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Friday, February 26, 2010

Unearthing: Womynist Bones and Sexuality

Unearthing Exhibit Poster

Womynist Bones and Sexuality

Buried under the dark crevices of our time’s hegemonies are yet tender fossils – muted, maimed, and mutilated – muffled in their screaming silence, cocooned within the gravels of subjugated worldings. But not for long…

Ten womyn womynists piece together a fearless, undulated bellowing; an eloquent kind of unearthing, to unravel bones of feminine beauty and pain, to reconstitute their place in time and space, both real and virtual. To unearth is to reveal quieted identities in a more gaping dimension to which their osseous seeds could be nourished into fertile germs – progenitors, potent and sexual so that the once faint diffusion of voices could reverberate into a piercing chorus, lyric and erotic, vivid and provocative.

This spirited collective choreography gathers in a wall’s span and in a sweeping gaze a cross-section of ideas that could somehow begin to articulate, but not to frame, the womyn’s emancipation into the breathing space of expression, unstruggling, ungasping and basking in the free air.

In their concoction of old and new media, the ten artists may have come from different milieus and cultivate different modes of artistic engagement. Yet they speak in unison as they spark this provocation to take a focal look at the feminine from her periphery. Through the poignant womynly expression, Benay Reyes bares a subtle, primordial injustice that seems to have haunted the womyn during the expanse of HIStory. She invites us to go back, look back and re-align our gaze at HERstory. Ligaya Domingo and Maan de Loyola project contrasting styles of abstractions to show a single theme: societal imbalance, the longing for human rights and social justice. AJ Tolentino makes use of both arcane myths and mass-produced pop cultural hegemonies to position the womyn in both the ancient and the current. Tif Guevara and Ivy Universe Baldoza works with every conceivable medium and form to attack the feminist subject, creating rich juxtapositions of metaphors pertaining to the feminine’s “universe” of concepts. Joan de Leon Hoffman paints it dark and real to intimate what to her are her womynist realities. Lydia Cabasco ventures into 3D spaciality through installation and collaborates with Tif Guevara as they render subliminal connections between art and the subconscious. They draw inspiration from myths and the archetype of the “skeleton woman” to explore the cycle of life, death and life. Aza Camps and Rimaq Palma complete this initial performance of unearthing with works challenged and stirred by the womyn’s sexual politics.

Longing for tender caresses, these painful yet beautiful “bones” resuscitate in these walls, their nursery beds; with the intimate light as their sun and your thoughtful gaze as their consummate lovers, sensually stroking with the eye, afflicting and loving.

In indigenous lore, women priestesses danced and stomped the earth’s virginal orifices amidst sacred chants and prayers, to awaken the soil and welcome the seeds that soon may grow into life. Now, bones become seeds of intention. Such skeletal undertakings begin the nurturing process of interrogation to amplify the actualities of the womyn, unearthed.

Behold, here unfolds a resurrection.

-Joseph Michael T. Patricio
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Janet Balbarona "Peeling Peaches for the Sharpest Tongue" @ Blanc Makati

“Peeling Peaches for the Sharpest Tongue”
Janet Balbarona’s Second Solo Show

Drawing on the bitterest, rawest experiences of alienation,
frustration and loss, Janet Balbarona deconstructs and lays bare her
most intimate, pivotal moments in a series of surrealist
self-portraits that are at once tense and thick with emotion, and yet
tempered with a strong sense of self-consciousness and conspicuous
calm. Balbarona effectively creates this complex, uneasy tension in
the stark contrasts between the immediate illusion afforded by the
bright, fanciful colors and general dream-like interweaving of images,
and then the more sinister allusions evident in each individual icon
and in the artist’s sober depictions of herself.

The paintings in “Peeling Peaches for the Sharpest Tongue” continue on
the autobiographical narrative arc of her first solo show, jumping off
from her departure from Manila for Beijing. As she recounts in a kind
of visual allegory the bittersweet failings and disappointments of her
“second round” or second chance at life in a completely foreign city,
her works reveal an increasing withdrawal into a kind of isolation.
One of the most emotionally-charged paintings, “Dear…,” conveys a kind
of loneliness, despite the presence of another, underscored by a clock
reading four in the morning and a dagger pointed up at the artist’s

As a whole, however, the idea of loneliness and isolation is most
obvious in the fact that whereas the artist would once typically
portray people around her with a sentimental detailing of faces and
fashions, now she remains the only solid inhabitant of her world, with
a small handful of attachments that are allowed a vivid, if merely
temporary existence alongside her.

