmarks and old houses in Laguina and Quezon, towns around the mystical Mount Banahaw, as well as still lifes.

The exhibit runs until Oct. 28.

GSIS Museo ng Sining
Financial Center, Pasay City
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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Deux: 2nd Exhibit of the 3di Photo Club at Food and Art Gallerie (October 16-November 17)

The second exhibit of The Third Eye (3di) Photography Club focuses on two contrasting figures, the color red and shadows.

The exhibit runs from Oct 16, 2006 to Nov 17, 2006.

It intends to feature the members' skill and creativity with their interpretation of the two themes. Both were chosen to challenge the participants to come up with unconventional interpretations or simply new ways to present common images associated with red and shadows.

Red customarily depicts seemingly divergent emotions. It may convey love or the equally intense state of anger or war. It also symbolizes to stop or caution although a blurry of red may also depict speed. It may be lot different of things but it obviously strikes the eye, holds attention and commands respect. Shadows on the other hand are fleeting images formed when light strikes an object. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and holds a universe of mystery for every keen eye and curious mind. Despite the contrasting images they characterize, reds and shadows complement each other. The brightness of red is accentuated by the darkness of shadows as a gloomy, dark photo may be revived even with a slight hint of red.

About 3di Photo Club

The club is in its second year of inspired journey taking on exhibits, studio shoots, outreach activities and local travels head on. A group of 20 young and feeling young individuals started out as hobbyists in the same basic class in October 2004. They are growing with several members beginning to delve into the profession of photography and the addition of new members this year. Their success is based in its diversity having people of different backgrounds with the common passion for taking photographs.

The contrast between reds and shadows mirrors the contrast among the members. However, the exhibit highlights how each member complements the other and how every individual is an accent to the larger picture, a curve, a leading line, a silhouette or a cloud in an empty sky. Join 3di in celebrating its second year with Deux.

Food and Art Gallerie (GT Tower - Makati)
For inquiries please email: or visit:
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ADHD at One Acts Theater (October 14-28)

Do you think you have ADHD?

Watch at the One Acts Theater this October and find out!

Philippines’ most prolific writer, Niel de Mesa, is unflaggingly back onstage with a controversial new work entitled ADHD. Fresh from its “Waiting in the Wings” sampling at the CCP Huseng Batute last August, this new visceral play will now be having its official run at the One Acts, Fridays and Saturdays, the whole month of October (October 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28 at 7:30pm). An appalling albeit accurate testimony of Fidgety Philip, a person diagnosed with ADHD, on our modern addiction to speed and multi-tasking. He then vows to bore the audience to death to prove his point. With exceptional metered rhyme inspired by Seuss and Sondheim (then to the freeverse assonant style of Jason Mraz), the single premise of him walking from point A to point B onstage makes this one-act play feel like forever. ADHD stars Koiné veteran Kenneth Keng, Ren Robles, and newbie, Kelvin Ty.

ADHD runs in tandem with Niel de Mesa’s fresh mathematical comedy, Barya Lang Po sa Umaga. In a waiting terminal, five swaggeringly irate passengers try to coerce a disheveled street-bum to transfer to another jeep. An “eschatological” lesson happens when it is revealed that only the street urchin can break their money so they would be able to crucially get to their respective destinations on time. “Barya Lang Po sa Umaga” stars Philippe Tolentino, Epoy Jerusalem, Papu Alonso, Micki Olaguer, Vanni Liwanag, Belle Castillo, Olive Ranido, Dingdong Novenario, Eric Santos, Darren Bendanillo.

For ticket inquiries and reservations call 410-4485 or 09165251038 to reserve the limited seats.

Koiné One Acts is located at 2/f FORAB Bldg. 121 Kamuning Rd., QC (white bldg. near cor Edsa and Kamuning). It’s reserved Seating only and audience members who will arrive later than 7:15pm forfeits their reservations automatically to give way to walk-ins. You can visit Koiné One Acts at or email them at

One Acts Theater (Quezon City)

Oct 14, 2006

Oct 20, 2006

Oct 21, 2006

Oct 27, 2006

Oct 28, 2006
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Concert at the Park presents UST Symphony Band (October 15)

This Sunday, October 15, 2006, starting at 5:00 p.m., Concert at the Park presents the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Symphony Band, under the baton of Prof. Arnel Feliciano, in a program aptly titled “UST Winds”. Hosting this regular public service project of the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), under Executive Director Carlito A. Fajardo, is Ms. Minette Padilla.

