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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tanghalang Sta. Ana presents Martir sa Golgota

Free Staging of "Martir sa Golgota" by Tanghalang Sta. Ana

Please help us to commemorate the upcoming Holy Week "Martir sa
Golgota" play presented to the public for free call 09178830201.

Despite the modern and usually controversial approach of some of its
film and theater counterparts, Martir Sa Golgota, Tanghalang Sta.Ana's
depiction of the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, sticks to
tradition's something that they've been doing for the past 18 years.
Tanghalang Sta. Ana's version adheres to the Pinoy format of the
senakulo, with subliminal implications on the coming May elections.

"I believe that we have to insert some commentary, otherwise, Christ's
death would have been in vain. So yearly, we have different themes. We
have integrated topics on family, drugs, abortion, peace and order"
explains the director, former Councilor Lou Veloso. But we're still
trying to be as close to the traditional portrayal of the
Passion as possible."

For Veloso, the birth of "Martir Sa Golgota" and of the Tanghalang
Sta. Ana came as a form of a personal Cavalry 18 years ago. These two
was a product of a persistant dream to put up a community theater in
his area.

For him, this project was a great means to introduce culture and the
arts even to the people from Classes D and E, who, at normal
circumstances, wouldn't have the means to watch a full- length play.
"We've had more than a hundred members from all walks of life. We had
drivers, teachers, mothers, out- of- school youth as members," recalls

After the Tanghalang Sta. Ana's success in their initial production of
"Martir sa Golgota" the theater group went on to create various
productions, some of which were related to the Filipino Catholic
rituals, such as the "Panunuluyan" The nine- day presentation mostly
involved the poor residents of Sta. Ana as actors.

Tanghalang Sta. Ana likewise toured the community to stage productions
tackling drugs, family life and the environment.

Veloso's dream of nurturing community theater in Sta. Ana leaped
forward when he was first elected as a councilor in 1995. After a few
years, Veloso was able to acquire a small portion in Plaza Hugo Sta.
ana which became the Sta. Ana Arts Center.

"It was a nearly dilapidated bodega which we all cleaned with our own
bare hands. We all helped one another. My dream to have a legitimate
venue was finally realized," relates Veloso.

With the success of his community theater and after nine years of
being a councilor, Veloso was able to convince the council to
integrate art and culture in the academic curriculum. He believes that
art develops one's skills.

Veloso also observes that the community theater serves as a good
instrument where the youth can have something productive to keep them
busy, thereby keeping them away from drugs and illegal activities not
uncommon from depressed areas.

"I guess this success is one of the reasons why we're staging Martir
sa Golgota," says Veloso. "For us working in this play, this serves as
our annual religious offering."

Movie actors Ariel Rivera, Christopher de Leon, Rez Cortez, Daniel
Fernando, Rita Avila, Pinky Marquez,Tommy Abuel, Bodjie Pascua, Alma
Conception, Ricky Davao, Carmi Martin, Ronnie Lazaro, Perry Escaño and
Yul Servo have at one time or another played major roles in the Lenten
offering. Its first Jesus was former action actor Raymond Keanu.

Tanghalang Sta. Ana resident actor Russel Sorillo who played as Jesus
Christ the Nazareth for five consecutive years helping out celebrities
include theater,television, film actor Richard Quan (Angel and Juan
dela Cruz),Ernie Garcia (John the Baptist), Jenine Desiderio
(Magdalene) , Kimberly Diaz (Mary) Perry Escaño (Pontius Pilate) and
Ces Aldava (Caiphas). Completing the cast are supporting actors from
Gantimpala Actors Company Abel Napuran,Lowell Conales, Ronnie
Martinez,Paul Sy,Niesty Abad,Molts Menesses, Choy
Roldan,Emlyn Santos, and the Tanghalang Sta.Ana Actors company.

"The thought that they're presenting it in several communities for
free, was enough motivation for the Opus Dei believer to look at the
Lenten ritual in a whole new perspective. I'm thankful helping out
with me for this year direction's are my close friends Abel Napuran
and Ces Aldava from Bulwagang Gantimpala and Joseph Otep of Tanghalang
Sta. Ana member," said Veloso.

"Actually, some of the participants in this play are doing it as an
offering. Seeing how passionate they are about the production, in a
way, gives you drive to perfect your work, "Veloso added.

"Martir Sa Golgota" by Tanghalang Sta. Ana
will be shown on, Holy Wednesday April 4,2007, at
Plaza Hugo, Sta. Ana (near the church);, April 5,2007 Maundy Thursday,
at the Mabolo Basketball Court, Obesis St., Pandacan; and on April
6,2007 Good Friday, at J. Posadas, Punta, Sta. Ana at 7:30 p.m.

For inquiries on "Martir Sa Golgota" by Tanghalang Sta. Ana
and presenting it in your city or baranggay for free, call 09178830201.

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