Much of Balbarona’s work still relies on the set of highly specific
iconography, which both draws on each item’s accepted contexts and
metaphors in popular culture, as well as the artist’s own set of
meanings. The key image in this show, the ubiquitous peaches, takes on
the erotic implications of the fruit to convey love, lust, and pain,
but also employs the artist’s connection to China, where peaches are a
frequent, inexpensive commodity. With regard to the latter meaning,
the artist creates a very telling contrast between fresh peaches in
the anchor piece of her show, “The Second Round” (also notably the
only painting that employs imagery from her previous show), and
rotten, bleeding peaches throughout the rest of the series. Notably,
just as she tackles themes and situations that are at once uniquely
hers and yet are ultimately understandable as fundamental human
experiences, Balbarona employs very personal symbolism that is also
accessible enough for viewers—clocks, pressure gauges, candy canes,
daggers, and online communication icons—which encourages discovery of
one’s own stories within the fantastical structure of each piece.

Finally, for Balbarona, “Peeling Peaches for the Sharpest Tongue” does
not have a “formal” conclusion. She explicitly states that the
concluding piece, “Ricochet Part 2,” in which the artist depicts
herself as struck by several arrows save for the one that she is able
to catch mid-air, imparts neither tragedy nor redemption, neither
closure nor catharsis, only indetermination and an open end.
Confronted with the context of her own life as depicted in her art,
she offers an open ending and the possibility of continuation at the
end of the show, subtly emphasizing the fact that this is an
inescapable reality for her, which we, as spectators, merely glance
at, comment on, or observe quietly, before walking away.

-Yonina Chan

The exhibit opens on Monday 6PM, February 22, 2010 at Blanc Gallery
Makati. Blanc is located at Crown Tower, 107 H.V. dela Costa St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City. For more information, please call or
sms 752-0032 / 0920-9276436, email or visit,

Peeling Peaches for the Sharpest Tongue will run until March 12, 2010.
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The Graphics and Publishing Seminar

JOIN US in the 'THE GRAPHICS AND PUBLISHING SEMINAR' as we learn about Photoshop! Yes! Photoshop tips, tricks and techniques - sounds cool and handy for creative and design professionals.

April 13-16, 2010
Dasmarinas Function Room
Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines

Attend this learning session on exploring your creativity with Photoshop's Fine Art Techniques...shows you how to create, set-up, and use the Brush tool fully. Create a brush from imagery and sue it in a composition, a great way to apply shapes, repetitively or to apply as texture. Not confident of your artistic skills? Catch this session with an Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop!


April 13, 2010, Tuesday

April 14, 2010, Wednesday
(for Printers, Publishers, and Creative Professionals)

April 15, 2010, Thursday

April 16, 2010, Friday

Who Should Attend:

Graphic designers, corporate communicators, digital artists, photographers, creative directors, art directors, web masters, web developers, illustrators,
AV producers, publishers, layout artists, print managers, production artists, educators, multimedia specialists, animators, IT professionals, marketing and advertising executives.



Call: +632-8960639, 8960637, 8996216, fax: +632-8960637, 8902101,


Please pass this Invitation to interested colleagues and friends. Thank you.
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Spittle: A Photography Exhibit by Jed Escueta

Photographs by Jed Escueta
Opens Feb 27, 2010.
Prose Gallery, 3rd floor, 832 Pasay Rd,
Corner Edades. Makati.

As usual it's going to be a celebration of art.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aliens and More Invade Salcedo Park!

The Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati will be bustling with life, both terrestrial and extra terrestrial, on Saturday, 27 February, 2010, from two in the afternoon to ten in the evening. The Museum Foundation of the Philippines ups the ante on its annual affordable art fair with exhibits by 2009 Ateneo Art Award Winner Jan Leeroy New and an extraordinary installation by Lea Lim.

New, best known for his fiberglass aliens that seemingly landed on the Singapore City Hall during that city's Biennale in 2008, will be reprising the attention-grabbing, brightly-hued creatures of his imagination from his recent show, Odeon Galaxy Universal, at Blanc Compound in Mandaluyong. Lim's work is a slightly more subdued, monochromatic intervention into a space. A swarm of swings hangs from the tree nearest the walkway, making it impossible for pedestrians to pass unhindered. The beautiful, white forms pique curiosity and ask the passerby to pause for a moment, and maybe play a bit. The works of New and Lim set the tone for the art fair, making even strange and conceptual works of art less daunting and more approachable. The affordable art fair has evolved from a Saturday morning event designed make art buying less intimidating for the art newbie, to a showcase of some of the best contemporary Philippine art. And in keeping with its goal of making art accessible to all, prices of pieces for sale are still at P20,000.00 and below.

Since Art In The Park first started four years ago, the art scene in the Philippines has exploded with activity. New galleries have opened. Established galleries have expanded and improved their spaces to accommodate a flurry of artistic production. Amidst all this, Art In the Park is one of the most awaited events in the art calendar. It brings together, in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, about 30 galleries and art groups from all parts of the metro and beyond. For seasoned buyers and regular exhibition goers, it is a treat to spend the day going from booth to booth catching up with artist and gallerist friends. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere encourages first time buyers and ordinary park-goers to take the time to look through each booth and strike up a conversation with the artists and gallery owners hanging out.

