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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ann Pamintuan Exhibit @ Yuchengco Museum

The Yuchengco Museum cordially invites you to a special preview of the jewelry line and exhibit AnnTiu.Alchemy on February 28, Thursday, at 6 p.m. AnnTiu.Alchemy chronicles the transformative journey of internationally acclaimed furniture, home accessories, and jewelry designer Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan as an artist. From large scupltural pieces such as chairs, table, and home decor for which she is known for, Pamintuan moves to intimate jewelry, echoing the same organic flow. In her hands, roots, leaves, flowers, and other small objects of nature morph into exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

AnnTiu.Alchemy is on view at the Yuchengco Museum's Cone Room from 1 March to 10 May. The museum is located at RCBC Plaza, Corner Ayala & Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenues, Makati. Proceeds from this invitational preview will support the museum's outreach exhibition programs. To RSVP, call 889-1234 or e-mail
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Surfacing, Tutok:2talk present...

They were activists, wanting to change society by arousing and organizing amongst the masses. They were ordinary civilians, going about their daily lives. Suddenly, they disappear. Desaparecidos is the Spanish word meaning “the disappeared.” It was coined in Latin America where thousands became victims of enforced disappearance implemented by tyrannical regimes.

Enforced disappearance is “committed by government officials or by organized groups acting in behalf, or with the support, consent or acquiescence of the government,” according to the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons against Enforced Disappearance. It is among the most common human rights violations committed in the Philippines, often by suspected military agents in the name of counter-insurgency. Under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, there have been 184 desaparecidos, the highest since martial law.

creative convergence


a photographers' initiative led by the Free Jonas Burgos Movement and Desaparecidos, is an effort to create and sustain public awareness on the issue of enforced disappearances. It shows the lives and struggles of 14 families of the disappeared, as well as that of the disappeared.

“A photograph is an expression of absence and a form of transport,” says writer John Berger. Let these photos express the pain and injustice of the desaparecidos’ absence and transport us to the reality that we need to face and collectively challenge.

Estan Cabigas
Enrimand "Manman" Dejeto
Kenneth Guda
Diana Moraleda
Sandino Nartea
Judy Pasimio
Joseph Purugganan
Ilang-Ilang Quijano
Candice Anne Reyes
Leonard Reyes
Dennis Rito
Marc Talampas
Jenny Tañedo
Alanah Torralba

Curated by Nino Tagaro and Jes Aznar

Sambalikhaan, Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music (AILM)
275 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
February 27-29, 2008
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Sinemaleta Schedule

The National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA) presents Sinemaleta, one of the Cinema Committee's programs for the 2008 Philippine Art Festival. Sinemaleta is a portable film festival of NCCA-funded films to be shown in pre-selected barangay centers around Metro Manila on weekend evenings during February, National Arts Month.

15 February 2008, Friday, 8 pm – 5 am
Angono Municipal Hall, Angono, Rizal

Death in the Land of Encantos
Directed by Lav Diaz

The main character of Kagadanan is a Filipino poet named Benjamin Agusan (played by Roeder Camañag). He is the hapless native who returns to his hometown Padang to witness the aftermath of a super typhoon. Director Lav Diaz short Kagadanan in Padang , Legaspi City , where a village was buried by landslides caused by super typhoon REming that hit the Bicol region on November 30, 2006.

For the past seven years, Benjamin has been living in an old town called Kaluga in Russia . With his grant and residency, he taught and conducted workshops in a university. The poet published two books of sadness and longing in the process.

In Russia , Benjamin shot video collages, fell in love with a Slavic beauty, buried a son, and almost went mad. He came back home to bury his loved ones—father, mother, sister and a lover. He came back to face Mount Mayon , the raging beauty and muse of his youth. He came home to confront the country that he so loved and hated, the Philippines . He came back to die in the land of his birth. He wanders around the obliterated village meeting old friends and lovers.
Shot in black and white, Kagadanan sa Banwaan ning Mga Engkanto (Death in the Land of Encantos ) expresses an inexhaustible belief in the regenerative power of both nature and art.

