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Saturday, October 24, 2009

IGPAW: Artists’ Action Towards Recuperation from Calamity

IGPAW: Artists’ Action Towards Recuperation from Calamity

Almost a month had passed and we are still in the stage of relief and recovery. Communities are still flooded, some still covered in mud, corpses from landslides and floods are still being recovered, people are still living in evacuation centers and piles of garbage are increasing in numbers as the victims try to clean their abodes. The combined forces of natural disaster and systemic crises had left the Filipino people in a state of great depression.

It is in this light that the Concerned Artists of the Philippines launches IGPAW: Artists’ Action Towards Recuperation from Calamity. The IGPAW project is composed of 1) basic integration and relief/field operations program for the artists 2) rehabilitation program through art workshop, livelihood trainings and rebuilding educational facilities like day cares, etc., and, 3) photo exhibition, cultural programs and other artistic outputs resulting from the relief/field operations and rehabilitation programs.

How can you help the IGPAW project?

1. Participate in field operations. CAP coordinates with other institutions and organizations in relief programs and feeding programs. You can help in collecting donations, repacking goods and cooking meals for distribution, or actually joining us in relief operations in various areas. For more information and schedule of activities, contact us through postmodernlily@ or 0929-6875322.
2. Submit photographs of the recent calamity. Your photos will be a part of a series of group exhibitions which aims to raise awareness, generate funds for IGPAW programs and encourage artists, students and cultural workers to participate in projects like IGPAW. Please have your photos printed in either 4R or 8R sizes. You may send as many photos as possible. For inquiries and submissions, contact Avie Felix through avie33@yahoo. com or 09296875322.
3. Help facilitate rehabilitation projects. CAP is developing a rehabilitation program for victims of Undoy through art workshops, livelihood trainings, and rebuilding educational facilities. Since this is the third phase of the IGPAW program, we are still in the planning and developing stage. Your assistance and commitment to help us in rehabilitation programs in the coming months will be very much appreciated.
4. Donate your artworks. CAP will be selling donated artworks to collect funds for the IGPAW project, especially for the rehabilitation programs. Your old works (paintings, photos, sculpture) which you may wish to donate to IGPAW will help raise funds to help Undoy and Pepeng victims.
5. Donate goods, clothes, blankets, medicine. CAP has designated drop-off points such as TEN02 Bar, 70s Bistro, CMC Film Department where you can bring your donations.

The IGPAW project is in partnership with Citizen’s Disaster Response Center (CDRC), Serve the People Brigade, Balsa, Tulong Kabataan and other NGOs and mass organizations. For general inquiries, contact CAP IGPAW Hotline: 09296875322 or send email to concerned_artists_


As part of IGPAW: Artists’ Action Towards Recuperation from Calamity, Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) will hold the IGPAW Exhibit, a series of exhibits which aims to raise awareness on the need for assistance in rescue, relief and rehabilitation programs for typhoon victims, generate funds for IGPAW programs and encourage artists, students and cultural workers to participate in projects like IGPAW.

CAP is requesting photographers/ artists/enthusia sts to submit photographs of the recent calamity. The photos will be exhibited on several venues, the first of which is the UP Faculty Center Gallery on November 23-27, 2009.

Print your photo/s in either 4R or 8R size. Attach your name and the title of your work with the prints and submit them to us. You may send them by express mail to IGPAW Photo Exhibit, Unit 3A MS Tower No. 29 Road 8 Project 6 Quezon City or contact Avie Felix at 0929-6875322 to find out where you can personally submit your works. Deadline for submission of works is on November 13, 2009.

The photos that you will submit will be considered as donations for the victims of typhoons Undoy and Pepeng. In the event that any of your works are sold, the revenues will be used to sustain the IGPAW Project. You may also donate other artworks (paintings, photographs, sketches/drawings, sculpture) to help the IGPAW rehabilitation program.

Avie Felix
UP Film Institute

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