Blanc, Tala, Tin-aw, Art Cabinet, Galerie Astra, Metro Gallery - all at the forefront of the contemporary art scene - will be joined this year by the pioneers – West Gallery and Gallery Genesis. The newest kid on the block, Charlie Cojuangco's Nova Gallery, will make its Art In The Park debut. INK, Sheer Joy, and Canvas also return this year to continue amusing, introducing art to the young ones. Galeria de las Islas will be there, as always, for people who look for art and artifacts of a more historical and anthropological nature. The Putik booth showcases pottery - sculptural, decorative and utilitarian. The regulars, Larc En Ciel, Kulay Art Group, and Ral Arrogante, will also be returning. The TUP Fine Arts Alumni and Students booth will be the perfect place to pick up well-priced artworks by fresh new artists. The displays of The Mighty Bhutens (a group of artists from Baguio doing mosaic art), Nineveh Art Space and the Malabon artists give gallery goers the chance to see the art being produced outside Metro Manila. Sherwin Tan and Tara Soriano, with her sculptural jewelry, will also be participating. Photography will be available from the Zone Five Camera Club. The diversity of styles, media, and concerns of this year's art fair makes for a very interesting and dynamic show.

This year, getting an art bargain no longer means having to get up at the crack of dawn. Art In The Park, which has traditionally started at 7am to coincide with the Salcedo Market, will now start at 2 pm and stretch till 10 pm. Visitors can leisurely stroll around the park exploring the different installations and art presentations, while having merienda, cocktails, and dinner at the booths of La Cuisine Francaise, Pizza di Grazia, Windows Café, The Straits Wine Company, and Nica's Bakeshop.

Art In The Park is on Saturday, 27 February 2010, at the Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village Makati City. It is organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines with the help of Bgy. Bel Air, Security Bank Mastercard, and Radio U92. Part of the proceeds will go to the foundation's programs that raise awareness and appreciation for the National Museum and its network.

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at
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Contest Rules for the 2010 GSIS Art Competition


The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is inviting Filipino artists to join the 2010 GSIS Art Competition. This year's competition has an open theme. The artist is encouraged to explore his best in presenting and conceptualizing his art entry. It is through this competition that we hope to view and produce diverse interpretations of what's inside an artist's mind. From the previous two (2) categories, this year, we have added the Sculpture Category in order to invite more artists to participate

Official entry forms are available in all GSIS offices (Headquarters, regional Offices and Satellite Office) and other offices and galleries starting February 22, 2010.

Please read all the mechanics, rules and regulations carefully. The GSIS shall be strict in the implementation of the guidelines set. Entries could be disqualified for technical reasons.


1. There will be three (3) categories for this year's competition:

I. Representational (any style, realistic, stylized (distorted figure), representational cubism, etc)

II. Non-representationa l (abstract) i.e. purely non-representationa l, no-recognizable figures and objects.

III. Sculpture

2. The competition is open to all Filipino artists age 18 years old (by April 17, 2010) and above. Participants can submit one entry per category. Therefore, each participant can submit one entry for representational, one entry for non-representationa l and one entry for sculpture. There is no participation fee.

3. The theme is open.

4. For the painting categories, the required size is 3 feet x 4 feet (horizontal or vertical excluding frame) with 10 kilos allowable maximum weight (including frame).

4.1 All entries must be ready for hanging (museum wrap or box type is allowed)

4.2 The medium acceptable is only oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas or watercolor. Entry using collage, decoupage, assemblage or use of non-pigment based materials like paper, board, plastic metal, etc. IS NOT allowed. The entry must hang on a wall to qualify. Appropriate support, and/or equivalent devices should be provided to ensure the proper hanging of the artwork (ready for hanging). [For watercolor entries, any watercolor paper is allowed EXCEPT Illustration Board]

5. For sculpture, the maximum size requirements are as follows:
Height: 72 inches, Width: 36 inches and Depth: 48 inches

5.1 Maximum weight for the entries should not exceed 300 kilos.

5.2 Entries must be done in the generally accepted medium for sculpture such as Metal (steel, brass, copper, aluminum, et al); Hardwood (narra, mahogany, yakal, et al); Stone (marble, alabaster, granite, limestone, et al); Terracotta or stoneware( porcelain, ceramic, et al); Resin and other durable sculpture media.

6. The entry must be dated not earlier than 2010 must be his/her original work, and must not have been exhibited before nor revised nor awarded a prize in another contest.

7. The entry painting or sculpture MUST BE SIGNED but must be covered with masking tape prior to submission, to conceal the artist's identity. It must also be properly labeled at the back, indicating the following: Artist (Name, Address, and Contact Numbers) Title of the work, Medium, Size, Year and Price.


8. All participants must be responsible for their entries. The GSIS shall not undertake any pick-up or transportation of any artwork to or from any point of origin. WET PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

9. Entries must be submitted at the GSIS Museum located at the GSIS Main Office, Financial Center, Reclamation Area, Pasay City (CCP Complex – Diosdado. Macapagal Ave) on APRIL 17, 2010 (SATURDAY) FROM 8:00 AM UNTIL 4:00 PM only.