16 February 2008, Saturday, 7 pm
3rd corner Main Avenue , Barangay Bagong Lipunan, Cubao

Saan Nagtatago Si Happiness?
Directed by Florida Bautista

Finding happiness isn't part of Tikyo's everyday plan. For him, at the age of 50, nothing is as simple as selling sorbetes, his only source of living. Everything's just perfectly fine until breaking news comes—his mother, whom he believed for so long was already in heaven, is still alive. Dogged and eager, Tikyo will do everything to reconcile with the woman he loves the most—from the long queue in the TV studio to the chaotic newsroom of a radio station to the lunatic and hysterical fortune teller. Every effort he does with the help of his best bud, Nene, the problem child of the tenement. His world will be lost in confusion when Sara, the girl of his dreams comes. The 50-year old guy is now torn between finding his mom and pursuing the young woman's heart. Tikyo believes that true happiness will come to him if he'll be successful in winning the two women. Tikyo must find his way to happiness, lead other people to it or redefine its true meaning.

22 February 2008, Friday, 7 pm
Barangay East Rembo Park , East Rembo, Makati City

Directed by Mike Dagñalan

iSNATS, dubbed as neo-realist, is a story of a cellphone snatcher-collector (J) who got into trouble when he steals Sam’s cellphone (a former cop - drug dealer). J thinks he hits it big-time when he gets a drug delivery through the snatched phone but drug lord Rudy wants his drug money and so orders/threatens Sam to get it back. Yet, then again, local gangster Bonsai gets in the way and pushes J and Sam into deeper trouble. Sam and J team up to survive and eventually escape on a rusty PNR Bicol Express Train. The duo then decides to change their lives as they reach the province. Drug lord Rudy eventually gets caught by the police when he throws the cellphone away that caused them all this trouble. Shot in the gritty streets of Cubao and Recto Manila, the film portrays man's attachment to material things that leads him to bad decisions/situation s.

23 February 2008, Saturday, 7 pm
Penguin Bar, Malate

Voice, Tilted Screens and Extended Scenes of Loneliness: Filipinos on High Definition
Directed by John Torres

Voice, Tilted Screens and Extended Scenes of Loneliness: Filipinos on High Definition is at once a meditation. It is a meta-film that unravels a journey, a chronicle of stories through foreign regions. It is a probing letter from outside circles, an honest account of illegitimate views from uneven terrain, and a narrative-driven exploration of the nooks and peripheries of the body, geography, and weather. As the journey progresses, the film increasingly traverses the countries of revelation, film, and heart to where all journeys are meant to end with.

23 February 2008, Saturday, 6.00 – 10.30 pm
Auditorium, Rizal Park (Luneta), Manila
EDSA People Power Anniversary Special: Three Film Showings

Directed by Manolito Sulit

The story unfolds on the eve of the American occupation of Batangas in January 1900. It then moves on to recall the childhood of the Publisista (publicist) in the 80s, who two decades later, will form a kapihan, oddly referred to as the barukuhan to play a pivotal role in the resolution of the town's six-week electricity crisis and in the events leading to the 2004 elections. The movie delineates post-colonial realities and inquires into the state of our democracy one hundred years since losing the Fil-American war.

Siglo Filipino: Odyssey of a Nation
Directed by Butch Nolasco

The most significant events and personalities in Philippine history during the 20th century, written from the point of view of National Artist Nick Joaquin.

Lakas Sambayanan (People Power)
Directed by Butch Nolasco
An hour 40-minute long documentary hosted by Cesar Montano about the search for the true definition of People Power. It shows in parallel the two successful EDSA People Power revolts in the years 1986 and 2001.

24 February 2008, Sunday, 6 pm
Barangay Buwayang Bato, Gawad Kalinga Concepcion Village , Guadalupe

Balikbayan Box
Directed by Mes de Guzman

Children of Filipino workers who have gone overseas in search of employment struggle to survive in this drama from filmmaker Mes De Guzman. Ilyong, Jun-jun and Moymoy are three young boys living in the rural Philippines . Their parents are OFW's-- Overseas Filipino Workers," a local term for people who have traveled to the Middle East, Hong Kong or Japan in search of jobs that are hard to come by at home. Most OFW's support their families by sending home "Balikbayan boxes," parcels containing cash and presents that have been designed with Filipino shipping regulations in mind. But the boys have learned that a Balikbayan box is a poor substitute for a mother and father, and that despite their parents' good intentions, getting by on what they're sent is difficult if not impossible. Ilyong, Jun-jun and Moymoy steal food to get by and occasionally scrounge up enough change to take in a show at "Betamax House," a makeshift movie house where bootleg videos of American action films are shown. Just as the youngsters suffer in the absence of their parents, their folks discover that the fortune they imagined would be found elsewhere proves to be elusive at best. Balikbayan Box was screened as a work in progress at the 2007 Rotterdam International Film Festival.