The UST Symphony Band was founded before the outbreak of World War II, where it was placed under the P.E. Department of the University. It was reorganized after the war by Manuel Bautista. In 1987, the band was placed under the supervision of the UST Conservatory of Music, with Manuel Maramba, OSB, as its moderator.

The band, at present, has a membership of 65 students from the UST Conservatory of Music, most of them, prize winners in various local and international music competitions and active participants in summer music camps in the ASEAN countries, Australia, the World Youth Orchestra, and Asian Youth Orchestra. As scholars of the University, the band is a regular performer in all university functions and convocations. It is under the able leadership of Professor Hermie Ranera, assisted by Prof. Arnel Feliciano, both orchestral and faculty members of the UST Conservatory of Music.

In 1993, the band was awarded the grand prize in the “Band Extravaganza ‘93”, sponsored by Nayong Pilipino. In 1995, it participated in the Closing Liturgy of the World Youth Day ’95 for the late Pope John Paul II, held at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila. The band was a recent participant in the 4th Asian Symphonic Band Festival held in Bangkok, Thailand and the Chai-Yi Band Festival in Taiwan.

For this Sunday’s concert, the UST Symphony Band has prepared the following program: SHORTCUT HOME (Dana Wilson); WHEN THE BLACK HAWK SOARS (Robert Smith); FLUTE RAG (Arthur Franckenpohl); NINTENDO POWER (Arr. Paul Lavender); FOURTH and FIFTH MOVEMENT from SYMPHONY NO. 9 (Dmitri Shostakovich/Arr: Arnel Feliciano); HORN-A-PLENTY (Ed Huckeby); WESTERN SUITE – Rodeo, Sunrise, Jamboree (Robert Smith); CARNIVAL OF VENICE (Jean Baptiste Arban/Arr: Donald Husberger), featuring Marvin Datar, soloist; WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE (Rossini); SEDONA (Steven Reineke); THE INCREDIBLES (Michael Giacchino); and SAINT’S HALLELUJIAH (Luther Henderson).

*All skeds may be subject to change without prior notice
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Unwrapped at the CCP Pasilyo Carlos V. Francisco

"Unwrapped" is an exhibit by Marco Ruben T. Malto II currently on view at the CCP Pasilyo Carlos V. Francisco (Little Theater Lobby Hall).

Confronted with things that are ephemeral, we are asked to question how objects change our perception while changing within the frame of our perception. For his exhibition "Unwrapped," Artist Marco Malto presents us with works so fragile, held up temporarily on lashed-together armatures, inviting viewers to extrapolate on the processes that permeate and enliven these pieces, calling up narratives and free associations as they move and evoke transience while under our gaze.

While referencing imageries that are derived from personal experiences, Malto encourages different interpretations that may be attributed to these wall-bound forms and floor pieces. "Unwrapped" is a sequel to his 1999 solo exhibition "Wrapped" culminating his graduate studies at the College of Fine Arts in University of the Philippines-Diliman. While the latter is about concealment of thoughts, this time, the exhibit is all about freedom from biases. The layered wrappings lay bare instead of conceal, and the meanings inscribed and referred to, more open and frank.

Unwrapped opened last September 6 at the Pasilyo Carlos V. Francisco, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It runs until October 15, 2006. For inquiries, please call the CCP at 8323702.

Gallery hours are from 10 am to 6 pm daily except Mondays & holidays. Admission is free.
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"Finding Normal," Recent Works by Lindslee

14 - 23 October 2006
Goethe-Institut Manila
free admission
(632) 8170978 / 8405723-4

The Goethe-Institut Manila proudly presents “Finding Normal," an exhibition of recent works by abstract painter Lindslee. The exhibit, which opens on October 14, 2006 will be the first show by a local artist to be held at the new Goethe-Institut premises in Makati.

Painter Lindslee, born Lindsey James Alvarez Lee, hails from Bacolod. He majored in Painting at the University of Santo Tomas before pursuing further training in Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting, Color and Composition at the Arts Students League of New York in 2000. While in the US, Lindslee opened his first solo show at the Harrison Public Library in New York. He also participated in exhibits around New York at the Flinn Gallery, Pleiades Gallery and Kennedy Plaza, and won a number of prizes in various art competitions.

