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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Isa Lorenzo's Artist Talk, Quiet, at Silverlens Gallery


Silverlens Gallery invites you to Isa Lorenzo's artist talk, 'QUIET,' this Saturday, November 21 at 3PM. 'QUIET' is a related gallery event of Lorenzo's exhibit, 'RELEASE,' at SLab Gallery's 20Square, made possible by the Japan Foundation and produced during Lorenzo's tenure as Creator-in-Residenc e at Tokyo Wondersite.

Lorenzo's talk, 'QUIET' will be a slide show of Japan pictures and a talk on immersing oneself in frenetic but controlled energy.

The artist reflects on her time in Japan with an observation on her dwellings:

My room has a window, a window in a block of office buildings. I cannot open it. The window building creaks and my air-conditioning hums constantly.

I can't shut if off.

'QUIET' is free of charge but reservations are required. Please contact Leonore Casuga at 816-0044 or email us at

Isa Lorenzo's RELEASE will run from November 18 to December 05 at SLab's 20Square and will be shown alongside Rachel Rillo's 'GRAIN' at the Silverlens Gallery across the bridge.

Image: Isa Lorenzo, (left) White, 2009, (right) Black, 2009

For more Museum Foundation events and activities please visit our website at

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