For directions to the venues and further inquiries on Sinemaleta, contact Kristine Kintana at +63905.2404177. Questions may also be emailed to sinemaleta@gmail. com. Visit http://sinemaleta.blogspot. com.
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CCP Sining Taktakan

CCP Sining Taktakan, February 15, Friday, 9 A.M.-12 NN

Dear artists, cultural workers, students and media practitioners:

Greetings from the Cultural Center of the Philippines!

We would like to invite you once again to join the "CCP Sining
Taktakan", a public forum focusing on the topic "CREATIVE INDUSTRY:
2008 at the CCP Little Theater Lobby from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN.

Is art a mere source of expression or can it be a source of
livelihood for the artist at the same time without sacrificing the
integrity/cultural content of his/her artwork? This question, among
other concerns, would be the focus of the discussion. Also, we
would like to explore possibilities on how to develop a more
sustainable venture for the artists.

The CCP Sining Taktakan is a talkfest for students and art
aficionados on Pinoy art, culture and media. Each session features
a panel of experts who share their insights on the topic. After
this, these panelists entertain queries and reactions of the

The following artists confirmed participation to the event as
panelists -- Mr. Ramon Orlina (Sculptor), Mr. Rey Paz Contreras
(Sculptor), Mr. Junyee (Installation Artist), Fray Paolo Maria
(Chairman, Ibabao Arts Council of Calbayog), Ms. Alice Pañares of
the National Council for Children's Television and CCP President Mr.
Nestor O. Jardin.

As we are celebrating the Arts Month, complimentary tickets
to "Virtuosos 2008: Voices in Time" and Tanghalang Pilipino's "EJ"
will be raffled during the forum.

Moderator is Mr. Fernando "Tata Nanding" Josef, CCP Vice President
and Artistic Director.

For more details, please feel free to contact us through Media Arts
Division at tel. nos. 832-1125 loc. 1702 / 1704 and 832-5094.

Thank you very much for your support to the Filipino artists and
cultural workers!

We hope to see YOU! Admission is FREE!
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Yabang Pinoy!

YABANG PINOY!: taas-noong pagkilala sa pagkakakilanlan

Organized by: UP Bukluran sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino [UP Buklod-Isip]

CONFERENCE THEME: Revisiting, Reviewing, and Redeeming The Filipino Identity through Contemporary Artistic and Musical Culture

Jess Abrera (Editorial Cartoonist, PDI)
Carol Bello (chantress, Pinikpikan)
Joey Velasco (painter, “Hapag ng Pag-asa”)
Kooky Tuason (host, Bigkas Pilipinas @ Jam88.3)
Sigfried Sanchez (indie film director, “Imahe nasyon (2006); Lasponggols (2005))
Jose Ma. Bartolome (Program Anaylsis Head, GMA Network; lecturer, Dept. of Psychology- UP Diliman)
Michael Andrada (Professor, UP Dept. of Filipino and Philippine Literature)

School of Economics Auditorium
UP Diliman
February 16, 2008; Saturday
Registration starts at 7:30am
Reg.fee at Php80.

CONTACT lianne @ 09183977929 for reservations
cris @ 09165502090 for inquiries

3rd and 4th yr HS students, Psych freshies, Sikolohiya ng Pilipino (SP) enthusiasts are all invited to participate in this whole-day event
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10th Cinemanila International Film Festival Call For Entries

Call for Entries to the 10th Cinemanila 08.08.08

Entries to the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival are
now being accepted. The deadline for submission is on June 6, 2008

The competition is open to all filmmakers with
full-feature/ short/documentar y films (DV / HD / 24P / HDV, 35mm) with
English subtitles. To be eligible for participation, films must have
been produced after January 2008 and should not have been exhibited
commercially, locally or internationally, or in prior local festivals
(it should make its premiere showing in Cinemanila). Entries must be
80 minutes (minimum) to 130 minutes (maximum) in length including

The Entry Selection Committee will choose ten (10) films from among
the qualified entries, to participate in the Main Competition
(international) . A number of films will also be chosen to participate
in the short film and documentary competition and exhibition. Please
take note that all accepted short films will shoulder the fee for the
application of permit from the Movie and Television Review and
Classification Board (MTRCB).