Lindslee returned to the Philippines in 2002. He held his first solo show at the Avellana Art Gallery soon after his arrival. Since then, he has held numerous other shows and received much critical acclaim. In particular, his 2003 show “Cause and Effect” earned him a slot as a finalist at the 2004 Ateneo Art Awards.

“Finding Normal” is a showcase of his latest works, which are done in mixed media. Each of them attempts to address the question “what is normal?” and gives varying perspectives on the search for normalcy.

“Finding Normal” opens on October 14, 2006, 6:00 pm at the Goethe-Institut Manila, 5/F Adamson Centre, 121 L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City. The exhibit will also be featured at the institute’s Open House on October 18, 2006 to celebrate the formal opening of the Goethe-Institut Manila’s new Makati office. “Finding Normal” runs until October 23, 2006. Admission is free.

For more information, please call 8170978.
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LUNDA's "Ani ng Sining" Exhibit at the SSS Gallery (October 6-31)

The SSS Gallery is hosting for the first time the Luntiang Daigdig Green Arts Association, Inc. (LUNDA) in their art exhibit titled, “Ani ng Sining”. The exhibit opened last October 6 and runs until October 31, 2006.

“Ani ng Sining”, the group’s first exhibit at the SSS Gallery, showcases the works of LUNDA members, focusing on landscapes, rural genre, flowers, gardens, mother and child, and other Philippine cultural themes. Charles De Nava is the current President of LUNDA, which was founded by famous painter Solano “Sol” Cruz. LUNDA is composed of skilled artists who meet in weekly “plein air” sessions to express their appreciation for God’s creations through visual works, to promote public awareness on the importance of preserving the environment, and to help record for posterity Philippine culture and heritage.

The SSS Gallery, which is open on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, is located at the second floor of the SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. Admission is free.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

19th-20th Century Philippine Treasures at Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum presents an ongoing exhibition of 19th-20th Century Philippine Treasures at the fourth floor galleries.

This exhibition features selections from the Museum's permanent collection, including long-term loans from the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Rina Ortiz Collections and new acquisitions made possible by Ayala Corporation may be viewed until January 2006. On special preview are exceptional works by Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, Justiniano Asuncion, 19th century religious sculptures, piña costumes and jewelry that includes necklaces, scapulario, tambourines, reliquario.

The show offers a rare opportunity to experience the 1889 Reclining Nude and Seated Lady in White paintings by Juan Luna; handcolored 19th century lithographs by Justiniano Asuncion presenting period ladies and gentlemen of Manila. Also on exhibit are the 1919 Nude and El Bibliofilo paintings by Fernando Amorsolo.

The 19th-20th Century Philippine Treasures illustrates the transition of the influences in Philippine art during the 300-year old reign of the Spanish conquistadors and the rise of the postcolonial, modern period in Philippine history. Through the paintings, religious icons, jewelry, and costumes, the viewers will get the chance to view the extensive yet distinct influences of these periods and how these were rendered unto the canvases, images, jewelry and costumes.

19th - 20th Philippine Century Art is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday (9 AM-6 PM), Saturday-Sunday (10 AM- 7 PM). Closed to the public every Monday.

For more information, please call 757-7117 to 21 or visit
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Jerry Tan's "Recent Work" at Mag:net Gallery Katipunan

The title may be a severe understatement, but the concepts in Recent Work by Gerry Tan at Mag:net Katipunan this September compel the public to view the show for reasons other than mere novelty.

Recent Work as a show exemplifies Tan's preoccupation with the conceptual aspects of art production, of generating art that grapples with ideas, rather than obsessing with the perfection of technical form. In Tan's recent body of works, the visual image intentionally reflects the flux of process, rather than being an end to itself.

In the show, Tan demonstrates the process and interventions of mechanical and manual reproduction (e.g. photography, printing, painting, film) in producing and experiencing works of art.

He explores the continuous process of reconstructing image and meaning in a series entitled Reconstructing Schnieder's Isolation Room, a collection of three 4.5' x 3' oil paintings on tarpauline. Here, Tan replicates an image of German artist Gregor Schieder's work entitled Isolation Room by having a photograph of the work from a book scanned and reproducing it on tarpaulin, a waterproof material more commonly utilized in graphic advertising.

