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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ultra-Fried, is a durational sound art installation collaborative project which begun in October 2006. The durational sound collaboration was sourced from four positions of the globe with fellow artist-volunteers (Htein Lin - London , Lynn Lu - Tokyo, Bruno Mercet - France) who exposed ordinary, unlabeled and transparent audio cassette tapes, sealed in glass jars, to the sunlight for months. The sun's rays, depending on their intensity, distorted the sensitive cassette tapes, creating unique impressions on the medium. These tapes were then put together to create one loop, with the audience invited to listen to the sound at the CCP exhibition through the intimacy of headphones. The idea of this installation is to capture the noiseless ultra-violet sunlight into sound and represent its effects and the seemingly inevitable damage done to our depleting ozone layer on a global scale, with the use of an on-the-brink- of-disappearance -and-almost- phased-out cassette tape, crude gadget compared to today's high-tech, store-everything DVDs, SDs and memory cards, portraying the urgency of the cause.

This project aims to target that environmentalist' s heart in all of us. To become more concerned, to be more aware in everything that we do. For this is a small planet that neither expands nor capable of stretching its lifespan, because our system depends on that nearest light source.

Ultra-Fried is a project for TAMA'07 by Mannet Villariba presently on display at the Atrium, 4/F Cultural Center of the Philippines and will run until May 20, 2007.

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