10. Entries submitted before or after the stated date and time shall not be accepted. Mail forwarders coming from the provinces should be advised by the participants themselves that the entry will only be accepted on the said submission date. Participants from the provinces are also encouraged to group together so that bringing or shipping their entries to Pasay City will be cheaper.

11. During the submission, the entry must have the following:

A) Completely filled-up and signed official entry form with one (1) 1 x 1 ID colored picture.

B) Photocopy of ONE valid ID (for age verification) . The only acceptable IDs include: Current School ID, PRC License, Driver's License, Official Company ID, copy of Passport, Postal ID, SSS ID, GSIS-E-card, Senior Citizen's ID, Voter's ID, NBI/Police Clearance, AAP Membership ID.

C) 5" x 7" colored photo of the work with the following information written at the back: Artist (Name, Address, and Contact Numbers) Title of the work, Medium, Size, Year and Price.

D) Notarized affidavit of the ENTRY FORM certifying originality of entry and subscription to the rules and regulations of the competition.

Note: Application and entries will not be accepted without the above-mentioned requirements


13. Announcement and awarding of winners will be held at the GSIS Theater. The date for the awarding of winners will be announced later.

14. Cash Awards for the winners in each of the three (3) categories

1st Prize - P 300,000.00
2nd Prize - 200,000.00
3rd Prize - 100,000.00


15. All Prize Winning entries will automatically become properties of the GSIS and will be included in the GSIS Art Collection.

16. Judges may decide not to award prizes if the entries do not meet certain artistic and competition requirements. All decisions of the board of judges SHALL BE FINAL.


17. The GSIS Museum reserves the right to use the name and photo of the artist and his/her entry for free in any broadcast, or print medium. The artist also grants GSIS the right to exhibit the entries as deemed fit. DUE TO LIMITED SPACE, NOT ALL ENTRIES WILL BE EXHIBITED. The GSIS reserves the right to decide which of the entries will be displayed during the competition exhibition. LIKEWISE, THE GSIS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHICH OF THE ENTRIES WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE CATALOGUE OF ENTRIES.

18. All entries on display should not be sold or taken out from the museum within the duration of the exhibit. The artist is responsible in dealing with the prospective buyer(s)



22. Officers of AAP and other individual artists tapped to assist the GSIS are not allowed to participate in the said competition.
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Blanc Peninsula Manila Opens With "These Are Days"

Blanc Peninsula Manila will open with an inaugural exhibition entitled "These Are Days" on Wednesday, February 17 from 5PM until 8PM. blanc peninsula manila is located at The Peninsula Manila G/F Shops 8 and 9 Ayala Avenue cor Makati Avenue, Makati City.

The exhibition will run until March 12, 2010.

For more information please visit call/sms +63920.9276436

"These Are Days" will feature the works of

Allan Balisi
Andres Barrioquinto
Jonathan Ching
Mariano Ching
Melvin Culaba
Eugene Jarque
Geraldine Javier
Lao Lianben
Lynyrd Paras
Arturo Sanchez
Yasmin Sison
Mac Valdezco
Ronald Ventura
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The Search for Outstanding Mid-Career Sculptor Begins

The Metrobank Foundation is now accepting nominations for the Metrobank Foundation Prize for Achievement in Sculpture (MPAS). Now on its 7th year, MPAS is an annual competition under the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) which honors mid-career sculptors who have substantial contribution to the development of Philippine sculpture.

MPAS nominees should 1) not be more than 50 years old; 2) a Filipino citizen (if based abroad, the nominee should have sustained output in the Philippines); 3) well regarded by the art community; 4) have sustained output; and 5) have significant contribution to the development of Philippine Sculpture. The winner will be awarded with a Roberto Feleo designed medallion and a cash prize of PhP 200,000.

Qualified sculptors may be nominated by curators or owners of galleries and museums, heads of art organizations, deans of art academic institutions, former MPAS winners, and former MADE judges. Nominations should be submitted on or before March 5, 2010. For more information, contact the MADE Secretariat through 898-8856,, or through

MADE is an annual competition which aims to recognize budding artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture and interior design, as well as to launch and enhance their careers. The pioneering art competition of the Metrobank Foundation which started in 1984, MADE lists the names of now established up-and-coming masters such as Bobby Feleo, Elmer Borlongan, Mark Justiniani, Ferdinand Doctolero, Alwin Reamillo, Noёll El Farrol, and Gabby Barredo in its roster of winners. MADE celebrated its 25th anniversary last year with the theme “Celebrating creativity.”

