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Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Week @ Cinekatipunan

26 February – 3 March 2007

The personal and political interweave in this week's
CineKatipunan programme. Cultural workers alliance
ARREST GLORIA delivers the opening salvo for the 2007
election season with a program on the Artists Vote
Against Electoral Fraud and Violence on February 26
and 28. Watch artists as they "vote [with] poetry,
music, and other works for genuinely clean and
peaceful elections this year and beyond [and] against
all who have benefited from the vicious cycle of
electoral fraud and violence".

The ARREST Gloria! Program will be conducted back to
back with a screening of The Fourth World War on
Monday, February 26 (to be presented by Tom Tulathon),
while Ruelo Lozendo, Luis Quirino, Tad Ermitano, and
Rox Lee will close the month with the finale to the

CineKatipunan also welcomes Women's Month this March
with an early documentary on the lives of Filipina
workers by Ditsi Carolino and a film on the life of
the late visual artist Pacita Abad by Milo Sogueco on
March 1 and 2, respectively. March 2, visiting
Canadian producer Barry Lazar will also personally
present the film Chez Shwartz by Garry Beitel and will
be available for interaction with the audience. Young
Filipina film-makers Tey Clamor, Sol Garcia,Tanya
Jamon, Dohna Sarmiento, Joy Domingo, Ging Flores,
Rianne Hill Soriano, and Vivian Limpin will present
their debut works in this Saturday's First Films

26 February (Monday):
Big Noise: THE FOURTH WORLD WAR (Presented by
TomTulathon) ?To be Followed by ARREST Program

5pm Screening of THE FOURTH WORLD WAR
6pm - 9:30pm Poetry and Music by Bobby Balingit, Lourd
de Veyra, Jess Santiago, Vim Nadera, Kilometer 64
Poetry Group, Datu's Tribe, Agaw Agimat, Anak ni Aling
Juana, Republika de Lata, and Tolongues Death Squad

The Fourth World War
From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico,
Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, 'the North'
from Seattle to Genova, and the 'War on Terror' in New
York, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It is the story of men
and women around the world who resist being
annihilated in this war. ??While our airwaves are
crowded with talk of a new world war, narrated by
generals and filmed from the noses of bombs, the human
story of this global conflict remains untold. " The
Fourth World War" brings together the images and
voices of the war on the ground. It is a story of a
war without end and of those who resist. The product
of over two years of filming on the inside of
movements on five continents, " The Fourth World War"
is a film that would have been unimaginable at any
other moment in history. Directed by the makers of
"This Is What Democracy Looks Like" and "Zapatista",
produced through a global network of independent media
and activist groups, it is a truly global film from
our global movement.

Independetnt publisher Chaithawat (Tom) Tulathon is an
Asian Public Intellectuals (API) fellow from Thailanf
and editorial staff of Fah-Diew-Kan (Same Sky) and a
member of the independent Labor Center Thai Labour
Solidarity Committee. He has been in the Philippines
since July 2006 for a research project on labor

27 February (Tuesday): SINEKALYE 4 program
SHAMAN by Ruelo Lozendo
TRUE BLUE by Luis Quirino
HULIKOTEKAN by Tad Ermitaño
LIZARD by Rox Lee

28 February (Wednesday):
Tudla Productions: BANTA NG BAYAN?To be followed by
ARREST Program?
5:30pm Screening of BANTA NG BAYAN a film by TUDLA
?6pm - 9:30pm Poetry and Music by Cynthia Alexander,
Bayang Barrios, Dr. Bien Lumbera, Vivian LImpin,
Peryodiko, Rockbato, Gapos, Traumaligno, and The
Brockas ??1 March (Thursday)

Mula Pabrika Hanggang Fukuoka ?A trilogy on the plight
of Filipina workers. Elsa works long hours in a
garment sweatshop, spends the night at the picketline
and barely squeezes family time in between. Veng is an
independent filmmaker who tries her luck as "TNT" in
Tokyo. By day, she goes around photographing and
filming. By night, she is a karaoke bar hostess. In
Fukuoka, three Pinays give meaning to the term
"Japayuki." Emily, Marlene and Kay who are all married
to Japanese nationals reveal their stories as
entertainers in Fukuoka's red light district.

2 March (Friday)
Garry Beitel: CHEZ SCHWARTZ (to be presented by
Visiting Canadian Producer Barry Lazar) ?
Chez Scwartz

Chez Schwartz takes us inside a year in the life of
Schwartz's Deli – the 75-year-old landmark on
Montreal's historic Main. Filmed through changing
seasons, Chez Schwartz is an evocative, cinematic
portrait of a small spunky deli known worldwide
equally for its atmosphere and smoked meat.Through
observational vignettes, we come to know the men of
Schwartz's: the waiters and busboys, meat cutters and
grill men who have become fixtures of the deli – some
for as long as 40 years. Most are immigrants from
Portugal, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
While they serve generously stacked sandwiches, fries,
pickles and cherry colas to an array of local and
international patrons, we discover how a legendary
institution transforms their lives. We also meet
another group of men: the panhandlers who have
stationed themselves at the front entrance for the
past 15 years and earn their livelihood from the
deli's patrons. ??As these stories interweave, we
become immersed in the restaurant's culture and daily
rituals. Lush and sensual cinematography follows the
daily preparation and consumption of spiced smoked
meat and condiments. Our camera moves between
privileged revelations of character and simple
gastronomy as we capture the magic of a classic 'hole
in the wall' packed with atmosphere and dynamism.
??Garry Beitel is a Montreal based documentary
filmmaker. His probing portraits of individuals and
communities have been broadcast on Canadian television
for over 20 years, winning national and international
awards. He works primarily in Canada – both in English
and French - but has also made films in West Africa,
South America and Mexico. His acclaimed Bonjour!
Shalom! won three Gémeaux awards including Best Quebec
Documentary (1991). Garry has an MA in Film and
Communications from McGill University where he has
been a Faculty Lecturer (since 1988) teaching courses
on Documentary Film and Cultural Studies.