The 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival is organized
jointly by the Independent Cinema Association of the Philippines
(ICAP), the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the
National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and Gateway
Cineplex 10, and a specially commissioned inter-agency committee. It will be held
from 8 to 21 August in Gateway Cineplex 10, Araneta, Cubao, Quezon

Aside from parallel competitions for full-length, short and
documentary films, there will also be distinct exhibitions, tributes,
marathon showings, conferences and other special events. Seminars and
workshops will also be held during the festival and will cover
subjects and issues on independent filmmaking. Directors, producers,
critics and actors throughout Asia, Europe and North America will be
invited to attend the film event.

For entry forms and further details, please visit the Cinemanila
e-group at
click the File link on the left navigation column of the e-group. The
entry forms will be available on the website
( starting February 2008. You can email
us at cinemanila@gmail. com

Cinemanila International Film Festival
41 Begonia St. Tahanan Village
Sucat, Parañaque City
1700 Metro Manila Philippines
.: 63 2 8429672 Fax: 63
2 7704015
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

tutoK:2talk Creative Convergence

tutoK:2talk creative convergence
February 26-29, 2008

a prelude to TUTOK:2TALK creative convergence

organize by bulungan collective

The Rooftop, Metropolitan Tower
1746 Mabini Street, Malate, Manila
February 16, 2008, 8:00pm-12:00mn

opening night: tutok kargado
tutoK takes on charged works and responses to the gallery collection

Jose Tence Ruiz
Buen Calubayan
Mideo M. Cruz
Noel Soler Cuizon
Boy Dominguez
Alfred Esquillo, Jr.
Egai Talusan Fernandez
Karen Ocampo Flores
Emmanuel Garibay
J Pacena II
Kirby Roxas
Don Salubayba
Mark Ramsel Salvatus III

Curated by Jose Tence Ruiz

Ateneo Art Gallery,
Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University,
Loyola Heights , Quezon City
February 26, 2008, 6:30 p.m.

bull session
Round table discussion on globalization and altered/alternative aesthetics. Featuring local and visiting artists.

Facilitated by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez

Sambalikhaan, Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music (AILM)
275 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
February 27, 2008, 3:00 to 6:00pm

tarps and photos: essaying our decaperacidos

Estan Cabigas
Enrimand "Manman" Dejeto
Kenneth Guda
Diana Moraleda
Sandino Nartea
Judy Pasimio
Joseph Purugganan
Ilang-Ilang Quijano
Candice Anne Reyes
Leonard Reyes
Dennis Rito
Marc Talampas
Jenny Tañedo
Alanah Torralba

Curated by Nino Tagaro and Jes Aznar

Sambalikhaan Grounds
February 27-29, 2008

environmental state
installation projects on mental/ecological states

Clint Catalan
Rainer Cruz
Don Dalmacio
Dondi Fernandez
Enteng and Dessa Laput
Leeroy New
Leobensant Marquez
Marlon And Kelly Paraganas
Niel Pasilan
Alma Quinto
Oliver Ramos
Paul Sena
Angelo Suarez
Wire Tuazon
Costantino Zicarelli

Curated by Buen Calubayan

Sambalikhaan Grounds
February 27-28, 2008

visual pollution
an infestation of (de)synthesized video installations

Anino Shadow Play Collective
Artist Arrest Movement
Elvert Bañares
Sigfried Barros-Sanchez
Ramon Bautista
Herbert Commendador
Khavn Dela Cruz
Ivan Despi
Tad Ermitaño
Ging Flores
Lea Lim
Treb Monteras
Jet Pascua
RA Rivera
Jemina Rodriguez
Jun Sabayton
Southern Tagalog Exposure

Curated by J Pacena II

Sambalikhaan Grounds
February 28-29, 2008

common spot
spot-on urban graffiti invades idyllic setting

Pilipinas Street Plan (Philippines)
Killer Gerbil (Singapore)
Gene Pendon (Canada)
Ebliss (Malaysia)
BCBrutta (Spain)

Curated by Mark Ramsel Salvatus III

Sambalikhaan Grounds
February 28-29, 2008

surf plus shop
artists’ knickknacks on parade: art, food, books, etc.
Just bring ur stuff!