The Metrobank Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of the Metrobank Group of Companies chaired by Dr. George S.K. Ty. Over the last 31 years, it has promoted a culture of excellence among Filipinos through its various programs notably the Search for Outstanding Teachers, the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence, The Outstanding Philippine Soldier, Country’s Outstanding Policemen in Service, the Metrobank Math Challenge, and College Scholarship Program. The Foundation also has a grants program that assists NGOs and government in the fields of education, healthcare, and the arts. Metrobank Foundation celebrates Filipino excellence and presents wellsprings of hope in the future of our nation.
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Sining Tulay - A Mobile Public Exhibit

"Sining Tulay" is an art exhibit that will tackle the conceptual and physical interpretations of "bridges" as connectors of disjointed spaces whether physical, emotional, economical or political. It is a visual display of young artist's interpretations of his role in effecting social change. It calls on photographers to display photos. It calls on graphic artists to bring their works, poets to exhibit their printed poems, sculptors to mount installations.

It calls on artists to create movable artworks and showcase them in the given times and locations. "Sining Tulay" exhibits will take place in a crowded bridge osn the busiest hour of the busiest day. An exhibit will last a maximum of one hour, enough to be viewed by more people than an artwork in a museum for a month. It also aims to draw a larger number of participant artists as the exhibits travels from different locations around metro manila.

Exhibit dates:
Feb 22 5:00pm North Ave. Footbridge
March 8 -TBA

For inquiries you may contact: EJ Mijares 0926-4774123
or e-mail us at
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Malikmata by Mark Orozco Justiniani

Malikmata by Mark Orozco Justiniani
February 19, Friday

Celebrated painter, Mark Orozco Justiniani, veers his latest work away from the medium he has long been associated with and instead takes it to the world of sculpture where corners and frames cannot bind. This world, entitled Malikmata, is one where night and day converge, and folklore and reality abandon their distinction.

Justiniani's keen interest in Filipino society and tradition takes the sculptural route to present Filipino folklore in a form that is multidimensional, concrete and tangible. Not only do the eyes find the splendor of the earth as the sun sets and shadows creep in; this inbetween too awakens the other four senses, and at the same time stirs the imagination. Meant to heighten every sensation, Malikmata, Justiniani explains, involves a lot of ` "looking through" with peepholes and lenses with several angles and different vantage points'. With viewers' participation, the world Justiniani creates is sculptural commentary infused with physical interaction.

Malikmata reveals the creatures of the night, from the fireflies and spiders that lurk in our backyards to those monsters that haunt our dreams. Taking us into the world where what is real and unreal coexist, Justiniani presents a tikbalang who no longer tricks people into getting lost in the forest it guards; a manananggal who discovers the worlds her two halves occupy are one and the same; and an Agtayabun, the man-bird that arbitrates between the realms of the divine and the bestial, who has sided with the latter and allowed chaos to reign. Thought to be lost in modern consciousness, these creatures of folklore defiantly linger and taunt us to surrender to our darkest nightmares.

With sculptural representations manifest of a society that often combines rationality and mysticism, religion and folklore, fact and faith, Justiniani's Malikmata is indeed a journey that goes back and forth between realms that are supposed to be distinct. More than confusing our senses, Malikmata questions how we construct reality and define illusion.

Malikmata is in collaboration with Tin-aw Art Management.

Malikmata will be shown alongside STRIP 2010 with Tammy David, Jake Verzosa, Veejay Villafranca at Silverlens Gallery and Saucerful of Secrets by Mariano Ching with Haraya Ching at 20SQUARE, SLab. Mark Orozco Justiniani will have his Artist Talk on March 06, 2010, Saturday, 3-5 pm.

For inquiries, contact Silverlens Gallery at 2/F YMC Bldg. II, 2320 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati, 816-0044, 0917-5874011, or manage@silverlensph Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 10am-7pm and Saturdays 1–6pm. www.silverlensphoto .com / slab.silverlensphot

Words: Bea Davila
Image: Studies for Malikmata by Mark Orozco Justiniani
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Summer Workshops @ Philippine Opera Center for the Performing Arts

Philippine Opera Center for the Performing Arts (POCPA) is Philippine Opera Company's (POC) center for training individuals and groups who are interested in honing their skills in voice, musical instruments and stage movement. For this summer, POC offers voice, piano, guitar, violin lessons, basic theory and "Music and Movement" for toddlers, children, teens and adults. It also offers "Buddy Lessons" which are offered on voice and instrument lessons. Generally, two friends who want to study voice or the same instrument can register together for this package.

The teachers from Philippine Opera Center for the Performing Arts are music conservatory graduates and practicing professionals. You can learn proper vocal techniques and sing varied repertoires of your choice: Classical, Pop, Broadway / Musical Theater, Jazz and Standards.

The "Music and Movement" workshops will run from April 3 to May 8. Recital for the summer classes will be on May 9 at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza. Enrollment is now going on for its summer workshops. For inquiries please call Philippine Opera Company at 892-8786 and look for Doris or you can visit us at #15 Garcia Villa St. San Lorenzo Village, Makati.
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2nd CALABARZON Graphic Design Convention 2010

The CALABARZON Graphic Design Convention (GDC) is a gathering of people who love digital art. A first in Cavite, GDC is a special event to learn, compete and to exhibit digital art.