Tan intentionally choses the image of Schnieder's Isolation Room to depict “a cartoon of isolation pondering on itself”. The artist paints over the image reproduced in tarpaulin, treating the material as a 'stencil for painting', as the artist terms it. He then repeats the process of reconstruction by taking a photograph of the finished painting and reproduces the digital image on a tarpauline of the same size. The result is three near-identical reconstruction of the original image, as experienced by the artist through photography.

Tan also creates a large-scale reproduction of Schnieder's living room and encrusts it in beeswax, enbalming the object as if to preserve the image. Ironically, this process of preservation fundamentally alters the original image itself.

Tan also presents an installation comprised of a TV monitor set at the center of the wall at the farthest end of the gallery. A surveillance camera is stationed at the opposite end, documenting the interior space of the gallery. Tan then paints in oil the image of this interior on the TV screen as he directly sees it from the screen, isolating himself—and all other viewers in the future—from the projected image.

Recent Work opens at 7 PM on September 26 at Mag:net Gallery Katipunan, and will be on view up to October 14, 2006. For inquiries, please contact 9293191 (Malou) or email or visit
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Dominion at Hiraya Gallery

"Dominion" is the solo exhibition of 27-year-old artist, Tatong Recheta Torres.

The exhibit, which consists of watercolor and charcoal works, tackles the current craze for horror movies.

The exhibit runs until October 31.

Hiraya Gallery is located at 530 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila.
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Castrillo at 40: Conceptualizing Symbols of Heritage at the UST Museum

"Castrillo at 40: Conceptualizing Symbols of Heritage," a collection of sculptor Eduardo Castrillo’s conceptual drawings of historical monuments, is currently on view at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) Museum. The exhibit runs until Oct. 30.

Castrillo will have other exhibits marking his 40 years as an artist:

"From the Drawing Board," showing drawings of religious, abstract and architectural drawings, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Oct. 5-30;

"Facets of Style, Medium and Form," showing selected artworks of past trends, at the Yuchengco Museum Lobby and Courtyard, starting Oct. 16;

and "Castrillo at 40: New Works," a selling exhibit at Choice Expression Gallery, 122 Jupiter St., Bel-air, Makati, starting Dec. 1.
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CINEMANILA 2006 Final Call For Entries

Filmmakers/producers, mark your calendar.

The 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival, dubbed as the "Sundance of Asia", is accepting entries only until midnight of October 18, 2006 (Philippine time) for its International (Full Length Film), Documentary, Young Cinema (Short Film)and "Digital Lokal" (Digital Film) competition categories.

Selected entries will vie for the much-coveted Lino Brocka (full length) and Ishmael Bernal (shorts) awards, the unique "Bulol" trophy designed by national artist Napoleon Abueva and other major prizes. Submissions to its non-competition categories- World Cinema and "Digital Lokal" Panorama also close on the same date.

For more details and entry forms, visit or call the Cinemanila office, Rm. 4D NCCA Bldg. 633 Gen. Luna Str. Intramuros, Manila (tel. # 527- 2192 loc. 406) or log-on to (email:
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Call for Entries for Digital Lokal Competition of 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival

Entries to the Digital Lokal Competition of 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival are now being accepted. The deadline for submission is October 18, 2006 .

The competition is open to all Filipino filmmakers with digital full-feature films (DV / HD / 24P / HDV) in Filipino, or any regional language/dialect with English subtitles. To be eligible for participation, films must be produced after January 2006 and should not have been exhibited commercially, locally or internationally or in prior local festivals. Entries must be 80 minutes (minimum) to 130 minutes (maximum) in length including credits.

The Entry Selection Committee will choose ten (10) local digital films from among the qualified entries, to participate in the Digital Festival Competition.

The 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival, organized by the Independent Cinema Association of the Philippines (ICAP) and MovPix International will be held on November 3 to 15 in selected theaters all over Metro Manila Philippines .

Aside from parallel competitions for full-length, short and documentary films, there will also be distinct exhibitions, tributes, marathon showings, conferences and other special events. Seminars and workshops will also be held during the festival and will cover subjects and issues on independent filmmaking. Directors, producers, critics and actors throughout Asia , Europe and North America will be invited to attend the film event.

