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Saturday, November 18, 2006

First World Art Experience Biennale 2006 at Angono, Rizal

World Art Experience 2006

Angono, Rizal will play host to the "First World Art Experience Biennale 2006" from November 22 to 28, 2006.

The World Art Experience:
Bringing the Millennium Development Goals closer to the People

Purpose and Concept

In reaching out to people from all walks of life, nothing is more effective than to express them through arts. Arts and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), while are of contrast, share a common purpose, that is, to carry a universal message and influence the life of people.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are a set of global targets that calls for nations to act concertedly for the eradication of extreme poverty, improvement of health and human welfare, promotion of peace, protection of human rights, enhancement of gender equality and sustainability of environmental resources worldwide. This has been initiated by the United Nations contained under the Millennium Declaration of 2000. The Philippines is among the 191 nations that gave its commitment to work for the attainment of these goals.

Because the MDG does not only concern governments of signatory nations, but the people themselves, the World Arts Experience has been conceived as a venue to communicate and popularize the MDG so that it will be brought to the awareness of the people, educate them on its importance and stir their interest to take part. The event will commemorate the UN Millennium Declaration that has united many countries to fight global poverty and inequity and reaffirm the country’s commitment to the MDG as our common vision.

Moreover, this campaign will groundbreak the localization of the MDG in all municipalities, cities, provinces and regions. The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), together with national government agencies and other institutions, will be leading the organizing of this nationwide campaign in November 2006 dubbed as the World Arts Experience: Bringing the MDG to the People. This event is an initiative of the LMP in behalf of the 1,502 municipalities that are at the frontline of the silent battle against poverty. These municipalities compose the LMP which role is vital in rallying the municipalities towards governance reforms and delivery of services to the people.

Event Concept:

The theme of the event will revolve around the eight (8) goals of the MDG as its central theme bringing various sectors together to participate in this event
and translate the essence and messages of the MDG in a creative way. This grand and festive event aims to deepen the awareness of the LGUs and the public on the importance of the MDG and gather their support for its attainment. It will involve municipalities, local and artists and mobilization of different sectors to express unity for the MDG as a nationwide commitment and vision. Other nations that are signatories to the Millennium Declaration will also be invited to participate in this event and give the message of their country through their representatives. The Philippine Development Forum (PDF) that are composed of national agencies and the international community working for global development and are assisting countries in attaining the MDG, including UN ambassadors, will also take active part in this event.

The main events will be aired/broadcasted via television and radio to reach as many people. Arrangements with television companies will be made for this

The art product/s that will be produced will be permanently installed in different places frequented by the public around the country and in every municipality
as a reminder of the unity that we foster to attain the MDG.
Specifically, the objectives of the event are:

1.To promote the MDG and educate/deepen the awareness of the public on its purpose and instill its importance upon them so that they may be inspired to work for its attainment

2.To deepen international and local awareness on the MDG by commemorating the UN Millennium Declaration of 2000 and by reaffirming the country’s commitment to the MDG

3.To creatively present the MDG in various art forms that will be understood by the people (e.g. music, theatre arts, poetry, visual arts, etc)

4.To unite the municipalities and move them to adopt the MDG

5.To serve as venue for educational exchange among the MDG local and foreign participants.

By the end of the event, the following would have been achieved:

1.Statement of commitment by the 1,502 municipalities to adopt the MDG and participate in its endeavors

2.Reiteration of the commitment of participating countries

3.Holding of fora for international sharing on replicable good practices

4.Campaign the MDG as the worldwide effort to eradicate poverty and achieve equity and quality of life for all

5.Creation of the Global Artists Fund for Development which will be a venue for artists to sponsor micro-projects in the countryside and lead/act as ambassadors to spread and sustain the campaign for the MDG, global development and peace.

For inquiry on how to join, please vist or e-mail us at

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