Sambalikhaan Grounds
February 28-29, 2008

authorize extremist
live art presentations by local and visiting artists

Buen Calubayan (Manila Philippines)
Nick Aca (Cagayan de Oro Philippines)
Ioana Gergescu (Quebec Canada)
Jef Carnay (Manila Philippines)
Noel Cuizon (Manila Philippines)
Soni Kum (Seoul Korea)
Shannon Cochrane (Ontario Canada)
Arai Shin-ichi (Tokyo Japan)
Mideo M Cruz (Manila Philippines)

Curated by Racquel de Loyola

Sambalikhaan grounds
February 28, 2008 3:00 to 9:00 pm

open mike for all sorts of live and livid actions

Curated by Jef Carnay

Sambalikhaan grounds
February 29, 2008, 3:00 to 6:00pm

musicians feting all artists in an acoustic ensemble

Cynthia Alexander
Bobby Balingit
Lolita Carbon
Jess Santiago
Aya Yuson

Curated by JL Burgos and Mavi Deocampo

Sambalikhaan Amphitheatre
February 29, 2008 7:00 to 9:00pm

Secretariat: JL Burgos, Buen Calubayan, Jef Carnay, Maoi Constantino, Mideo M Cruz, Noel Cuizon, Cris De Leon, Maan De Loyola, Racquel De Loyola, Mavi Deocampo, Karen Flores, Manny Garibay, Eileen Legaspi Ramirez, Lotsu Manes, J Pacena II, Iggy Rodriguez, Kirby Roxas, Mark Ramsel Salvatus III, Max Santiago, Jose Tence Ruiz, Wesley Valenzuela
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TuTOK Kargado@Ateneo Art Gallery

TuTOK Kargado@Ateneo Art Gallery

Edgar Talusan Fernandez
Manny Garibay
Alfredo Esquillo
Noel Soler Quizon
Karen O Flores
Jose Tence Ruiz
Boy Dominguez
Mideo Cruz, Mark Salvatus,
Buen Calubayan
Jay Pacena
Lav Diaz
Jim Libiran
Don Salubayba
Kirby Roxas

curated by Jose Tence Ruiz.

Ateneo Art Gallery
Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University,
Loyola Heights , Quezon City
26 February to 22 May 2008
Opening Cocktails 26 February 2008 6.30 pm

TuTOK Kargado:

February for Filipinos has, of recent, meant more than apartelle
valentines: February celebrates Art practice as well as people's
participation in change, as embodied by EDSA 1986. TuTOK KARGADO at
the Ateneo Art Gallery, which opens on February 26, partakes of all
these. It embraces a fervid romance for nation and identity, using
visual arts bent towards the populist as the engine of change,
self-recognition and self-acceptance. It joins an artistic project
with roots as deep as Tomas Pinpin, Damian Domingo and Juan Luna, and
includes those whose works in the 70s led to KAISAHAN's Social
Realism. Add to this artists from the nationalistic Hiraya Gallery,
Salingpusa, Sanggawa, Ugat Lahi, Anino Shadowplay Collective, New
World Disorder, Anting-Anting and even the Mandaya tribe of Davao
Oriental. It also showcases of fresh batch of 21st century players
addressing the anxious landscape of a millenium yet to unfold.

TuTOK KARGADO is an agitated dialogue between a post-modern
community and the high modern collection of the Ateneo Art Gallery.
KARGADO examines nationhood, modernism, critical self-recognition,
political complexity, and proposes that art practice comes with an
inseparable charge, a context, an implication that cannot be distilled
away into absolute form but has to be grafted and manifest by and in
such form to fully address the era it came from. The anxieties of
Y2k08 – homogenizing globalisation, climate change, hegemony and
extremism have prodded artists to either dissect contemporaneity or
provide perishable cocoons of indifference. TuTOK KARGADO chooses

This dissection becomes engaging when shaped as visual discourse
between masters such as Arturo Luz, Vicente Manansala, J. Elizalde
Navarro, Roberto Chabet, Antonio Austria, Brenda Fajardo, Lazaro
Soriano, among others, and current practitioners such as Edgar Talusan
Fernandez, Manny Garibay, Alfredo Esquillo, Noel Soler Quizon, Karen O
Flores, Jose Tence Ruiz, Boy Dominguez, Mideo Cruz, Mark Salvatus,
Buen Calubayan, Jay Pacena, Lav Diaz, Jim Libiran, Don Salubayba and
Kirby Roxas. This discourse encompasses painting, installation and
video and is curated by Jose Tence Ruiz.
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2008 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence, Painting & Sculpture Competition


OPEN TO Painters and Sculptors 18-35 years old
who have NOT held a solo exhibit

Grand Prize Winners will receive 200,000 each
Special Prize Winners will receive 150,000 each

SUBMIT ENTRIES on May 9 & 10, 2008
Metrobank Foundation, 15/F, Metrobank Plaza,
Sen Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Select Metrobank branches

call 898.8856 / 818.5656
text at 0918.9307460 / 0917.8080181

email at /

observe . imagine . create . inspire your world
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