For entry forms and further details, please visit the Cinemanila website at or email us at or

You can also contact the following:
The Secretariat
41 Begonia St. Tahanan Village
Parañaque City 1700, Metro Manila , Philippines
Telefax : +632 770 4015
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Free Invite: "GUIMARAS: Short Films from the Oil Spill" Premiere Screening

COOPERATIVE present "GUIMARAS: Short Films from the Oil Spill"

DATE: October 13, 2006 (Friday)
VENUE: Robinsons Galleria Movieworld, Cinema 1 THX

2:00 pm From Tragedy to Strategy: A Dialogue
6:00 pm Opening of Greenpeace Photo Exhibit
7:30 pm Premiere Screening of GUIMARAS: Short Films
from the Oil Spill

NOVEMBER 18 AND 19 (NOT October 14 and 15).

From Tragedy to Strategy: A Dialogue

The future of the Guimaras is darker than the oil on
its shores. It is high time for a public forum on a
clear action plan for Guimaras.

There is a need to hold a venue for dialogue between
the national and local government, civil society
groups, Petron Corporation and Sunshine Maritime.

The forum will draw up an action plan for awareness
and education, rehabilitation and prevention of future
environmental tragedies brought about by oil spills
and marine pollution.

Panelists will be representatives from the local
government of Guimaras, Petron Corporation, the
environment and the legal sector and other

Resource speakers will include government agencies
concerned, and the nationally mandated Task Force
Guimaras. NGOs and aid agencies, which can assist in
coastal resource management, livelihood, environmental
education, toxic and hazardous waste management,
biodiversity conservation, public health management,
alternative livelihoods, community development, relief
assistance and aid, etc, will also be invited.

The festival is organized by the Independent
Filmmakers Cooperative of the Philippines and
Robinsons Movieworld, featuring the country's top
independent filmmakers.

It has collaborated with the Center for
Environmental Awareness and Education, a non-profit
organization that promotes environmental education
initiatives in the country, for the Guimaras Forum.

CEAE holds the annual Moonrise Film Festival, a
documentary film festival about Philippine environment
and culture as part its efforts in fast-tracking
environmental awareness through film and media.

The forum and the short films hope to be a first
step in advancing action-oriented awareness about one
of the gravest environmental tragedies of the country.
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rachel Rillo's Shift at Silverlens Gallery

Silverlens Gallery reopens in a former piano factory on Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati City with Rachel Rillo’s series of black and white photographs entitled "SHIFT."

The show encapsulates its title in high contrast images as that of a shattered glass bursting into a faceted flower, or of a loose thread hanging past a neat row of frilly tassels on a rug, or in a row of dew drops hanging down like tears under an iron bar.

These are among other images that seem to have been sculpted out of the mundane to be revealed in that fleeting “aha” moment of their discovery. Their magnification on archival photographic paper as big as 4 ft underscores even more their strangeness. The highlights shaping their form act at times as their tenuous link to their worldly familiarity.

Silverlens is a gallery focused on showcasing contemporary photography and is located at 2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Warehouse 2, Makati City.

For inquiries, please call 816-0044. Silverlens is open from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturday, 2 – 6 pm.
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Scrapyard at Mag:net Gallery Paseo (October 5-31)

"Scrapyard," an exhibit by Pete Jimenez, is currently on view at the Mag:net Gallery Paseo. The exhibit runs until October 31.

The exhibit features metal sculptural works as metaphors of the human condition. Here, according to Cid Reyes, the artist is “welded” to a carnival of positive feelings: love, joy, wit, humor, laughter, happiness, and celebration.

Mag:net Gallery Paseo is located on the ground floor of Paseo Centre, Paseo de Roxas corner Sedeno St.

For inquiries call 8177895 (Jhennie) or email
or visit
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Colors in Bloom at The Enterprise Center Art Hall (October 7-20)

The 2nd Solo Art Exhibit of Fitz Ocampo-Narvacan, entitled “Colors in Bloom,” is an exploration on color. It is an exposition of how colors evoke mood and emotion. The artist used various colors schemes and intensely bold colors to express a diversity of tone in each piece.

Aside from her unique color palette, Fitz is also known for her distinctive brushstrokes and violent textures. The artist understands that texture affect consciousness and elicits a response from the senses.

Fitz attended an extensive acrylic training seminar at Golden Artist Colors, Inc. in New York in 2004. This training enhanced her skills and introduce to her new ways to appreciate the acrylic medium. This exhibit will showcase various works in acrylic on canvas. The artist also created a variety of works in pen & ink and gouache.