The convention started last year thru the initiative of the Marketing Communications Office of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas as in partnership with the country's premier digital arts training center, the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI).

In its launching last year GDC was packed with seminars such as Digital (SLR) Photography, Photoshop, Web Design and Flash Animation. The event's highlights were Photoshop Art and Digital Photography Contest.

This year's contest theme in the Digital Photography and Photoshop Art Contest is "Reinventing the Bayanihan".

Everyone who wants to learn digital art (Photography and Adobe Photoshop), those who are interested to submit photos and photoshop artworks for the contest, and participate in the digital artworks exhibition are welcome to attend in this year's gathering.

How to register

Please contact us for availability of slots before paying
the registration fee.
E-mail: im_rhaline@yahoo. com
Phone: (046) 416-0338 or (02) 844-7832 local 3031
Registration period: January 25 to March 16, 2010

Registration is Php 500.00

You may download the registration form here /GDC2_registration_form_ms_word.doc

All participants are entitled to
:: Two (2) seminars (Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop),
:: Registration for (2) contests (Digital Photography and Photoshop Art Contest)
:: Participation in the GDC2 Digital Art Exhibition
:: Certificate
:: Graphic Design Convention kit.

Pay at the:
DLSU-D Accounting Office (Cashier Counter 16 Payment for: Design Convention)
Deposit payment at ANY BPI branch
Amount: Php 500.00
Account Name: DLSU-Dasmarinas
Account no.: 0961-0041-44
Bank: BPI (E. Aguinaldo Highway Branch Dasmarinas, Cavite)
Payment for: Design Convention

Submit registration form at the Marketing Communications Office, GMH 120 (Admin Bldg.) together with the copy of the BPI Bank deposit slip or DLSU-D Accounting Office official receipt. or

You may also send your registration form together with the copy of the bank deposit slip at any of the following
Fax: (046) 416-0338 or (02) 844-7832 local 3031

For walk-in participants: Registration starts at 7am to 9am on the event date, March 20, 2010.
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“Lila @ Boston” Group Show and “Ad-lib” Solo Show by Anthony Palomo at Boston Art Gallery

Lila @ Boston/Ad-lib
Boston Art Gallery
20 February-9 March 2010

“Lila @ Boston” Group Show and “Ad-lib” Solo Show by Anthony Palomo at Boston Art Gallery

To celebrate Arts’ Month and International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, Boston Art Gallery presents “Lila”, a group exhibition of female visual artists of the Philippines, which include: Judith Sonia C. Alluso, Marika Constantino, Ninel Constantino, Sarah Geneblazo, Stephanie Lopez, Keka Rodriguez, Weena Soberano, Tammy Tan, Mac Valdezco, and Anna Varona together with “Ad-lib”, a solo exhibition by Anthony Palomo, which will open simultaneously on the Feb. 20 and is on view until Mar. 9.

“Lila @ Boston” is the gallery’s tribute to Philippine women artists. It aims to focus attention on the works of Filipina visual artists. “Adlib” is a solo show by Anthony Palomo. His recent paintings delve on improvisation to any open desired effect. This show follows thru the artist’s past show on entertainers ─ juxtaposing of objects and figures. Along with completing these works upon his personal reflection, Anthony Palomo seeks to find out a contemporary relevance, if at least on a personal level. “Ad-lib” is Palomo’s eight one-man show.

Boston Art Gallery located at 72 Boston St. Cubao, Quezon City. For inquiries, call, 722-9205.
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Friday, February 05, 2010

Pasinaya 2010: CCP Open House Festival


Choose from more than 80 shows at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as the CCP Resident Companies lead more than 2,000 artists perform excerpts of upcoming shows on Sunday, February 7, 2010.

Dubbed as the biggest one-day performing arts festival, Pasinaya 2010: CCP Open House Festival is the opening salvo of the National Arts Month in February. The event will be held in all venues of the CCP including the Front Lawn, the Promenade areas and the alley in front of the Production Design Center.

Highlights include the biggest gathering of "Tinikling" (bamboo dance) dancers at the CCP Front Lawn entitled "Bonggang Bonggang Bamboo: The Tinikling Showdown".

The public is invited to "see all they can, pay what they can" from 9am till 5pm. Various activities will be held in different "Zones" all over the CCP.

CCP Resident Companies regale audiences with snippets of their performance seasons in the Resident Company zone. Featured are Ballet Philippines, Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company, National Music Competitions for Young Artists, Philippine Ballet Theater, Philippine Madrigal Singers, Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, Tanghalang Pilipino and the University of Sto. Tomas Symphony Orchestra. Other such zones are the Music Zone, Dance Zone, Theater Zone, Film Zone, Literary Zone, Visual Arts Zone, and the Children’s Zone.

