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Saturday, December 02, 2006

World Shorts for Cine Veritas Human Rights Film Festival 2006

World Shorts for Cine Veritas
Cine Veritas Human Rights Film Festival 2006

This year’s Cine Veritas—UP Film Institute’s own annual celebration for human
rights—boasts of full slates of international short films from Russia to the United States, from Latin America to Europe. The titles constitute impeccable pieces of cinema as much as illuminating portraits of the social milieu they came from.

Drop by the UP Film Institute for free passes.

Cine Veritas Human Rights Film Festival 2006:
A rundown of the screenings with pertinent details and descriptions is
as follows:

Dec 5 Tue 5 p.m.
Zahavi Sanjavi’s The Border (Russia, 2005, 27 minutes)
The mined border separating two nearby villages in Kurdistan fails to prevent a young couple from uniting their lives.

Peter Ghesquiere’s Moonglow (Belgium, 2005, 16 minutes)
A mother who has to hide the truth about the killing of her husband in the hands of a dictatorial regime tells her son that his father is on a holiday to the moon.

Goran Kapetanovic’s A Family (Sweden, 2005, 29 minutes)
In Bosnia of 1992, a singer returns to her home country with her Swedish husband and nine-year-old daughter for a concert that ends up aborted with the breakout of war.

Dec 6 Wed 5 p.m.
Nicole Scherg’s Grandparents (Italy, 2005, 35 minutes)
A filmmaker’s intimate glimpse of her grandparents brings to light existential questions.

Hugh Gibson’s Hogtown Blues (USA, 2005, 18 minutes)
A single mom and her estranged father are among the scores of refugees including doctors and teachers who mop floors and work in assembly lines just to survive in Toronto.

Babak Jalali’s Heydar, An Afghan in Tehran (UK, 2005 19 minutes)
A young Afghan domestic worker in Tehran tries to learn English in order to be a translator for Westerners when he gets to return to the country of his birth.

Georges Homsy’s Miracle (Lebanon, 2005, 25 minutes)
A Lebanese applying for visa at the US embassy in Cyprus is called on to interpret
for a fellow applicant.

Sung Ming-Chieh’s Hey Jimmy (Taiwan, 2004, 16 minutes)
An extremely tall and very black drag queen sired by an American soldier enjoys
the love and support of his Chinese mother in Taiwan.

Dec 7 Thu 10 a.m.
Carolina Rivas’ Flat Point (Mexico, 2004, 27 minutes)
A man at a pain of losing his son travels through an unknown land seeking help.

Dragomir Sholev’s Before Life, After Death (Bulgaria, 2005, 13
The only chance for survival of prisoners of war about to be executed lies on playing Beethoven’s symphony on the violin.

Eliana Chiaradia’s Just Sand (Argentina, 2005, 10 minutes)
An eight-year-old boy is made to believe that his father pilots a war plane overflying him daily during the Falkland conflict.

Corneliu Porumboiu’s A Trip to the City (Romania, 2004, 19 minutes)
A little village’s need for the internet and the mayor’s wife’s cry for a toilet
bring together the passionate computer teacher and the mayor’s driver for a small trip to the big city.

Ramon Alos Sanchez’ The Day Nothing Happened (Italy, 2005, 16
The death of a motorcyclist in a road accident sparks a mystery as the man may happen to be a hero no less of the Great War.

Cine Veritas Human Rights Film Festival 2006
Truth sets us all free...

University of the Philippines Film Institute
(Member, CILECT/International Association of Film and Television
Plaridel Hall, Ylanan Road, UP Diliman, Quezon City
Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 2669, 2670; 9206863 (Telefax)
Cine Adarna, Magsaysay and Osmena Avenues, UP Diliman, Quezon City
Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 4286, 4289; 9262722 (Telefax)

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