3 March (Saturday): FIRST FILMS programme ?First works
by young film-makers Tey Clamor, Sol Garcia,Tanya
Jamon, Dohna Sarmiento, Joy Domingo, Ging Flores,
Rianne Hill Soriano, and Vivian Limpin

Among the works to be shown in this program are:
A person decides to "end it all". What would be the
best way to do it? Silig searches for answers.
Vivian N. Limpin is a graduate of B.A. Malikhaing
Pagsulat sa Filipino (Creative Writing in Filipino)
from the University of the Philippines in 1995. She
has published poems, essays, short stories, feature
articles and scripts in various magazines, newspapers,
comics, and books for NGO's, written and translated
plays and vignettes for TROPA (Teatro, Pelikula, Arte)
and other production groups. She has also expanded her
poetry readings into performance poetry. She was a
Writing Fellow for Drama in the 22 nd UP National
Writers Workshop in 1994, and for Poetry in Filipino
in the 19th Cornelio Faigao Writers Workshop in 2002.
She was also a fellow in the 2002-2003 Rio Alma Poetry
Clinic, and has won a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial
Award for Literature for Poetry in Filipino in 1995.
Her first solo experimental animation film, "Silíg",
has been screened in different film and art events
locally and abroad, including the 10th Singapore
International Film Festival in 1997, Arkipelago
Filipino-American Film Festival in New York in 1998,
Kita Mo Fil-Am Indie Film Festival in San Francisco in
2000, and Blowin' Up a Spot Film Festival in Texas and
MadCat International Women's Film Festival in San
Francisco in 2005. It was produced by the NCCA, MFI,
Kodak Philippines, and PIA, 16 mm, 7.26 min, 1996.

"Aninag" ("Light's Play") is Rianne Hill Soriano's
first film after graduating from the University of the
Philippines Film Institute. This 35mm short feature is
a film grant from the National Commission for Culture
and the Arts. In this film, Isabel journeys in a dream
world with her new mystical friends "Saya" (Happiness)
and "Pag-asa" (Hope) in an attempt to overcome her
isolation due to her blindness.

This short film plunges into the domain of a blind
girl and her struggle to overcome her fear and
depression. It promotes hope against the setback of
interests of the incapacitated, the frustrated, and
the depressed, who tend to lose hope because of the
tribulations that come into their lives. The film
provides particular appeal to the children audience.
Most of the film stocks came from Kodak Philippines
through the filmmaker's prize as Kodak Film Awardee
2003 of the University of the Philippines Film
Institute with her thesis film "Karsel" ("Prison").
"Aninag" competed at the New York International
Independent Film and Video Festival 2005 and the Louis
Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival 2006. It
also won 3rd Place at the PBO (Philippine Box Office)
Digitales Film Contest, a film competition by Viva
Entertainment' s PBO cable channel. The film was also
exhibited at the New York Filipino Film Festival 2005,
Cinema Purgatoryo 2005, Pelikula at Lipunan Film
Festival 2005, and the Pi Omicron Independent Film
Festival 2005. It was also selected for the UNESCO
(United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural
Organization) Audio-Visual E-Platform and the
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market.

?About Mag:net Galleries and Cafe?Mag:net aims to be
at the forefront of Philippine contemporary art, be it
the visual arts, literature or?music. As a stable for
the more dynamic artists exhibiting today, it offers
unto the local scenesters and consequently the world
at large, their freshest works through its galleries
which are also lined with choice literary works of
some of the best writers of the century, the spill of
music from our local tunesmiths and sound artists
provide the aural stimulation. Mag:net extends this
further by being a venue for film screenings,
performances, readings, impromptus and of things yet
to come. ?

About Cinekatipunan? Mag:net Café's entire second floor
is transformed into a movie house Monday to Saturday
from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Filmmakers, film students, and
film lovers are able to watch films uninterruptedly
for an hour and half, with talks and fora occasionally
preceding the screenings. Foreign films are shown on
Mondays, films on gender and human rights on Tuesdays,
experimental/ video art films on Wednesdays, critically
acclaimed films by emerging and established filmmakers
on Thursdays and Fridays and films by campus-based
filmmakers on Saturdays (which precedes Campusition
Nights, the Saturday gigs of campus-based bands).
??While the film screenings are free, viewers are
encouraged to make voluntary contributions for the
honoraria of the filmmakers. Cinekatipunan programs
precede Mag:net Café's nightly holding of Live
Performances by well-known and emerging bands and
musicians. For schedule of screenings:

Mag:net Gallery Katipunan
AGCOR Building
335 Katipunan
Quezon City
Tel/Fax : 929.3191

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