Pasinaya 2010 offers workshops, information booths, exhibits, film screenings, puppet shows, storytelling, performance poetry, a culinary fair and cooking demos, and an arts and collectibles market. The CCP Pasinaya is held annually, and seeks to increase awareness of the CCP performance season and programs. This year’s Pasinaya is expected to draw crowds to the CCP anew as it offers audiences a day of fun and excellent entertainment through the popular "see-all-you-can, pay-what-you-can" scheme.

For particulars, contact the CCP Performing Arts Department at 832-1125 loc. 1611.

PASINAYA 2010 Schedule
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Revelry of Colors and Images

The NCCA Committee on Visual Arts, headed by Egai Talusan Fernandez, will mount the Philippine International Visual Arts Festival 2010 (PIVAF), featuring the masterworks of renowned visual artists. The exhibit will also showcase the talents of the Filipino artists from different regions as well as make their works accessible to the public. Aside from the exhibit, seminar-workshops will also be conducted, and sand sculpture and body paintings sessions will also take place.

The PIVAF is one of the highlights of the Philippine International Arts Festival, a celebration of the National Arts Month this February 2010, spearheaded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), led by its Chairman Vilma Labrador and Executive Director Cecile Guidote Alvarez, through Ricardo de Ungria, Commissioner of the NCCA Sub-commission on the Arts (SCA).

The NCCA has been holding such events; a series of festivities and activities mounted throughout the country celebrating Filipino artistry and promoting the arts and the artists, for 19 years now, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 683 signed in 1991.

PIAF aims to feature the talents and performances of the many artists and arts groups in the seven arts on whose trainings, competitions, and creative expressions it has invested the past year or so. More than a way of looking back at past accomplishments, the festival will be a celebration of the fruits of the creative efforts for the past year and a looking forward to a richer, more fertile ground in the coming years for the evolution of artistic modes of expression available to the Filipino creative imagination.

All over the country, different arts and culture groups as well as local governments will hold events for the PIAF with funding and support from the NCCA with the theme “Ani ng Sining” or harvest of the arts.

At the forefront and the highlight of the PIAF are the major projects of the committees of the SCA, namely, Cinema, Dance, Literary Arts, Architecture and Allied Arts, Visual Arts, Music, and Dramatic Arts.

The PIVAF will be held from February 24 to 28, 2010, at the Shangri-la Plaza mall in Mandaluyong City, and at Boracay Island, Aklan in March

For more details, contact Rene Napeñas, Head of the NCCA Public Affairs and Information Office and PIAF Media Director at 527-5529, 09285081057, 09275582656 or PIAF Deputy Festival Manager, Vanessa Marquez at 527-2209 or 09186380412. Email us at or visit our websites at and
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Ani ng Sining 2010 Opens in a Simple But Still Festive Mood

On its 19th year, the Philippine International Arts festival (PIAF) in celebration of National Arts Month (NAM) as per Presidential Proclamation No. 683 of 1991 kicks off with simple but still festive rites at the Rajah Sulayman Plaza in Malate, Manila on January 31, 2010.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) led by Chairman Vilma L. Labrador and Executive Director Cecile Guidote-Alvarez holds twin celebrations after the country was named as the cultural capital of the 10-member ASEAN for the years 2010 and 2011.

The much-anticipated opening “involves various artistic activities that focus on arts education and its relevance in building community spirit and pride,” according to the festival secretariat. “It also showcases the best artistic works and their contribution to the Philippine creative consciousness.”

PIAF provides a venue for artists, veteran or newbie, to celebrate their works and interact with one another. The seven flagship programs with the seven subcommittee on the arts presents their own program of activities that will travel all over the country.

This year, the Committee on Dramatic Arts is in charge of the event as a whole.

As early as 8 a.m. on Jan. 30, 2010, art booths of the several art disciplines open at the Clamshell area inside Intramuros (just a few blocks away from the NCCA office in Gen. Luna St.) These booths are expected to hold art sessions.

The colorful parade marches at 3 p.m. Starting point is at the NCCA building and goes all the way to the Rajah Sulayman park where the program begins.

Capping off the opening rites is a two-hour concert that features performances by committee members from dance, film, music, theater, and literature and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.

Fireworks display signals the official opening of the month-long, nationwide festival.

Should you need more details or have any concerns, please contact Mr. Rene Napeñas, PIAF Media Director and Head of the NCCA-Public Affairs and Information Office (PAIO) at 09285081057/ 09275582656 and 527-5529, or Ms. Vanessa Marquez, PIAF Deputy Festival Manager, at 527-2209 or 09186380412. You could also call us at 527-2192 loc. 612-615 or email us at
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Getting Ready: Thousands of Artists Gather for the Biggest Arts Festival in the Philippines

The artsphere is gearing up for yet another festive and fruitful month as the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) launches “Ani ng Sining,” the Philippine International Arts Festival (PIAF) in celebration of National Arts Month as per Presidential Proclamation No. 683 in 1991. It will be the womb for the hosting of the Asean Ministerial and Experts Meeting on Culture and Arts Festival.