“Colors in bloom” is an exhibit that illustrates how color stimulates and works synergistically with the senses thus, creating an emotional response from the viewer.

The exhibit will be held at The Enterprise Center Art Hall, Level 3 Tower 2 6766 Ayala Avenue Corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City from October 7 until October 20, 2006.

For inquiries, please contact Virginia Ocampo at 7339455 or 7339846.
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Evidence of Settlement at Galleria Duemila (October 7-30)

"Alphabet Soup No. 1" (2006 )
hotwork and constructed glass
15.24 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm.
6.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 in.

"Evidence of Settlement," as the exhibit title suggests, "explores the concept of settlement remains from various geographical locations."

In this exhibit, Noёll El Farol excavates and gathers evidence to represent objects dominantly sculptured in glass, silica material and other materials representing evidence of historical past.

For more details, please call 833-9815 or 831-9990 or e-mail:

The exhibit runs from Oct 7, 2006 to Oct 30, 2006.

Galleria Duemila
210 Loring Street
Pasay City
Metro Manila
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Tomorrow: A Concert for the Future

International singer Lea Salonga will perform in her first concert since giving birth in “Tomorrow: A Concert for the Future” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (Main Theater) on October 20 and 21.

The show is a benefit concert for the CCP’s continuing arts programs for children and the youth.

Guests include the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers, the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Hail Mary the Queen Children’s Choir, Kilyawan Boys’ Choir, singer Calvin Millado and child singer Julia Abueva.

The creative team is composed of Gerard Salonga as music director, Chris as director, Ricardo Cruz as set designer and Dennis Marasigan as light designer.

For ticket inquiries, call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or at 832-1125 loc. 1405-1406.
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Ctrl+P [Journal of Contemporary Art] Issues - Free Download Here!

The second issue of Ctrl+P, a free contemporary arts journal, is now available for download here.
The previous issue is also still available.

File format: PDF

Ctrl+P is a journal of contemporary art published digitally for easy reproduction and circulation by anyone and everyone around the world.
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CCP ANI 32: The Philippine Literary Yearbook

ANI 32: The Philippine Literary Yearbook is now available!

...literary collection of traditional and modern poetry- in English, Filipino and other Philippine languages - are represented in this book. Non-fictional works outnumber those in fiction, which include the "hypothetical fantasy" and satire. Could it be that writing on such a topical subject as "the global Pinoy" necessitates a testimonial genre that requires more factuality? Could this be indicative of the urgent need for a literary device that serves to connect the writer to his/her family?

For inquiries, email or
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Back of Affection at UP Faculty Center

Back of Affection is an installation by Midori Hirota, a Japanese artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The idea of Hirota's work sprung from a visit to Fort Santiago in August 2005, which coincided with the anniversary of the end of WWII.

In this exhibit, Hirota turns to the intricacies of human interactions as a way of dealing with this experience. Hirota says, "Everybody has his way of expressing affection, but usually people wear masks. Sometimes it's hard for us to really understand and feel what the other think. You are not sure that even if he is smiling, behind his smile, who knows if he's crying."

Faculty Center (Galeria 1)
University of the Philippines,
Diliman, Quezon City

Exhibit runs from Oct 9, 2006 to Oct 13, 2006.
Exhibit hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm

For more details, please call Flaudette May V. Datuin at 927-0581.
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Bakeretta (Ghost Operetta)

In cooperation with the Sinag Arts Foundation, Tanghalang Pilipino, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines

A co-production with the Japan Foundation and the Sinag Arts Foundation, Bakeretta is a psychological thriller, somewhat in the tradition of Japanese horror films like Ring and The Grudge, but with a quirky, musical twist! An amateur theater company rehearses a modern ghost (bake) story – “The Ghost in the Toilet” and the mounting pressures of opening night get mixed up with their personal dramas, comedies and horrors.

This spine-tingling play within a play is set to be directed by the playwright himself, multi-awarded screenwriter and one of Japan’s most exciting theater directors, Chong Wishing.


Sinag Arts Studio
October 20, 21 (8:00 PM)
October 21, 22 (3:00 PM)

Tanghalang Huseng Batute (CCP Studio Theater)
November 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 (8:00 PM)
November 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 (3:00 PM)
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