Now on its 19th year, Arts Month will bring together thousands of artists from all over the country to cultivate love for the arts and preserve culture in line with the UNESCO observance of the International Year of the Rapprochement of Cultures. It promises to be grand on visuals and enriching in the mind as well. As arts goes to key cities nationwide the festival, which has gone international, aims to instill the richness of Philippine tradition to all Filipinos. The international component is undertaken in liaison with the IAO led by Deputy Executive Director and Philippine ITI Secretary General Malou Jacob.

In touring the seven different art forms, the festival aims to raise awareness and to discover artists whose talents are left untapped due to lack of venues.

According to NCCA Executive Director Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, the Philippines, under the leadership of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, holds the honor of being dubbed by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as the 1st Cultural Capital of Asean for 2010 and 2011. In 2007, the Philippines successfully hosted the heads of states summit in Cebu. Likewise, the Philippine International Theater Center, with the support from the Asean Director General and NCCA, organized the Regional Millennium Development Goals Performance and Media Arts workshop from Ancestral Roots to New Routes of Artistic Expression.

The NCCA chaired by Education Undersecretary Dr. Vilma Labrador has been bringing the “Ani ng Sining” celebrations to different agencies and institutions around the country since 2005 as an avenue for the application of culture as a force for education and a vehicle for social transformation.

The preparations for this month-long activity, which happens in February, are already underway with the committee heads lining up various seminars, workshops, exhibits, and performances.

Aptly themed “Ani ng Sining,” PIAF assembles the best of the best as well as the budding talents with the hope of nurturing arts and culture for future generations. The seasoned artists may learn new ideas from the youth of the digital age and may see arts in a different perspective. The youth, in turn, will learn from the experiences of their esteemed counterparts.

“Archi(Types/Text): Architecture in Philippine Life” of the Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts is set to hold touring exhibits of the Philippine architectural landscape as influenced by different colonial eras, photographs of Zamboanga by an American soldier, and a feature on famous architect and painter, Andres Luna de San Pedro. Architect Gerard Lico, Ph.D. vice head of the committee leads the nationwide exhibition tours and seminars.

The Committee on Dance led by Shirley Halili-Cruz pursues yet another dance concert tour to bring dance in all its diversity to all Filipinos. “Sayaw Pinoy 2010: Creating Venues of Creative Interaction through Dance” links mainstream and traditional dances and provides opportunity for the dance artists to exchange ideas and expertise.

Film enthusiasts will have to block off the dates for CineRehiyon 2 by the Committee on Cinema led by Dr. Miguel Rapatan, together with vice head Teddy Co. For this Arts Month, CineRehiyon goes yearlong to reach out to more filmmakers in different regions in the country. These efforts may help revitalize the film industry, both independent and mainstream. Recent recognitions in international film festivals are proof that Philippine cinema is alive and kicking. The committee will also hold dialogues and workshops with the aim of deepening the understanding of film in the country.

Taboan 2010: The 2nd Philippine Writers Festival of the Committee on Literary Arts headed by Arts Sub-Commissioner and PIAF Festival Director Ricardo de Ungria, is probably the busiest with a long lineup of talks and fora by renowned writers. Topics range from writing critical reviews to eco literature to historical writing. This year, the committee decides to recognize prolific writers from the Visayas region as well as interaction with writers from other countries.

The Committee on Visual Arts led by Egai Fernandez goes to Boracay for the Philippine Visual Arts Festival (PIVAF). Sand sculpture is just one of the highlights of the festival, which also include printmaking, photography, and body painting competition. The festival is looking at opening more doors to new talents and exhibiting the works of seasoned and award-winning Filipino visual artists.

Musician Joey Ayala leads the Committee on Music in staging Organik Musik 2: Palay Bigas Kanin. Ayala and company are set to bring together traditional and contemporary music with Radioactive Sago Project and the likes of Cynthia Alexander. The committee hopes to invite 300 artists for performances and to participate in fora and talks.

Tanghal: 4th National University and College Theater by the Committee on Dramatic Arts headed by Dr. Glecy Cruz Atienza will recognize the efforts of school theater groups in nurturing theater arts among the youth. There will be theater performances, conferences, and interactions with invited international artists.

For more details and concerns, please contact Mr. Rene Napeñas, PIAF Media Director and Head of the NCCA-Public Affairs and Information Office (PAIO) at 09285081057/ 09275582656 and 527-5529, or Ms. Vanessa Marquez, PIAF Deputy Festival Manager, at 527-2209 or 09186380412. You could also call us at 527-2192 loc. 612-615 or email us at Or visit the website at

Ani ng Sining 2010 opens in a simple but still festive mood

Go to the official web site of the Philippine International Arts Festival:
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